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Given the recent Droid hysteria, many of you may have forgotten about the mere existence of Motorola’s first Android Phone – the Motorola CLIQ. But THEY don’t want you to and have just published a new video/commercial/promo to their YouTube acount:

As pointed out by AndroidGuys its nice that they focus on the phone’s capabilities instead of simply putting it in the hand of a celebrity and calling it a day. But I have two big “BUTS” with that:

  1. This looks like less of a “Made for TV” commercial and more of a web-confined promotional tool. Mass media needs that PULL factor and magnetism and regardless of how cheesy it is – celebrities and endorsements work.
  2. I’m glad they focus on the phone itself but I think promos like these LACK a human element. I think there should be a balance. Show me someone using it or talking to a friend with it or communicating with it.

Either way we just wanted to remind you about the CLIQ since the interwebz has been on those Droid Roids lately.

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  1. Yeah gurl. First and shizz.

    But rly tho, if T-Mo doesn’t bring some hotness in their phones, I’m jumping the gun for Verizon’s Droid.

  2. Wow, your website is completely covered in DROID ads. Verizon must really be going all out, I’m excited!

  3. I was interested to see Tmobile was a part of the end, that answered some “recent” edits to that ad I’m sure. Specifically the “security” parts of the ad, in light of the recent Danger debacle. I’m sure Tmobile wants to play up how this is secure.

    There is a nice discussion in the forums right now from both sides of the pond regarding apps that will wipe, track and find your phone. I use Mobile Defense but that is US only right now.

  4. this one looks great, wanna see it in my country

  5. I don’t know if anyone noticed in the Cliq promo but it showed some apps that are not available (to the best of my knowledge) on Android yet. At a glance, the apps that I recognized were Slacker, IHeartRadio, Viigo & Ticketmaster and also they repeated some apps over again such the T-mobile myaccount, Flame, Mytracks, Tmobile AppPack, & Myfaves. For one, I would like to see Slacker on Android and especially with the same features as featured on Blackberry phones such as the ability to cache stations and listen to them without the need of data connection or reception and also IHeartRadio in order to listen to some radio shows on my phone. However, it is kind of a disappointment to see a promo pointing out all the good features of Android and yet it had to rely on using apps only available (for now) on Blackberry and the Iphone. Does anyone agree?

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