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BBYcorplogoWell this is kind of cool – Best Buy has issued a Press Release to tell the world that they’ll have amazing prices on Android Phones throughout the holiday season. There are a LOT of product categories out there and to see Android specifically getting categorically loved by a retailer is a great thing. The company will sell the Sprint Hero, myTouch 3G, CLIQ, Moment and Droid Eris for $99/each.

You might want to check out our Phandroid Phone store as we’ve currently got a better deal on the Droid Eris ($49.99), match the price of the Motorola CLIQ ($99.99), and we’ll be pushing for the most aggressive pricing we can possibly get you throughout the holiday season, so check back for Price Drops.

Here is the content of the release:

Best Buy Mobile Offers Great Deals on Android Smartphones and Sprint MiFi for the Holidays

Five Google Android Powered Smartphones Priced at $99 Each With New Two-Year Activation and the Sprint MiFi Product for Free With Two-Year Contract

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Best Buy Mobile, the mobile specialty retail unit of Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY), will be the place to get great holiday deals on several popular smartphones and the innovative Sprint MiFi device.

This holiday, Best Buy Mobile will have five smartphones operating on the Google Android platform across three carrier networks for $99 each with a new two-year activation. These smartphones include the HTC Hero (Sprint), myTouch 3G (T-Mobile), Motorola Cliq (T-Mobile), Samsung Moment (Sprint) and DROID ERIS™ by HTC (Verizon Wireless).

As an additional draw for consumers wishing to connect to the Internet via new wireless innovations, the Sprint MiFi device will be offered for free with a two-year contract on Black Friday, Nov. 27 and Saturday, Nov. 28. This portable 3G device allows consumers to create a personal Wi-Fi cloud. With the MiFi, users can connect devices such as cell phones, laptops, portable music players and other gadgets capable of a wireless Internet connection.

This comes on the heels of a special deal announced yesterday, the Palm Pre priced at $79 on Black Friday, Nov. 27 and Saturday, Nov. 28. This phone runs on the Sprint network and is the reigning CNET Best in Show award winner from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Customers who purchase any of these smartphones at Best Buy Mobile can avoid the hassle of mail-in rebates with instant savings applied at the point of purchase.

Best Buy Mobile was founded on four customer promises that serve to improve the shopping experience for customers every day of the year:

  • A better choice of mobile devices and networks: Best Buy Mobile offers an unmatched assortment of phones, networks and all of the supporting products and services necessary for customers to truly enhance their mobiles lives.
  • Impartial, informed advice: With a highly-trained, non-commissioned staff and new Web site (, Best Buy Mobile is committed to helping customers research and purchase the right mobile technology for their needs. Best Buy Mobile also offers Upgrade Checker, an in-store and online, that gives customers the ability to see when they are eligible for their next phone upgrade and register for a complimentary reminder call or email.
  • Straightforward pricing: Best Buy Mobile offers only instant rebates on products. Customers pay what they see on the tag.
  • Someone to be there for the life of your phone: Best Buy Mobile offers Walk Out Working, which is a free in-store smartphone setup by a Best Buy Mobile specialist who will sync personal email accounts, set up Bluetooth® headsets, transfer contacts and activate other services to allow the customer to leave the store with a fully functional new smartphone. And with Geek Squad Black Tie Protection, customers have a safety net should anything happen to their device.

Happy holiday shopping and cheers to finding the best deal on your Androids!

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  1. So my question is. Which Android is the best one for T-mobile?

  2. What I can’t understand is why nobody has amazing deals on getting phones WITHOUT 2 year contracts. I mean I understand trying to attract people to a certain carrier, but give us a break :) I’m on ATT, can’t really change, and there are NO Android phones available at all with ATT.

  3. Sweshes u should get the mytouch i have it and its great tge motocliq isnt better besides u can just get a motocliq rom on ur mytouch

  4. The reason for the phone being cheaper on a two year contract is because its subsidized through the carrier.

  5. I switched carriers from ATT to Verizon to get a phone. I had been with the incarnations of what wound up to be ATT since 1994 when it was “Cellular One.” At my age two years goes by like two weeks for some people and I can’t see wanting to change carriers in the next two years. Plus now I can finally see the software I’ve developed for the platform on a phone. The phone part is really a waste for me as I don’t call or get calls much.

  6. @swehes

    the mytouch looks a lot better than the cliq in my opinion, and the motoblur ui is not really the most beautiful princess at the ball. but the cliq has the keyboard (keep in mind that the virtual keyboard on the mytouch is NOT a bad alternative, but depends on your preference). i also believe that the cliq has more ram and internal memory than the mytouch, and a better camera. thus, it will be a bit more snappy. there are some pros and cons for you. it’s really up to what you want.

  7. i feel embarrassed for tmobile i really do, they have the MyTouch and the Cliq along side the Hero, Moment, and Eris (and TMO had over a year head start!). Its like putting two used bikes next to porches (not that the hero/eris are amazing, but comparatively speaking they are). If you have TMobile, most definitely do not go get one of those phones, the hardware is already obsolete. Just wait it out tmobile will put out a competitive android phone, they absolutely have to or theyll be forgotten.

    And just to clarify, the MT3G and Cliq are great phones in and of themselves, but theres far better altrenatives on the other carriers. I had a g1 and now I have an MT3G, its a great phone but im smashing it with a hammer as soon as tmobile gets a phone on par with the competition.

  8. Motorola Droid is $119.00 on online. check it out

  9. Walmart is selling the Eris for $30.

  10. Isn’t the Droid Eris $99 already?

  11. I go the Moto droid price matched @ BB on Saturday for $119, this was the going price on Dells website

  12. Just got the HTC Hero at Best Buy for $69.99 as an upgrade. Sweet!!!!!

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