T-Mobile + Sholes = <3 ...?


Normally we don’t like to post news that we’re a little behind the power curve on – but this one seems worthy of a mention. Now we’re not saying this is anything more than a rumor but hey, we like to bring hope to the masses. So all you T-Mobile subscribers who’ve been droppin’ tears over the fact that the Droid – err.. Sholes.. – is on VZW, have a look-see at this.

The guys over at TmoNews have been tipped to what could be great news. A bit more to read and a larger image is available over there, but for now – here’s a quick preview image and quote:


“A trusted ninja dropped this off in our inbox earlier today and we’ve been trying to get a handle on what we are seeing. Apparently, it’s from an internal portion of the MotoBlur website available to reps only.”

[Via TmoNews] [Thanks, Shivers!]


Milestone Goes (More) Official!

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  1. Good news. I will wait patiently and start saving some money. Hopefully it’s true.

  2. If t-mobile can really get the sholes without the gold accents, there would definitely be many many customers who would get it with their new unlimited plans

  3. sholes + new plan prices = t-mobile win

  4. Okay, one more quick comment from me, the hopeful. If you go to the consumer section of the Motorola US website, you should face an ad for the Droid. If you click one of the arrows to the left or right it will navigate to a similar ad for the Cliq. There is one subtle difference between the two pages: The Cliq indicates that it is exclusively available at T-Mobile whereas the Droid lists no exclusivity at all. Clearly they are aiming at the iPhone with this thing. So would throwing the Droid to any interested carrier be part of that plan. I don’t know, but I sure hope so.

  5. Rob, Thank you for posting this. This is the exact thing I’ve been wondering about ever since droid mania started, and it will help me in planning for my next phone purchase. (Yes, I understand it is a rumor.)

  6. Please tell me this is true! or at least tell me we’ll see the Sony Infinity on Tmo!!

  7. Can Sprint wake up and get this phone it’s already on a CDMA network what’s the deal I will be pretty pissed if I get the Hero/Moment and 2 months from now they say hey check it out we’re gonna release the Droid/Sholes now

  8. @Brian Check the author of the post again, and give credit where credit is due. (Nothing against Rob, keep up the good work bro, but Talton should get the praise. Unless I are a dolt and Taltan and Rob are one in the same person…)

  9. This site mentions that the Moto Sholes should be coming to other carriers too – in 2010…


    “…Verizon will get first dibs on the Sholes phone, but it is set to come to multiple carriers. Our source tells us a UMTS/W-CDMA version is already in the works and almost to appear on AT&T. W-CDMA is the same technology that T-Mobile uses for their 3G network so they remain a possibility as well. These other versions of the Sholes are likely to come a bit later(2010). The UMTS version will also hit several carriers worldwide….”

  10. Hmm. Interesting. People have been wondering why Verizon is planning on releasing so many more phones after the Droid this holiday season. I guess this means that they don’t have exclusive access to the Droid (only first dibs), which means they will quickly lose any sales advantage that specific handset would bring. It’s never a good idea to base an entire marketing campaign on one single product, at least not in the wireless carrier world, so it looks like their strategy is truly going to be a massive update to their entire smartphone arsenal, which includes Android, Blackberry, and even Windows Mobile devices. Things could get quite interesting very soon, depending partly on what gets announced in their holiday lineup this Thursday.

  11. I don’t know if I can hold myself back long enough. T-Mobile better get it official soon if it’s true.

  12. Good to see that the original and best carrier to carry the android platform on their phones is still getting love. And will still be considered the #1 android supporter. Verizion nickle and dimes their customers while Sprint just plain sucks!

  13. i just came a little

  14. I’d love to see the Infinity/X10 on TMO but if I can get it unlocked thats good enough for me. Its the device I’ve been waiting for. That and the GP-One but its not as pretty.

  15. Talton and Rob are in fact two different people. But, ahem! Look who he thanks at the end.

  16. @Pieter ROFL

  17. PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE. If this comes to tmobile i will be dropping the g1 for good

  18. forget the sholes and Bring on the fire breathing Dragons!

  19. Too late for me, I just pre-ordered the Droid.

  20. between this and the sony x10 listing hspa 1700 in the specs i think i am beginning to see what they mean by “phones you crave” i need to start saving…my wallet is crying right now

  21. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Verizon paid Motorola a bit of money to make the Droid exclusive to Big Red for a least a few months. Stuff like this happens all the time in the video game industry. Microsoft, for example, paid millions of dollars to Rockstar games to make the downloadable content exclusive to the Xbox 360 (at leat for a while). It’s a game which was expected to sell a lot (and it did) and it has potential to sell actual hardware (people will buy a system just to play the game) and if people know the xbox 360 version will have more content than the PS3 version… some people will buy the 360 (MS and Rockstar both win). Verizon is obviously pushing this phone hard.. and Motorola is trying to make a last ditch comeback before they fall off the map. It’s in their interest to sell the phone on as many providers as possible.. but if Verizon makes it worthwhile to them to keep it exclusive for a few months… then they’d do it.

  22. correction: “…some people will buy the 360 together with GTA IV (MS and RockStar both win).”

  23. If this can be rooted(and has enough good roms) as easily as the Dream & Magic…I’m buying it.

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