Xperia X10 Delayed Already?


Followers of high-end handsets have noticed a strong correlation between two things: “Upcoming Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones” and “Delays”. A few days ago we spotted the X10 on Sony Ericsson’s UK Store tagged with a February 10th launch date. Unfortunately, that February launch date has now vanished without a trace and the page now merely suggests the phone is TBA:


Check it out for yourself… head on over to the exact same page as before and you’ll see the “expected launch: To be announced” teasing you, pretending that nothing else was ever there. Do you think SE are just covering themselves just in case or that this actually indicates a delay?

[Via se-nse]

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  1. No surprise with Sony. ALthough I have seen a good indicator of the sim free price of between £509 and £600 at supertrader.co.uk.. Lets hope the Upgrade is a lot cheaper!!

  2. I’m hoping Tmobile can get this cause GOD knows their last few phones were crappy ie. Mytouch,cliq,behold 2.that’s actually 3 strikes by tmobile but who’s counting!! All my g1 fam other than world peace,cure for all deseases and feeding and caring for one another let’s cross our fingers tmobile gets the David(Xperia) x10 to AT&T goliath(iphone)!!!

  3. Possibly delayed? Maybe ahead of schedule?? Who knows. Read however on the swedish http://www.IDG.se site that the worries that came with the initial demo of the phone has been vanquished. Article link is http://www.idg.se/2.1085/1.270845/vi-har-kant-pa-x10 and you can use google translate to get the main idea. Probably some english article for you guys who don’t know swedish. :)

  4. What ?!?!? …. Does anyone have as idea what that last post is talking about?

  5. I’m not sure FIscherP, but it sounded religious.

  6. they’re just covering themselves just in case [/wishful thinking mode]

  7. Omg, They moved it up too December 10th. Early Christmas Present for us Sprint users!

    ….. I can dream can’t I :)

  8. perhaps they decided to aim the webpage at a global market, so they had to generalize the release date.

  9. Maybe they ran into some snags trying to put Android 2.0 on the device, so they took the Feb date off the net. I certainly hope it isn’t going to be delayed too long. They have done a good job enticing people with their videos and blogs that I want one now.

  10. Thats good because i dont have enough money for it yet! It’s surely gonna cost $499 like all their other ericsson phones..

  11. I’m hoping this phone works with T-mo whether they get it or not. If they bump it up to Android 2.0 I think this will be my next one. Then again something else will come along and I’ll make this claim all over again.

  12. coolMANDINGO: I’m expecting a a T-Mobile Sholes and T-mobile Sholes tablet early 2010.

  13. @Brian
    Isn’t the Sholes pretty much the Droid with a different name?

  14. @swehes: Yes.

  15. Well. I’m holding off getting Droid then as I like the idea of getting a GSM phone rather than Verizon’s ancient technology. Wished they would come to their senses and move to the universal and better technology.

  16. Hmmm. Layoffs and delays. Sounds like everything’s running smoothly over at Sony Ericsson.

  17. all that money and no hardware keyboard….yea i know the screen is 4″ but for 900 bucks it better either iron my clothes and tutor me in statistics 2 or at least have a hardware keyboard….or maybe that’s just me. This would be what? 300-400 on a carrier?

    Though were it to gain a keyboard before the end of the year 2010….

  18. Am not surprised one bit,its in their nature to announce products late and to keep changing launch dates. Same old story,they’ll never learn.

  19. @swehes: for t-mo is also coming the Sholes Tablet, thats the one i wanna get

  20. @phonebricker

    Uhh…. try almost doubling that number. It’s $879.


  21. I hope this means they’re gonna do it right and get their custom stuff running on 2.0 before releasing it.

  22. “SER RUSKIGT LOVANDE UT” – google translation ‘Looks horrible promising’. :)

  23. As far as the price, the lowest price I’ve seen in sweden is 5500 SEK, which ends up at about 800 USD.

    As far as the confusing post about IDG from swesomethingorother:
    A swedish tech magazine got hold of an updated X10, and apparently, its running fast. Not the slow, laggy crap they showed the world at first.

    And, not, android 2.0 is not going to delay the X10 since they are going for 1.6 at release and later on pushing out an update to 2.0. (Or at least updating UX (Their fugly addons) for 2.0. IT has not been explicitly stated that 2.0 will ever be released for X10. If its not, I guess a lot of people will root the phone. ;)

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