Looks Like More Android Coming To VZW


It looks like if all goes well with the Droid Verizon intents on upping the smartphone ante.


“One of our really solid connects just had some information for us and we think you’re going to love it. With the Motorola DROID being Verizon’s hot handset at the moment, you’d figure that the Moto would be it for a while, right? Well, if our guy is right, we could soon be bombarded with a lot more handsets. Apparently if the DROID launch/sales go really well, (is probably will) Verizon will push up handset releases and practically aim for the smartphone crown. Were talking HTC Passion, Motorola Calgary, Curve2, etc.”

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T-Mobile + Sholes = <3 ...?

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  1. Can anyone explain how Verizon’s plans will work? If you’re driving down the highway with Google Navigation running is that taking off your minutes? If apps are running in the background does that also mean you’re connected and being charged against your minutes?

  2. What if… the reason for the push is that Verizon will announce on January 1st, 2010 that the exclusive contract between Apple and AT&T is officially over and they will soon be selling the iPhone? That could be a reason to push these phones now, before such an announcement. As much as I want a droid phone, I plan on waiting until the new year to buy one just in case.

  3. Sprint are you paying attention we need more Android

  4. @Jason
    When was the last time they charged your data plan by the minute? Charge you for using apps? Where have you been for the last few years? do you even know what an app is? Your post is almost comical

  5. Jason, i’ll go out on a limb and assume your post was serious and reply with a serious answer.

    Like on all other carriers, voice usage is separate from data usage. When you’re going down the road, your device uses the built in GPS to pin point you location and the data network to pull down map data. None of this involves “minutes” (or voice) usage.

    When you make calls, you’re using “minutes”, or voice traffic. (Where it gets dicey if you’re new to this whole thing is for apps like Skype and Google Voice which use data traffic to transmit voice)

    Verizon, like other carriers, requires that all smartphones carry unlimited data plans so, in summary, there is no “per usage” charge for using the Google Maps/Navigation application.

    If some of the other posts seems rude, inpatient, intolerant, etc… it’s because on sites/blogs/posts like this one there is often, and perhaps unfairly, an assumption around basic knowledge about “how this all works”. If your post was serious i hope this helped. If your post wasn’t serious and i just wasted time replying to you i hope some shits on your face later! j/k

  6. Wow, matty, you’re a data plan genius! And thank you for pointing out how naive I must be. I must be the only person considering an Android device who never wanted/needed a data plan before.

  7. Jason – No, only a voice call uses your minutes. Data applications (Google Nav & Talk, web browsing, Instant Messaging, any thing else you can think of…) will be using the Unlimited Data plan that you get with the phone. Keep in mind that the Unlimited Data has a 5 GB cap, so it isn’t _really_ unlimited. But for real world use it is basically equivalent to unlimited.

    All of this is typical of what you find with AT&T, Sprint and TMobile. So don’t worry too much about it. Just assume the Data plan to be roughly an extra $30 on top of your current voice plan (for all carriers). It would be a waste to get such a phone without the data plan.

  8. @Jason

    Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one confused. I’m moving to a smartphone from a regular calling plan myself and was confused on some details (though I knew a bit more, there were still some questions I had).

    I even went so far to talk to a VZW person at the store and didn’t get a clear answer. Looks like I’ll be talking to someone online for more details.

  9. Okay if you’re driving down the highway with Google Navigation running that is not counted towards your minute usage. The Google Navigation should be included with the Droid; meaning it’s free. If you have applications running in the background then yes you are connected. But shouldn’t be charged by the usage or minutes. Because when you purchase a phone like the Droid; it is a requirement to get the data plan, which includes unlimited internet.

    And no I highly doubt that Verizon is trying to push these phones because they plan on getting the iphone. Honestly these droid phones are more than likely already going to be better than the iphone. Reason being is because the droid pretty much already does what the iphone is capable of doing, plus more; hence the “idont” commercials. So don’t suffer from waiting to get your hands on the Droid product from Verizon.

  10. Terry— Unlimited Data plan for smartphones is literally unlimited. The 5GB cap is only towards the mobile broadband for $59.99 a month.

  11. Jason at least you could say thanks to the person who took the time and had patience to write and explain it to you !
    bad vibes

  12. Thanks to Anonimac, Terry, and anyone else who helped with this. Vincent: must have left my response to matty at the same time as Anonimac because I didn’t see it until now. Work tends to get in the way throughout the day

  13. I work for Verizon and there is such a thing as doing data of your minutes some of our old customers from alltel gets bill for data from their minutes plan.

  14. @Annonymous –
    ACTUALLY the 29.99 data package DOES have a 5GB cap and if you go over you will be billed 1.99 PER MB for overages. It is very hard to go over 5GB on your phone unless you are teathering it with your computer or running a mobile torrent client.

  15. @Wojtek and also the old Americas Choice calling plans bill you for minute usage for data. thats why newer advanced phones require you to switch the the nationwide calling plans

  16. ANYWAYS!!!….

    Lets bring this convo back to what i’m sure (making some assumptions here) is on everyone’s mind…HTC Passion! (and if that’s not the most powerful Android phone released by Verizon in 2009 i’m gonna poop myself.)

    So we’ve heard plenty of rumors so far…perhaps the one about Passion coming to Verizon has a bit more credibility now.

    – I’m still unsure about processor…i’ve read in other places it won’t be Snapdragon but rather a TI OMAP 3640 (think Droid, but more of those precious Mhz)…processor remains to be locked down.
    – UI…I’ve heard stock 2.0, i’ve heard Sense UI (not sure this has been written for 2.0 yet), and recently this new HTC UI (virtual book) design makes me think maybe that’s what will come on this phone
    – Screen size… as an Android version of HD2 that would imply 4.3 inch, but some have commented based on pics, that’s not the right size. I would ok with something between Droid (3.7) and HD2 (4.3) to make it a bit more pocketable.
    – I’ve read some weird post about it getting some funky battery with solar charging…sounds gimmicky, not leaving my phone in the sun…no thanks.
    – Price?
    – I’m still looking for a real objective comparison between OMAP 3430 and Snapdragon. I’ve heard all kinds of conflicting stuff about how many cores, running at how many Mhz Snapdragon has, none of it sounded convincing (inconsistancy between which ARM version, what speed, etc…) and not sure what this means in real-life use.
    – What kind of screen? (any change of AMOLED?)
    – What else am i missing? Lets try to fill in these gaps here!

    P.S. I’m focusing on the Passion assuming it will be “THE” Android phone on Verizon in 2009, but if other’s are suspecting another phone that’s more worthy of the title speak up!

  17. Let it rain Verizon Android phones! I can’t upgrade till next year, but the more phones that come out before than the better. With Android running on multiple companies phones, you can expect each on is going to have some sort of special feature, whether it be hardware or software, so consumers look to that product first. Competition is always good for the consumers. More competition = better products and lower prices. Win win situation if you ask me.

  18. @Jason
    Honestly pull that thorn out of your ass… if you want questions answered go to a beginners forum… dont make pointless posts on a blog

  19. @Wojtek
    “ACTUALLY the 29.99 data package DOES have a 5GB cap and if you go over you will be billed 1.99 PER MB for overages. It is very hard to go over 5GB on your phone unless you are teathering it with your computer or running a mobile torrent client.”

    Please cite your source for this statement. (from an actual Verizon source). If you read the complete terms and conditions you will find there are no 5gb limits. However, you will find the limitations on the usage of such devices and data plans such as P2P networking, constant video uploads, exc and other functions that bog down the network and effect all users.

  20. @twiztidfreak
    The only way you are being charged $1.99 per MB is if you do not have the data or internet package. So if you have the $29.99 data plan, that is Unlimited usage. There is no 5GB cap with the data package for smart phones; only on the Mobile Broadband. And not only that, but if you want to tether your device, that’s an additional $29.99 on top of the data plan.

  21. Was at Verizon store yesterday got to play with the Droid and HTC , have to say the HTC is much more intuitive (sorry Apple phrase) but the Droid was clunky , I do think with a software update which I see is in the works the Driod can and will be a great phone .
    I also see there may be a HTC with 2.0 and a 1Ghz processor , if that is true I will wait , either the Droid gets a 2.1 or the HTC materializes with 2.0 and 1Ghz processor .

  22. I’ve got a question for you guys…

    I’m part of a company wide Verizon phone plan. I currently have an LG Glance, which is just a basic stick phone.
    I’d like to replace it with a Droid.
    Verizon said I need to work through my plan coordinator at my company. Or pay full price for the phone which I guess is $400-500.

    Anybody understand how this works? I’m tempted to just get my own plan.


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