Nov 19th, 2009

Yesterday we announced that the Samsung Behold 2 finally launched at T-Mobile for $229 and while AF members are reporting they’ve been getting the phone for $199… allow Phandroid to save you $100 bucks. You can now buy the Behold 2 for $99 – a special price in the Phandroid Phone Store! Only new TMO customers can take advantage of this… sowwy.


At $229 the Behold 2 was the most expensive mass market Android out there… making it a bit less attractive. At $199 it was reasonable since thats where many Androids have started their lives. But at $99 the Behold 2 should be a LOT more interesting an option for potential T-Mo customers. Hopefully – if you wanted this phone but couldn’t afford the larger price – we helped you out!

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