Samsung Behold 2 – Only $99 For New Customers!


Yesterday we announced that the Samsung Behold 2 finally launched at T-Mobile for $229 and while AF members are reporting they’ve been getting the phone for $199… allow Phandroid to save you $100 bucks. You can now buy the Behold 2 for $99 – a special price in the Phandroid Phone Store! Only new TMO customers can take advantage of this… sowwy.


At $229 the Behold 2 was the most expensive mass market Android out there… making it a bit less attractive. At $199 it was reasonable since thats where many Androids have started their lives. But at $99 the Behold 2 should be a LOT more interesting an option for potential T-Mo customers. Hopefully – if you wanted this phone but couldn’t afford the larger price – we helped you out!

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  1. i think that cube is the most idiotic thing in the world. it really inhibits my ability to try and like this phone. i just cant get past that stupid cube thing.

  2. Still not worth it…

  3. If this had the processor from the Moment and a less ridiculous button layout on the front, this phone would be in my pocket tomorrow. They just need to reduce the number of buttons, vertically shrink and rectangularize the d-pad, and add .3″ to the OLED screen…and they have a straight up iphone/droid competitor… How hard would that have been?

  4. Even for the $99! I still don’t want the phone. Its still wack and gimmicky. Give us a better phone tmobile. Were willing to pay top dollar for a great device. Give us (g1ers) a device that’s worth mentioning! All we want is a something competes with the other companies. And everytime every morning I look at my phandroid widget on my g1,I’m dissapointed!!!!

  5. Well that didn’t take long! Agree it should be a $99 phone though. Yes, yes.

  6. I think complaining about the cube is pointless. you don’t HAVE to use it. sure its an extra button on your phone that you’ll never use, but it’s not the main ui for the phone. its only for multimedia stuff. sorry, just givin my 2 cents

  7. You’re right, there is another ridiculous cube as the main UI. If I were to buy this phone, I’d have to take Touch Wiz completely out of the picture. Touch Wiz on Samsung’s feature phones and maybe even the Omnia 2 is okay, but it looks really bad covering up Android. They should have put the same Touch Wiz on this phone as their Winmo devices or just stuck with the stock Android UI.

  8. What is up with Tmobile? I have been waiting patiently for a decent android phone since the g1 came out! But I don’t want to plunk down my money for gimmicky phone or one with low end specs. We need the HTC Hero or Droid!

  9. ok.. 8 comments, and 6 of them are calling the phone crap.. Are we now at the point where if it’s not your Android phone, or the one that’s “popular”, then you ridicule it ?.. And of these 6 comments, how many have even gone to a T-Mobile store and tried it.. In real life ? .. The story here, is a deal for people to get a new phone.. and an Android phone at that.. Is this site phAndroid or has it become Droidfan ?

  10. @jared I’ve been saying the same thing for months now. With every hot phone that the other companies get we get the runt of the litter. They get hero we get mytouch,they get droid and and eris we get cliq and behold 2. If this is how tmobile thinks they will keep customers. They have another thing coming. Its like having the best game system but now good games for it. Yeah tmobile doesn’t have 3g like the others but there plans are just as good if not better. They aren’t thinking and it shows in their phone selections.whoever is choosing these phones needs to be fired ASAP. Tmobile better remember and look at the stats. If it wasn’t for the data consuming customers like myself and other g1ers their porfolio would be just a bit better than sprints. If you know the financial woes of sprint (losing 545,000 customers in the 3rd qtr of this year alone ,sprint that is),they might want to listen to the customers like me. We want a monster of a phone. Throw in a snap dragon processor ,flash lite,nice camera,physical keyboard,comes with 8 gb memory card and able to go up to 32 on the phone.something like the sense and rachel ui. Stop with all the kid ui. We don’t care about social networks to buy a whole phone based on it. Tmobile u better listen!!!

  11. Actually dennis I went to the store and messed around with it. The phone looks pretty nice. The screen is on pointand colors are beautiful. This phone isn’t for me. I need something with les gimmicks.the cube thing is cute for like 2 seconds. The worst part is that cube is that cube can’t change. Meaning you can’t add whatever widgets or apps to the cube. Only the widgets or apps on the cube can be there. This phone is $99 but def not 239 for exsting cutomers. That’s a slap in the face. Other companies with better networks are letting there phones go for $199 and $99 with and and without rebates. And both those phones droid and eris are btetter than this phone. Point blank. We are not hater denniswe just want more for our buck. Tmobile is playing with its biggest customers. The dtat consuming cutomers. Its not our fault they choose wack shiiiiii. The plans tmobile have are good but the phones don’t stack up. I can easily go and get a metro pcs or cricket and pay $39 a month but I chose to spen upwards up $90 a month with tmobile because of the dtat planand a half decent phone. I can tke my moneylelse where but I’m waiting to see what tmobile has in store. PUN intended!!!

  12. @coolMANDINGO
    Thanks for responding.. I guess my point was, that people seem to be getting caught up in Droid fever, at the expense of what are also good phones.. Yes we all have our own likes and dislikes and expectations.. And although this phone may not be for you, or me, I am sure that it is a great phone for many people. It’s an Android phone and that has benefits all it’s own as you know. It does me no personal good to have more users of a particular model of phone, but it benefits all Android users to have more users of Android phones in general.

  13. so we see a lot of comparisons of phones from different carriers, what about a comparison of phones from the same carriers? I wanna see how the mytouch, cliq, and the behold 2 stack up against each other. and on an unrelated note, i got to use a euro model hero, and it was pretty damn amazing. too bad it was 700 bucks

  14. I stopped by the T-Mobile store yesterday to upgrade my wife’s phone. I own a G1 so I was looking at the Behold II or the Moto Cliq.

    I ended up getting the Cliq because the MotoBlur interface will suit my wife. The Cliq had a very quick, smooth, and responsive interface.

    I was very disappointed with the Behold II. It’s user interface was a trainwreck. It was way too busy and seemed to be a patchwork of too many ideas. Above all it was slightly laggy and objects didn’t slide as smooth as the Cliq.

  15. i had the g1 since 1 month before it came out …got this phone the day it came out it takes time getting use to but i rather get use to this then the teen cliq ….the oled is amazing its got potential …needs 2.0 or 1.6

  16. I’ve read all the negative comments on the Behold II and can’t really disagree with any of them. However, most technical issues are basically non-issues for the casual user. If you live by the second-to-second use of social networks then the Cliq is likely a better suit for you. If not and you just want basic function, access to web and apps on a new gadget the the Behold is fine. Battery life is better than iPhone’s (at least my co-workers phone) Also my girlfriend noticed the colors are more brilliant than on her iPhone. To me the biggest kickers are the price tag and the unsure future of an upgrade to 2.0. Otherwise a functional phone that may not be a Ferrari but it’s certainly not a Kia. Wait a second, where are Kias and Sasmgung from? Ha!

  17. I wish there was a way to convert the pointless cube button with a dedicated search button! That would be one step forward.? I may end up buying this phone, knowing that you can swap out this samsung inspired ui with one making more sense, resembling the g1 using apps. Its an option, considering that all tmobile comes out with is cheap, slow, ugly, and wasted phones trying to compare with the hero and droid’s.


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