Sony Ericsson X3/X10/Infinity/Rachael Officialized In Video


What’s more official than having a promo video of your upcoming Android Phone featured on YouTube and uploaded by your official account? Not much and that’s exactly what happened with the Xperia Android phone with many rumored names dropping/announcing/launching on November 3rd:

Even awesome (although less official) is a video that popped up boasting the Xperia Android’s media player that looks – as Gizmodo so eloquently put it – “un-freaking-believable”.

The guys at Leakdroid reminded us of the specs – and now we’re reminding you:

  • 800 x 400 touchscreen
  • 2G: 850/900/1800/1900 (Quad-Band)
  • 3G: 900/2100 (Dual-Band); HSDPA (10Mbps), HSUPA (2Mbps)
  • 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and 8 x digital zoom
  • LED Flash / Image Stabilization / Smile Shutter / Face Detection / VGA Video Recording
  • POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, MS Exchange e-mail
  • miniUSB, 3.5mm AV connector
  • Bluetooth (2.1), Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11g), AGPS

Sounds pretty awesome… will this give the Droid a run for the money? Maybe, but knowing the Xperia line, November 3rd will be an announcement that the Xperia Android will drop sometime in early 2010 in Europe, it will be delayed, and the United States may never see it until, well, who knows.

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  1. What makes you think the resolution is *not* 854×480. The concept in the YouTube video is clearly in 854×480, as stated in the titled.

  2. are we sure that’s an android device? boh….

  3. this phone is sexy!!

  4. i really don’t want to get excited about this phone because it doesn’t seem like its destine for US shores….maybe i will get pleasantly surprised but i seriously doubt it

  5. Ohhh you forgot it has a snapdragon chip

  6. Is it just me, or does the picture make it look like it’s some sort of ceiling-mounted sensor device?

  7. Maybe that is a feature.

    It detects it’s melting and calls 911

  8. Interesting. Gorgeous phone, but with those radio frequencies, does anybody know which US carrier it could potentially go to? Is it GSM or CDMA?

  9. It looks great..but will it come to a U.S. Carrier at all? If I recall, most high end Sony Ericcson phones never make it to the U.S. as carrier phones, usually they are unsubsidized Euro GSM phones, in which case they would not be 3G capable, and most likely would run $600 plus.
    Although damn I really wish it does come here..looks to be promising other than the droid.

  10. Imo it will never be released in the U.S. will have to buy it thru sites and if that happens it will be expensive for sure….sux i really like this phone

  11. @Collin
    I cant think of any of SEs later phones that *didnt* have 3G.

  12. Does it have an oled screen tho?

  13. @BruteForce
    I think he’s referring to US 3G bands.

    I’ve been really excited about this phone, but if it doesn’t have US compatible 3G bands (ie AT&T), there’s no point in getting it :/

  14. Second time i tipped you guys and you didnt acknowledge me. I guess you’re a bit behind on the tips through the massive influx of news recently.

  15. They need to work on the clock. The video is over 2 minutes long and the time on the clock never changes.

    Details details…. :)

  16. I know it’s a minor thing, but I hope they get rid of that fade out/echo effect when it stops media play back. I bet that would get really old really fast.

  17. lots of folks mentioned it already, but here’s the detail. specs published so far show 900/2100 3g for this phone…i think that means europe/asia…still…keeping my fingers crossed.

  18. no mention of 32gb ROM ?
    Hope that didn’t disappear.
    i hope sony ericsson will release a keyboard version in 2010…

  19. Gonna start keeping my eyes open now. My guess is that it will launch in UK first. You guys in US got Sprint Hero and Droid. Let us have this one. God I want this fone.

  20. see i don’t get that because the hero came out in Europe first the droid seems to be coming to Germany at least and the cliq is the dext in Europe there are many times when i would feel sympathy for Europe but not when it comes to cell phones…you guys get alot of stuff that never comes here…with cellular plans that can’t be beat and network maturity way beyond anything in the states

    with the exception of the iphone and i guess the g1 what phones have come out in the US that you couldn’t get in europe?

  21. @Jeff
    “…and network maturity way beyond anything in the states with the exception of the iphone…”

    I guess you meant iphone sans network cuz the at&t network is just laughable.

  22. The name of the photo album demoed in the second video is “Roadtrip to Philly.” If this phone is only getting released in Europe then how is anyone going to take pictures of driving to Philadelphia? Just seems like the video was intended for American audiences.

  23. also @ Noorul
    select the text of the comment you read and copy/paste it somewhere. You will realize that Jeff started a new paragraph after “anything in the states,” you just can’t tell. Really his comment should read like this:
    with cellular plans that can’t be beat and network maturity way beyond anything in the states.
    With the exception of the iphone and i guess the g1 what phones have come out in the US that you couldn’t get in europe

  24. @ jeff
    blame the stuff that never comes to usa on the sprint and verizon cdma networks (around 1% of the global cellular world market) and at&t and t-mobile different gsm frequencies… 850/1900 and 1700/2100

  25. I really really really hope this phone lands in the U.S. I like the concept of the Motorola Droid, but the dealbreaker with that phone is the slide out keyboard. I want a full touch screen android device, no keyboard. Yes, I know the HTC Hero doesn’t have a keyboard, but it has the trackball, which is something that I am also trying to avoid. I’ll be looking for more information tomorrow, once the phone is offically announced.

    *crosses fingers*

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