Sharp Android Phone For Japan, Early 2010


If you’re familiar with the electronics company Sharp – it may be because they produce you’re television. But little did you probably know, Sharp is also the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in Japan. But they’ve got plenty of competition, so to keep their edge over the likes of Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Kenwood, Toshiba, NEC, Denso, Pioneer, Sanyo, Kyocera, Hitachi, Casio, and others, Sharp will be launching an Android Phone in early 2010.

While no specifics were included and no carrier promised, company executive Masami Ohbatake did say that NTT DoCoMo “is expected to be first in line.” I don’t see that as anything less than an endorsement with the option to back out if DoCoMo somehow self destructs. Whether the Sharp Android Phone will make it to other Japanese carriers or better yet, other markets around the world, is yet to be determined.


We’ll bring you news as this story develops, but to be blunt, Sharp will likely stick to Japan for Android Phone Round 1.

[Via MarketWatch]

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  1. Sweet!! A sharp Zaurus running Android!

  2. They produce “your” television Rob and is that an antennae on the left side of the phone?

  3. It’s an “antenna” Adam, and that phone looks pretty cool, do you think they’ll be developing their own skin on top of the UI?

  4. @ Carig
    that looks cool to you… its d-pad is even more poorly located then the droids (although im getting used to it) and that antenna looks like its from the nineties on my mom’s cordless home phone

  5. “your television”… not “you’re television”. Jeez. :-P

  6. Hey guys, lighten up – they right gnus stories hear! ;)

  7. Seriously people? Sheesh. Give a dude a physical keyboard on a phone and everyone becomes a grammar critic :-D

  8. @ matty

    wait, these phones came out before the droid? i was under the impression they weren’t even finalized yet. the antenna is for TV not phone service unless i am mistaken. saw these in korea a few years back and even had one myself from verizon for a while. they’re actually pretty cool.

  9. I second the call for YOUR:

    you’re == You are.
    your == belonging to you.

    It’s not like there isn’t an edit button on the admin interface which would allow Rob to fix it in a few seconds.

    And yes there are probably gramatical mistakes in this comment, but this is a meta content rather than actual content.

  10. @Omar – when I edit the post, it makes the commment look irrelevant and then people say I’m covering up my mistakes or grill the commenter. How about we just live with the fact that I make typos, you knew what was MEANT, and we all merrily move along? ;)

  11. Asking people to know what you mean, in spite of what you write is the height of arrogance. Instead of you trying that little bit harder to write proper sentences, your readers have to stop and figure out what the hell you’re on about.

    Frankly, the rewards aren’t really worth the efforts.

    If a mistake is pointed out to you, correct the mistake and post a thank you. No confusion. Better still, get your work proofread by someone with a clue.

  12. I won’t be as rude as some others, but yeah, don’t automatically assume that your grammar errors are going to be realized by a reader and corrected by said reader. I do have to admit, it is kinda’ arrogant. It would be a nice show of courtesy to correct the error and post a ‘thank you.’ Besides, leaving the error bevies irresponsibility and sloppiness on your part.

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