Cyanogen Emerges, Releases New ROM!


cyanogen-avatarThe dust has finally settled from the Cyanogen uproar and the world’s most popular Android Software Engineer / MOD maker has skated back on the scene, bringing his followers the rooted goods they so enjoy. Note the word “enjoy” and not “deserve” – props to Cyanogen for hooking up the masses. Of course the most recent CM release comes without the proprietary bits that were the cause for his initial disappearance in the first place… but we’ve discussed that to death. Time to move on.

The ROM can be used universally on the HTC Dream/G1 and Magic/MyTouch and provides the following features:

  • Based on Android 1.6, many bugfixes and enhancements from AOSP, XDA, and me
  • Highly optimized kernel with many extra modules
  • Enhanced ramdisk which uses optimal mount options and smart startup
  • Includes E2FSProgs for checking and converting Ext filesystems
  • Apps2SD is automatic! All you need is a second partition (ext).
  • Launcher with 5 screens and auto-orientation and compact drawer layout
  • Clean filesystem shutdown at poweroff/reboot, and fsck at boot (no FS corruption!)
  • Includes T-Mobile IM application, Amazon MP3 store, and Work Email (MS Exchange support)
  • Does not require “DangerSPL”
  • Includes a massive APN list
  • Maximum CPU scaling frequency set to 528MHz with latency tweaks
  • Various enhancements to the Settings app including extra partition space
  • Phone app enhancements by cytown
  • Loccy’s “BetterBrowser”MMS enhancements from rgv151
  • FLAC audio support thanks to kroot
  • Bluetooth OBEX support from Erin Yueh
  • USB tethering support (kernel code ported by Zinx)
  • Commandline extras: powertop, htop, nano, busybox, openvpn
  • Ability to lock home app in memory (control in Spare Parts app)

To get more details and download/install for yourself (we take no responsibility for any negative outcmoes) visit XDA Dev.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. USB tethering? Nice. I wonder how well it does, because xda-developpers seemed to struggle with this one.

  2. kblack . I’m guessing ur new @ this
    Cuz believe me cyanogen has it down bro….

  3. I’ve been running 4.2.2 for a few days now and its nice. So stoked to be running Cyn mods, as i started learning about his stuff right as the C&D came through. I have not tried the tethering yet…in fact im not even sure its on the mod i have..hmmm *ponders silently*

  4. Well that was fast! Quick update via Cyanogen mod updater and ill be set!

  5. Can’t wait for Cyanogen Mods on my Droid. Because the new Android 2.0 is just a mess. Come on Google how is it possible that some Nerds do better programming than the biggest Interwebthing? The Dialer is just redicules! The HTC Sense Dialer is great an thats open source just put it into Android 2.0!

    Why isn’t there a Cyanogen-Experience-Phone?

    There should be!

  6. Wonder if the USB tethering would work with a cradlepoint router. That would be pretty nice/ideal.


  8. Agh! Any outlook for flac support on 2.0?

  9. I’m with Janus. Cyanogen Mod for Droid’s Android 2.0 please :)

  10. sucks

  11. @jae Heh I’ve been following Android and Cyanogen for a good while now, but since I don’t have an android phone yet (waiting for the droid to arrive in Canada in some form) I didn’t get the chance to try Cyanogenmod or anything else yet. This is the kind of news that gets me excited about Android as an open platform, though.

    And I also hope Cyanogen will get a Droid and start writing code for 2.0.

  12. people who think sucks suck

  13. phandroid sucks

  14. For those who are wondering, mhmdibrahim on twitter told Cyanogen “you need to make a rom build for the Motorola droid”
    Cyanogen answered “sure soon as I get a gsm version”

  15. @Rob, if you think phandroid suck, why do you waste your time posting on here? If you don’t like the site, simply stop coming here. ;)

  16. @Rob
    I have to respectfully disagree. If you do a search for “android phones” in Google, phandroid is the first in the list. I think many, many others do not agree with your opinion.

  17. the fake Rob is a faggot

  18. Stop feeding the troll people.

  19. Does the new mod have gmail and all other google apps? I thought the reason he was C&D’d was because he couldnt put those apps back on a google experience phone.

  20. Dean, I think the Android 1.6 Recovery Image takes care of gmail, calendar, ect. It’s the first of two images you apply if you follow the instructions in the link above. I’m on 4.2.2 and all of my Google apps are working perfectly.

  21. @Kevin thanks, I’m seriously considering getting this rom! Is there anything unstable about the rom or anything during the setup that if I dont do exactly right it will brick my phone?

  22. i just think that “Rob Jackson” should atleast keep in touch feed us some news about anything for example a sample of the motodroid reveiw ever sense he got that phone hes disappeared atleast tell your viewers what you think of the phone so far comon i thought the droid is that amazing to just to leave us hanging cold turky like that

  23. According the XDA site, only HTC devices are supported… maybe they will change this?


  24. Very clever way to get around the proprietary stuff by cyanogen. I don’t know why google doesn’t hire this guy instead of trying to shut him down.

  25. @Dean… risks are pretty low. I think it’s pretty hard to “brick” the phone… If you follow the instuctions you should be able to easily go back to the standard image. I ran in to problems the first time i did it because my rom download was corrupt. So you might want to double check the MD5Sums with fciv once they are on your sdcard before you start. Buggy? not really. Much less than the standard image. Plus it gives you access to many things the standard image doesn’t have. The major enhancement for me is being able to use vpn. I like it a lot.

  26. I stopped using cyanogen’s mod when I found out that google sent him that C&D. I figured that he was done with custom mods. Now that he’s back, I just took off my JACxHero rom and put the Cyanogen 4.2.2 on my G1 and I love it. I’m still wondering why he hasn’t been offered a job by google yet. His mods are 1 MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN THE STOCK ROM!!!!!! That being said, I don’t understand how he can make a version better than developers that have been initally working on the source code since the android platform debut. Go figure. Anyway Cyanogen rocks!!! Keep’em coming, I’ll keep using Cyanogen’s mods with every android device he makes them for.

  27. Agree it would be awesome to see a 2.0 Droid mod done. Well, that or overnight I somehow become a C/C++ god. Don’t see the latter happening though.

  28. Awesome! This is what its all about. These announcements make me an even bigger fan of Android.
    And for people sayin Cyanogen > Android team… you gotta remember that the very point of open source is to have the community involved in development.

    Instead of pitting one against the other, lets be thankful for the collective efforts of individuals to make something we can all enjoy.

    Without the OS there are no devs. Without devs there is no “Android”

  29. “Rob”, (not Rob Jackson) seriously, your sense of “entitlement” is way over the top. The site admin owes you absolutely NOTHING. Please go away and only come back when you’ve learned how to show a little appreciation for all the hard work of others.

    @ iddqd, right on. The modders are doing “modifications”. Without the original OS to work with, there’d be nothing to modify. There’s credit to be given where it’s due, on both ends.

  30. Plus, if he’s in google, don’t think he can ANYTHING he wants to, even though whatever he wants to do may be awesome.

    And uh, who said the other day that without all the proprietary bits, android is nothing? Seems like your very own favourite modder disagrees.

  31. @ zefi, sorry, I have no idea what you are trying to say there. Since you posted right after me, I thought maybe you were responding to something I said, but maybe not. So I’m just saying, I don’t get it.

  32. Uh, sorry about that. The first line was to add to what you said, and the second line was for someone else. It was to whoever that claimed during the uproar that the C&D was ridiculous because android is a piece of nothing without the proprietary parts.

  33. Does anyone have any insight into why Google came down on Cyanogen and not any of the other modders out there? Is it because he had the biggest audience, or is there something else going on here?

  34. droid stock ui is very disappointing. i do not know any coding, but im not computer illiterate. is there a way for me to be able to design my own ui to change the look without know heavy coding?

  35. David, I’m just guessing too. But your suggestion makes a lot of sense to me. He was high profile. He also added some unreleased (leaked) code into one of his ROMs. That couldn’t have made Google happy. Also, he’s working in the “plain vanilla” versions, so if Google doesn’t make the point with him, who will? I think Google wanted to send a clear message to everyone and picked the highest profile case they could. If HTC wants to defend their Sense UI code (definitely proprietary and also being released by the modders), HTC can write the C&D letter to those modders. But if those mods include Google proprietary stuff, Google is certainly within their right to tell them to C&D as well. (But I do believe that Google can handle it much better than they did and get better results without all the bad press.)

    But the message is clear, and fortunately Cyanogen has a workable solution. Anyone who is still including proprietary code in their release, in a sense is already on notice. At this point everyone should know pretty clearly what the rules of the game are.

  36. It’s better to have Cyan and other modders independent rather than employee of any other corporate giants. open source development is based on independent thinkers. Google and other corporate giants should respect these modders too and should incorporate the enhancements in their official releases. at the same time modders shouldn’t distribute closed source apps without app developers explicit permission. but i know modders are good enough to work way around ;) so that we can use closed source apps too without violating laws

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