ADC2 Winners Announcement Coming Monday (Nov 30th)!


Looks like we were right: Google has officially announced the end of public judging for ADC2. I’m glad we were wrong about one thing… we thought it would take awhile to produce/present the winners but Eric Chu from the Android Team says that they’ll make the announcement on Monday, November 30th!


Thanks to tens of thousands of Android users around the world who participated in the review of ADC 2 finalist applications, we have now collected sufficient scores to complete 2nd round public judging.

We are reviewing the final results and will announce the top winners this coming Monday, November 30. Thanks to all who’ve participated in ADC 2 and good luck to all the finalists.

Did you participate in ADC2? Thoughts on a potential ADC3 or a system to draw a bit more interest/exposure next time around?

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  1. I was an ADC2 participant. My entry Screebl (recently reviewed here on is one of the finalists. I think Google might be well served to have an ADC3 that focuses on things that are unique to Android. Get back to making this a promoted PR event rather than some kind of dev relation exercise. It’s not been great from a dev relationship anyway.

    Make ADC3 about kicking Apple’s butt!

  2. @davidkeyes – Gave Screebl good marks and I agree with your thoughts.

    ADC3 – Roll it out with a polished application that can handle more points/types of feedback. Give devs the chance to fix entries/bugs as the contest rolls on. Get more users involved by having some sort of judge pool. Examples – offer regular user judges the chance to be selected to visit Google with the winning devs for a party. Have judges be voted on by devs for good feedback.

    I personally emailed quite a few devs during the contest and got some good dialog going.

  3. @David
    i wish i could have the chance to come across your app in the ADC to vote for it, it’s definitely one of few apps that’s bringing something new to the table, best of luck

  4. I think two things should be done for next time:

    1. I would like to see ADC3 split it into categories, as spent so much time skipping apps that I had no interest in – would have been much better if it was targeted towards my interests i.e. if only wanted to review games then could filter for games only.

    2. I think that there were also quite a few apps that really werent that innovative and really shouldn’t have been included – to be honest 200 was just far too many – and that was the final review. And of the 30 or 40 I reviewed, including skipped apps in which I had little to no interest. There were only 3-4 apps that I came across that were really innovative and interesting, and didn’t already have derivatives on the market.
    Google or a panel of judges really should have weeded that list down to about 3-4 in each category and thats when we should be voting – and those 3 to 4 apps should be really innovative, especially if there is already a derivative on the market.

  5. @David I discovered Screebl via ADC2 and am so glad I did. It’s a great app.

  6. And the official results are here!

    Hit refresh if you get an error, you’ll get it eventually.

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