Android News Roundup: Sans Droid Edition


The Motorola Droid has been taking up so much of my time that we’re a bit bit behind on news. Allow me to catch you up instantly, with ONE post. I know… magical.

behold2Samsung Behold 2 Pricing
We’re expecting T-Mobile to launch the Samsung Behold 2 Android Phone sometime in the near future and while pricing isn’t official, Brighthand has reported that $250 on a 2-year contract is the leaked/rumored price. This would be the first Android Phone to debut over $200 with a 2-year contract and with the Droid arriving, you have to wonder how it will fare. But that, I suppose, depends on how it performs. [Read More]

LG GW620 Website Dishes Out Details
I saw this a few days ago and dismissed it as a hoax because it looked so… amateur. LG has put up a website for their first Android Phone, the LG GW620. But the videos along side it are anything BUT amateur and they dish out some cool information on the upcoming LG GW620 including what they call face recognition – but it really isn’t. Overall the phone does look pretty nice, check it out:

The site has since been taken down but as of this posting the video itself is still up from the LG GW620 YouTube account.We found another video of the LG GW620 from our friends at AndroidAndMe.

Not to mention this phone also just passed the FCC.

[Thanks to all who sent this in]

Android 2.0 Ported To G1
A YouTuber named EmoGamer has taken Android 2.0 and ported it to his G1. Chug-a-lug, Chug-a-lug… it is SLOW! Looks like Android 2.0 really requires some beefiness. So long 528 MHz processors please! While he disabled embedding, you can still check it out at YouTube.

vzw-htc-droid-erisHTC Droid Eris Appears Again
If you’re looking for more pictures of the Droid Eris you can check out two pictures looked to be snapped at a BestBuy from BGR. Really interesting that mum is the word on this bad boy but I guess VZW and Motorola want the shiniest, newest droid to take front and center stage. His contact also said the Droid Eris seems faster, thinner and taller than the Sprint HTC Hero… Hmmm…. interesting. [Read More]

Sync Your Android to iTunes with DoubleTwist
A desktop application called DoubleTwist has released a new-and-improved version that will sync your Android Phone with iTunes! Pretty awesome if it works as advertised. We’ve got a few application reviewers chomping at the bit to test out some stuff and report to you all, so many this is something we can report back to you folks on. [Read More]

asusdroidASUS Android Smartbook Coming Early 2010
Gizmodo is reporting on a Smartbook set to run Android launching from ASUS early next year. The company is calling it their “secret weapon” and should be around $180 – totally a great price if they can market this properly. And of course, depending on how successfully the bigger screen integrates Android functionality. Are you the type to pony up for an Android smartbook/netbook or are you staying away from that arena until they’re more proven? [Read More]

I know I broke my “Sans Droid” promise with this one… sowwy!

engadget-droidEngadget’s Motorola Droid Review
The first to have a full Motorola Droid Review, Engadget’s Joshual Topulsky concluded, “It’s easily the best Android phone to date, and when you couple the revamped OS, Verizon’s killer network, and an industrial design straight from a gadget enthusiast’s fever-dream, it makes for a powerful concoction. Ultimately, the DROID won’t usurp the iPhone from the public’s collective mindshare or convince casual users that they must switch to Android, but it will make a lot of serious geeks seriously happy — and that’s good enough for us.” [Read More]… Oh… the rest of the Engadget team chimed in too [Read Even More]

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  1. Really, $250 for the Behold 2?!

  2. If I am a really big music person, should I get a Sense phone or should I get the Droid? The Droid apparently has a very suckish music player.

  3. @john:

    Yeah take it from this droid lover, the stock android Music app sucks. HTC did a great job with their music player makeover within the Sense UI, which is why I’m dying to see their new snapdragon powered phone. Aside from that, Sony’s Ericsson X3/X10 looks pretty sweet too. No doubt they’ll be right on the heels of 2.0 given the latest hype around it.

  4. You left out the “Rachael teaser video”.

  5. droid looks sharp

  6. When will HTC and Samsung make some high end handsets for Android, everything so far has been basic. HTC windows mobile handsets look a lot better.

  7. Google in your next update, please update the music player, it’s god damned ugly and horrible especially compared to tunewiki

  8. Omg, dont start an ‘android 2 is slow’ debate. It is a dump of the sdk, that happens to *work* on a g1. It is not even optimized nor compiled for a specific architecture. Android 2 will be faster than donut, for sure.

  9. LG GW620 seems to use LG proprietary S-Class UI and I think it willplay an important part in launching ANdroid to mainstream: I am sure it will have an attractive cost and there is a strong emphasis on social networking so this phone would be perfect for teenagers – even more than Samsung Spica and HTC Tatoo because of the full QWERTY.

  10. Thanks for the nearly-droidless update. I don’t plan on getting one, so the coverage has been a little overwhelming to the point of annoyance.

  11. @dynce
    I was just reading the section on the music player on the Droid pdf and the music player seems to have all the capabilities of the iPhone’s but its just butt-ugly.

  12. @john:

    That’s my understanding as well. Frankly, I just want to hear my music, not go OOOh and AAAh at the music player. To paraphrase a fruit company, I want it to “just work”, not to just look pretty.

  13. phandroid.com sucks

  14. All apologetics aside (@Rob), for those (like me) who think that the media player is lacking, check out MixZing. It looks damn good.
    You will have to endure Nickleback to see the demo sadly.

  15. @ Bizzle9
    Good app.. I like it.

  16. i just think that “Rob Jackson” should atleast keep in touch feed us some news about anything for example a sample of the motodroid reveiw ever sense he got that phone hes disappeared atleast tell your viewers what you think of the phone so far comon i thought the droid is that amazing to just to leave us hanging cold turky like that

  17. I would like to complain :P It’s me that ported eclair, and emogamer recorded video, it’s better to read description on youtube :D

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