Nov 30th, 2009

The momentum on Google Phone rumors is picking up and if Gizmodo’s tipster is right, they’ll be an avalanche of prototypes descending upon the company’s Mountain View headquarters in the coming weeks:

Over the next few weeks, Google Phones (most probably in early, prototype form) will flood the Mountain View campus. They’ll don large LCDs while running a new version of Android—either Flan or the version of Android beyond it—which our source spotted running on Google’s handset as well as a laptop. (Whatever the software was, it most certainly wasn’t Chrome OS, we were assured.)

But maybe the most intriguing bit is what someone said to our source offhandedly, that the current Android, the we all know and love, is not the “real” Android. So what makes for a “real” version of Android?

Our best guess is an Android OS with Google Voice at its heart.

Yummy. I hope that the Google Phone launches with a version of Android one past Flan. That way it could be a double G phone: Google Phone with Granola…


…or something similar. Any guesses?

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