Verizon Gives HTC Droid Eris A Video Demo


When it rains it pours… and right now its pouring Cats and Droids. Or something. After HTC announced their Droid Eris earlier this morning, we found the specs and now Verizon is weighing in, providing a full video demo of the device:

I feel pretty confident in saying tomorrow will be a HUGE day for both Android and Verizon Wireless. And you… if you plan on buying either the Droid or Droid Eris. And when/if you do… make sure you hit up Android Forums to connect with some friends in the same boat. After all, with all that raining and pouring you ARE going to need a boat.

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HTC Droid Eris Specs Found!

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  1. boy, this smoother sense UI really kicks ass!

  2. Looked really smooth, except for the small amount of lag while pinch zooming in the browser. I’m still not too sold on Sense, though. The music player is nice, and it has the best onscreen keyboard solution, but everything else is unimportant to me and essentially just boils down to eye candy.

  3. i still want the motodroid

  4. now I don’t know if I want the Droid…or the Eris…GAHHH that sense UI is REALLY tempting

  5. Wow, the Sense UI really does a nice job. I like the different “profiles” you can setup and how it handles 7 screens. I think my wife will enjoy this phone and I plan on taking her with me when I pick up my droid tomorrow. :)

  6. Does this guy sound like Kenneth from 30 rock to anyone else ?!

  7. @Droidready – If it helps you make your decision, the Eris will be getting the Android 2.0 update. Meaning all the new features on the Droid will soon be available on the Eris.

  8. This is actually an improvement over the Sprint Hero. Better build quality. I am already getting dust inside my screen from the poor design of the bezel. Very irritating. This phone also has a proximity sensor which allows the screen to turn off when placed up to your face. I am very disappointed with Sprint’s choice in phones. Should have just stuck with the chinned Hero. This is a much better option. Too bad Verizon’s plans cost an arm and a leg.

  9. Pinch zooming for the browser in Eris but not Droid? How did this happen?

  10. Maybe HTC aint scared of Apple?

  11. i love the sence ui but i just cant see myself getting anything but the Moto Droid.

  12. Now I don’t know which one to get. I know that the Eris would be plenty of phone for me but….the Droid is just so manly. It puts hair on your chest.

  13. I’m getting mixed feedback on the pinching to zoom. Other sites I’ve read are saying that it is tap-to-zoom on the web and pinch-to-zoom photos. The guy in the video is clearly pinching to zoom something. Is he pinching the verizon website or just an image of the website. This could be a deciding factor me. Thanks to anyone who can clarify.

  14. I love this phone, but the demonstration this guy gives is, well, laughable. I’ll be in line tomorrow.

  15. @ Josh, it has multi touch, meaning you can pinch and zoom on both pictures, and on the internet. you can double tap as well. htc just letting YOU choose. a phone that gets YOU. lol!

  16. lol @matt i was thinking the same thing! ;D

  17. @ben (post 7):-
    I think it might be premature to assume that HTC Eris will get the v2.0 + Sense update (if it’s done via carrier) the same time as the Hero, just because they have almost the same specs. Did HTC mention the Eris at all in their statement? Sprint must be feeling like HTC devalued their flagship Android phone just 1 month in, with the Eris, which is meant to be Verizon’s “cheapo” smartphone. For all you know, and assuming they have any say with HTC, Sprint may demand that Hero and Eris be differentiated by Hero getting the update, and Eris not (or much later). Of course, that’s not going to deter the tech-savvy, once the update is out. But for the majority of Eris owners, this might be the result. Just speculation, of course.

  18. So, this makes things more difficult. I’d really like the Eris, but I’m a little put off it’s not running 2.0. Now I’m reading it’s “supposed” to be getting the upgrade to 2.0, but I can’t figure out when that’s supposed to be, or in which way that will be handled. Ugh…IMO the only thing making this the “cheap” smartphone is no physical keyboard and 1.5??? I’d really prefer the reputation of HTC as well as the design of the phone. Any help on the release of 2.0 on this thing before I go buy. Heading to the store before long to get more of a hands on.

  19. Love the Sense UI, but am waiting to hear about the HTC Passion/Dragon!

    On a note about the video, I think they really need to get someone else. As well as another editor. These videos are just creepy!

  20. Intended to buy the Motorola, picked up the Eris and was split. Ended up taking the 100 dollar savings and smaller size to buy the Eris. Hoping android 2.0 comes out as an update down the road…

  21. The Motodroid is HEAVY,looks like a brick and overall just an ugly phone…I got the HTC, it works faster than the Storm 2 I was concidering and the Tour…in my opinion the HTC has the little things that make it a better deal..oh AND its CHEAPER

  22. If the Eris upgrades to 2.0, like the motorola droid, does that mean the 7 screens will go down to 3? im confused to what will change instead of the voice turn by turn navigation.

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