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adc2-closedWe’ve just received word from trusted member Dkaufman1 that user voting for Android Developers Challenge 2 (ADC2) has officially come to an end. The winners haven’t been announced and don’t forget that the finals are not only determined by users who rate the applications, but also by a selected panel of Google Android judges. I’m assuming it will take some time before results are tabulated and the winners are officially decided/posted.

Whereas the original ADC was a HUGE hit this is largely because it occurred before any Android Phone – and therefore any other Android Applications – were publicly available. As folks awaited the arrival of the first Android Phone, Android Developers Challenge 1 applications and news are what satisfied many people’s hunger during Android’s pregnancy period. Wow, that didn’t sound right.

ADC2 has suffered in terms of buzz/attention, overshadowed by device rumors and launches. We started an ADC2 Forum on AndroidForums – which now has 30,000+ members – but it has received little attention. People care about what application they can get on their phone NOW and it seems they would rather hear about what’s worthy or upcoming from trusted sources rather than having to test a never-ending sea of stuff. Afterall, there are too many applications on the market to test them all right now!

If you’ve got the ADC2 application on your phone, fire it up and let us know what you’re seeing.

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  1. “Alas, the final round of judging has concluded. Thanks again for all your reviews. We’ll surely miss you, but you can now go ahead and uninstall this application.”

  2. “Afterall, there are too many applications on the market to test them all right now!”

    I hope google works on browsing the market. Maybe: sort by highest rating, sort by most downloads, most reviews, etc.

    Finding new, worthwhile apps seems to be the weakest part of the android market.

  3. I think the main reason for the lack of interest in ADC2 was that Google forced the order of the apps and what apps a user could try out.

    I was getting about 10-15 apps that were useless to me before I got an app that I thought was worth checking out. That’s way too much noise for me to bother with.

    Instead, if they had a webpage with app listings, description and screenshots and let the users decide what to try out from the Market then ADC2 would have seen more interest.

    They could still have made sure only actual device owners get to decide (if that was their intention with the ADC2 app) by having an app to cast the votes that could check if it’s an emulator or a real phone.

  4. ADC2 software on my phone is gone… Boom… uninstall-ed!

  5. I don`t see any difference. My ADC2 app still gives me the option to review the app I`ve now instaled.

  6. The think that really suck about ADC 2 in my country (Czech Republic) is, that I really don`t wanna review the app, because it will uninstall itself after that, and because there`s not a paid market here, I won`t get any of these apps or their equivalents from any other developer after the chalange is complete. Some of them are really good. The unpaid market is full of high ranked junk funny stuff.

  7. And the official results are here!

    Hit refresh if you get an error, you’ll get it eventually.

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