Motorola Droid Auction On EBay


Are you a risk taker and high roller? Than feast your eyes on the Motorola Droid that has popped up in an EBay auction. There have been 7 bids and you’ll need to put up $1,000+ to get in on the action, with the auction ending in 5 days – the day after the October 28th event.


They claim it is new, never opened and IN THE BOX! If you’re the winner of this auction and its real then there is a good chance you’ll be coppin’ the goods before the general public. The Ebayer’s account seems good with positive feedback and a lengthy history, leaving us wondering… who is this guy?

One good way to find out is to purchase it… and then of course follow up with phandroid on all the details you learn!

[Thanks Frank!]

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  1. Who’s Frank.

    I distinctly remember pointing this one out to you back in the comments on this post. For shame Rob… For Shame… :-)

    Ohhh well, so who wants to go half on this bad boy?

  2. i thought about doing this as well. all this person is doing is selling the phone before they even have it.

    notice that bidding will end on October 29th, but handling time after that is up to 10 days. Ten days after the October 29th end-date for the auction is well within the time this seller should receive the phone if they order one. So, all this seller will do is order the Droid and then ship it away to the winner of the auction as soon as they get it. And make a shit load of money in the process

  3. Seriously? I’d rather wait until it hits the general public and either buy it from a carrier or on ebay for less than this once there are more available.

  4. @AGx-07_162: Agreed! I say that price is crazy. Of course, if this is legit, you’d be the first consumer to own one of the hottest new phones before anyone else…

  5. You don’t have to possess something to sell it ;)
    I doubt the winner of this auction will get his extra expensive Droid any sooner than Nov 6th :P

  6. I don’t see anything about turn-around time for shipping…estimated delivery within 3-10 days with a note that ‘usually’ they ship within 1 business day.

    Any joe-schmoe could pop up 20 of these auctions and buy the devices from best buy w/ no contract…then ship next-day and make a boatload without losing feedback.

  7. I’m Frank!! Why are you trying to steal my 15 minites!!!

  8. @Frank: hahaha Hey Man… can’t we all just get along. I’ll tell you what, you can have this one. There’s more than enough Android to go around. :-)

  9. This is the same picture from BGR’s site, just cropped.

  10. Hmm, you’d have to be a complete idiot to pay that price when you can get on subsidized in the store for probably a quarter of the cost two weeks later. Plus, I have my doubts Verizon would even allow this one to be activated before they go live with it. It’s not like you can just drop in your SIM card and run with it. And btw, don’t forget that when you buy an unsubsidized phone, you’re still going to have to pay the same fee for rate plans, which have phone subsidies padded into them, so you’re just throwing more money at Verizon.

  11. I would ask him to take some pics of it in the box before bothering with a bid. Like everyone said he is probably gonna buy one the day it comes out then ship it. But really even if your on another carrier you can cancel and pay etf, which is like $200 at most with tmobile, and 175 or less with the rest, then buy a new one from vzw for $199 on contract. So your paying $400 at the most, why bother with this mess?

  12. Everybody should know, the auctioned item is advertised as coming with an 8gb card, not a 16gb card… and the seller purchased (3) 8gb cards on ebay on Oct 5, so I would definitely wait for a legitimate release!

  13. errrp… my bad… they’re SDHC cards, not microSDHC cards, but he’s still advertising the 600mhz OMAP and 8gb microsd card…

  14. @ Anthony & CrPercodani, totally agree w/u guys.

  15. Just more proof that P.T. Barnum was right.

  16. Look, there is a reason for which people will pay these sums of money for these phones. It is simple. They live in a desolate/secluded area and have a lot of money. It is therefor more convenient AND trendy for them to buy the phone on Ebay, thereby guaranteeing that they WILL have one when it comes out without having to wait in line or get off of their sweet italian leather couch at all. They don’t even have to stop the hors d’œuvres.

  17. Okay…………….I got the cliq….unopened and in the original box……Anyone want to bid before i post this on ebay…….paypal only…….must wait ten to fourteen days to allow payment to clear…..Then allow 1-30 days to allow it to be appropriately packaged…….then 1-14 days to get it to the shipper—-then ill send it next day air for free.
    you too can buy this before anyone else can buy it….and shipping is free…….Oh…bidding ends soon….

  18. At the highest pricepoint:
    phone = 200 + plan = 100 + early termination = 175 totals
    Still cheaper than the $600 retail and still >$500 profit.

  19. Now there are two more Droid’s on ebay. Its flat out dumb to buy off ebay, the point stated earlier about someone who purchases these devices here will be getting them later then if you just waited for the release by Verizon, not to mention the high price difference

  20. I noticed there was 3 auctions this morning, and now the 1st one is gone, and it still had 2 days an some hrs left on it. I wonder if verizon or motorola made him take it down?

  21. This listing (190343966090) has been removed, or this item is not available.

  22. Here is a response I got from someone selling one on ebay.
    Q: Can you post pics of the phone, box, and accessories?
    A: I work for Verizon and though I have the phone, I am not able to send it until Nov. 9 since that is the official release date. My Buy It Now price is $700 but again, it couldn’t be sent until Nov. 9. And for legal reasons I am not allowed to send pics of it.

    – nicolee0003

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