Price Hunting On Xperia X10 With Prisjakt


When I first heard that the Xperia X10 would have a custom barcode scanning application and that the folks at Sony Ericsson were demonstrated it live on video I thought “Shop Savvy”. But when I heard the ACTUAL name – Prisjakt – my ears perked up. Not in a good “yummy what’s that” kind of way but more of an “I can’t believe you named it something so weird to pronounce” kind of way.

They reminded me I was an ignorant American (in the video) by explaining that Prisjakt means “Price Hunting”. As you can see, all of the menus are in a Swedish so I would assume when/if this launches in America it won’t be called Prisjakt:

Looks good… but SE will have to do more than this to make up for an expensive piece of middleware.

[Thanks Daniel!]

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  1. Well the app Prisjakt is not related to SE, it’s been around for quite a while now. An alternative to Shop Savvy for us Swedes. Awesome app :)

  2. The prisjakt app has been available on Android for months now. But it only makes sense to use in Sweden really.

  3. Exactly as MakaniMike said. The application has been freely available for some time and is in no way specific for the X10. It’s an interface for the price comparison site Very nice indeed but not relevant outside Sweden.

  4. Just last week Prisjakt was named the winner of “Swedish Androd Developer Challenge 2009”

    With it you can find a product, check online prices and store prices. It also gives you product ratings and direction to stores that sell the product. In all a great app if you want to save money, in Sweden…

  5. Prisjakt app wasn’t made by SE or for it. It was made by a swedish consultant who wanted to develop a android app and made this for free for Prisjakt.

    But thanks for the video! :)

  6. As others have stated, Prisjakt is a Swedish price comparison website which has an Android app. The app has been out for quite a long time so it’s not really anything specific to Xperia X10.

  7. Is anyone still excited about the XPERIA anymore? Why does Sony try to rape us with an expensive phone that doesn’t provide much more value then say an HTC. Why don’t they just sell it through tmobile and finish off tmobile once and for all.

  8. Regarding the price, we in sweden have 25% VAT, so the price won’t be that high in the US. Also, all the smartphones are super expensive in Sweden, that sucks.
    I think 6000SEK is the same price as the X1 started at, so it’ll be about the same releaseing price as that phone.

  9. Prisjakt is a Swedish application that is downloadable on Android market and is not developed by or for Sony Ericsson. Our intention is to demo cool applications on the X10 and we think Prisjakt is really cool. And we are not alone, Prisjakt won 1st price in the “Swedish Android Developers Contest 2009”.

  10. All I have to say is Sony is obviously marketing this phone in advance heavily. I’ve never seen so many different demo videos in different languages released so far in advance of the actual release date.

    I wonder if the “TBA” change on their page was actually placed there both for the International community and to give Sony some flexibility. Not that it’s delayed, but perhaps if they can get it out earlier (which they may be pushing to do since the hype about this phone is so high) that they want to make the decision market-by-market.

    That being said, I am currently on T-Mobile (no contract). I am holding tight to hear more about the release date. If this phone is as great as the specs indicate and the UI ends up being a notch above the rest, I am willing to switch networks…any except AT&T. I would purchase an unlocked version at full price and enter a SIM before going to AT&T. My friend’s calls drop every out every 5 or 6 calls he makes…

    Hope it ends up being something great. I am willing to pay a few extra $$ for something that will last quite a while in terms of hardware and software and won’t be obsolete in 3 months.

  11. they need to demo other cool apps such as qik or KAN-BAN World or shazam

  12. When I first read this I thought it was pronounced
    Price-Jacked and just spelled out silly for attention. Am I the only one that saw this?

  13. ron, don;t be so close minded… sweedish names on products don;t seem to hurt Ikea any. in fact revenue is up for them in this recision.

  14. wat company will this phone come out for AT&T or T-Mobile in the U.S. I would really like to know. Thanks

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