Oct 27th, 2009

Given the recent Droid hysteria, many of you may have forgotten about the mere existence of Motorola’s first Android Phone – the Motorola CLIQ. But THEY don’t want you to and have just published a new video/commercial/promo to their YouTube acount:

As pointed out by AndroidGuys its nice that they focus on the phone’s capabilities instead of simply putting it in the hand of a celebrity and calling it a day. But I have two big “BUTS” with that:

  1. This looks like less of a “Made for TV” commercial and more of a web-confined promotional tool. Mass media needs that PULL factor and magnetism and regardless of how cheesy it is – celebrities and endorsements work.
  2. I’m glad they focus on the phone itself but I think promos like these LACK a human element. I think there should be a balance. Show me someone using it or talking to a friend with it or communicating with it.

Either way we just wanted to remind you about the CLIQ since the interwebz has been on those Droid Roids lately.

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