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That was quick. You know how we were just telling you about insider speculation regarding Google’s own GPS Navigation application/software? An anonymous tipster helped us firm up those details. If you’ll remember, we unearthed the Motorola Droid specs on Motorola.com and found that included in Google Services was none other than Google Turn-By-Turn Directions:


We noticed Google Turn-By-Turn Directions but assumed this was just the current Google Maps Directions feature which provides an arrow button to see turns in-order. You know what they say… never make assumptions.

Our tipster says Google Turn-By-Turn Directions fulfill the prophecy of full blown GPS Navigation from Google. It is likely this will launch with the Motorola Droid and be included in all devices with Android 2.0 and beyond, accessed through and integrated with Google Maps for Android (and possibly/probably other platforms after Android).

My contact hasn’t seen Google Turn-By-Turn Directions in action but when asked how sure (s)he was it would launch with the Motorola Droid and be a complete, full blown GPS solution (s)he replied:

99.99999% sure.

Wowzers. At first the Motorola Droid announcement tomorrow was slated to be amazing because of the hardware. It looks like the software (Android 2.0) which HASN’T seen the same level of hype/leaks is going to create just as much excitement.

Until it’s made official you’ll have to consider it a Phandroid rumor… but we don’t have long to wait.

PS: I still prefer the name “Google Nav”

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  1. giggity giggity giggity!

  2. Sounds awesome. Can’t wait!

  3. goo……

  4. Aww, ninja’d.

  5. Googaga?

  6. Can this tipster be BRIAN? HELLO! Look at the no. 1 comment on the report earlier today when you first mentioned it. Way to go Brian.

  7. Is anybody else waiting for the Droid countdown to reach zero?

  8. How much longer before the iPhone becomes a has been? I’m sure people remember when teh phone everyone just had to have a Razr :-).

    That’s the real countdown clock I’m watching.

  9. Why is droid not a trending topic on twitter? this is history right here, Rob get on it!!!

  10. What was the point of the counter going down to zero if nothing was going to happen at midnight?

  11. Didn’t I read somewhere that they mentioned “voice libraries” in reference to Google maps?

  12. That’s probably not the real name of it though since it is the only Google thing without a trademarking, unless they just haven’t trademarked it yet

  13. @Anthony

    Its pretty obvious that his source is a girl. He is an immaculate pronoun, kinda like when you say “hey do you guys wanna….”

    Also, I’d put money on it

  14. Yeah seriously. Countdown counts to zero, aaaand…nothing.

    Can’t wait for the unveiling!

  15. The countdown has stopped. And… nothing!

  16. It’s midnight pacific time, bub.

  17. Well, its 12 Pacific here and nothing changed for me. These last 24 hours have been dragggggggggggggggin along.

  18. no kidding. did they think people were not going to watch for the countdown?

  19. Touche… I guess I was wrong…. They’ll probably have something during their media event today.

  20. Do recall that the droiddoes.com site shows “Droid Does: Directions” as one of it’s features… Now if they’d just release it already!

  21. Well, this certainly very plausible, as Google just dropped TeleAtlas and started using their own map data.

  22. Anyone know what time the media event is scheduled for?

  23. I’ve used the Google Navigation on the Droid. I would have to say that it’s probably the best nav software I’ve ever used. BUT it is cloud based, so if you’re out of data service, you’re out of luck.

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