New T-Mobile Service Plans Go Live, Project Dark Unveiled


Good news – Catherine Zeta Jones is still hot. And on top of that, she is now on the T-Mobile website promoting what has been rumored and overly leaked the past several weeks – new T-Mobile Service Plans which came with the internal “Project Dark” codename.


There are two levels of plans called “Even More” and “Even More Plus” and each of those have 6 options – 3 for individual and 3 for family.

Even More Plans


Even More Plus Plans


It’s all about unlimited. Getting as much as you want for as cheap as you want. This puts T-Mobile on par with Sprint in terms of the affordability of their service plans and as a leader in the Android space this will only solidify their position. Although Sprint and Verizon are both coming strong with Android now, too and AT&T has a little something called iPhone. Competition – gotta love it!

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  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS finally i might be able to get an android phone!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Please be aware that they are not accepting or implementing corporate discounts with the new pricing plans. I called in this morning for information.

  3. There is also no loyalty discounted rates.

  4. Well Sprint one ups them on corporate discounts, They honored my discount just fine with the unlimited family plans.

  5. And I might add with that discount I’m well below tmobiles rates :)

  6. “unlumited”? Rob, you need more sleep.

  7. Sadly, lost of my time hunting around for facts..Unable to “get all the facts”, website does not list Family with web/test/etc on 2yr contract so can not compare fairly…very poor…

    JUST have a spreadsheet listing ALL FEES not just all fees in one and not the other…Even More Plus Plans not list web/etc while Even More Plans does….

  8. so with the unlimited web can i get rid of the g1 data plan?

  9. @GMG

  10. Sweet thanks for the quick answer Rob.

  11. Great deals, but the new plans take away the myFaves. So for me, I would save maybe only 5 bucks a month… However, the Unlimited Voice would be 15 bucks more a month. Meh.

  12. for those who already pre ordred the cliq and have more then 2 lines with tmobile. we are really getting raped in all this new pricing. reps are teling me it will cost $35 a line to even switch to the new no contract plan and not to mention my preorder that came early i have to send back and order the same phone again and pay 200 more then what i havent even been charged for yet. Im virtually stuck with a family plan i didnt like to begin with and have to now pay to move to something else?

    Im like totally lost how something thats suppose to push them to number 3 takes a crap on existing customers and there options.

  13. All that remains is for Verizon to follow up with their new plan (if it exists). After that, AT&T will have to break away from Apples clutches and get some Android goodness before we’ll even consider giving them the light of day.

    *hopes a VZN plan comes out soon to go along with the Droid*

  14. Yes it will be cheaper, in the long run, for most of us to switch to these new plans; HOWEVER paying $35 per line to switch is preposterous. That should only be forced upon the new customers and not the existing as a benefit for sticking with TMO only desiring a better experience.

  15. Are we sure that the unlimited web applies to the G1/Android data plans? I saw fine print on some of the originally leaked documents saying that there’s an additional monthly data charge for “Smartphones” which sadly would include all of the Android phones. I’d really like to get some clarification on that before jumping on this deal.

  16. re $35 switch fee: Fido did the same fracking thing when it implemented a whole new system of plans. Difference is that *initially* it was $25 to switch for current customers, and $35 to activate new customers. I thought that was an incredibly bad way to treat its current customers. Later Fido added insult to injury by increasing the switch fee to $35. All I can say is that Fido and the other Canadian carriers really need to hope that Wind Mobile can’t execute on its plans. I, for one, will jump (and take 3 other family members) to Wind Mobile if it does what it (and rumor) says it is going to do.

    Sorry for the off topic rant.

  17. OK, so here’s my problem: If I get an android phone, I don
    ‘t care about minutes. I actually want to least amount of minutes to tell you the truth. I just want to unlimited text and data. What’s the cost of that?

  18. Oops… Sorry, I just clicked on the matrix thing on there site. Sorry.

  19. These plans don’t benefit people who use google voice to send text messages. They should have also offered plans that are only voice and data. :-( I’m disappointed….

  20. How is it possible that those of us with G1s can switch to this no-contract plan when we originally signed up for a 2yr contract??

  21. cause they extend your contract.

  22. hmm. i need to go to the TMO store & check this out!

  23. So they lowered their prices by $10?

  24. I did an item by item comparison of family plans versus Sprint. It looks like Sprint is cheaper in most cases.

    On the true unlimited plans TMO may be a bit cheaper. However, for me Sprint’s unlimited text/web plus 1,500 minutes is really unlimited. The thing is that Sprint includes Nights starting at 7p and free calls to any mobile on any network. How often do you call landline during the day? More than 1500 minutes worth? If this works as ‘unlimited’ for you then Sprint is the winner on any plans with texting and/or web.

    p.s. Someone asked about the upcharge for smartphone service. Here is how I see it: If you get a family plan with unlimited web or text, every phone after the first two are only $5, but they don’t include web or texting. You need to add $25 or $10 to phone 3-5 to get the requisite extra service.

  25. Just switched this morning I went from $80 to $64 a month and thats with taxes. I got 500minutes + mobile to mobile, unlimited web, unlimited messages! I used to have only 400 messages so this is great for me. This is also good because most of the people I talk to are on T-mobile so I won’t really be using any minutes. Oh and now I’m not on contract so I can leave T-mobile any time without having to pay any stupid termination fee :)

  26. the $35 migration fee is for an individual line or the first two lines of a family plan to switch to the new Even More Plus plans. If you have more than two lines on a family plan, line 3-5 pay $0 to migrate.

    Also, customers who activated service before 10/25 on a contract and got a subsidized price on a handset actually are making out big time, not getting “raped”. All you have to do is pay the $35 migration fee, which is MUCH less than the difference between a two year price on a device and a no contract price on a device.

  27. Also, if you are currently on a contract that’s not up but was originate before 10/25, you can switch to the Even More Plus plans and just pay the $35 migration fee and start saving money monthly. Your contract does not extend, but it remains at it’s current expiration date.

  28. and corporate discounts are still available on Even More plans. Even More plans require a contract. Even More Plus plans do not, and it’s only Even More PLUS plans that don’t offer corporate discounts because they are no contract and are already significantly discounted.

  29. Michael, you’re right about having to add the data service to lines 3-5 on a family plan if you want web on the add-a-lines.

    However, texting is shared and is already included on lines 3-5 for no extra charge.

  30. And one last thing… since the Even More Plus plans are not contracted they don’t offer a discount on a device when activating. But instead, they split your payments up (at no charge, no interest) on your bill over 20 months.
    Most devices end up being only a couple bucks a month, and if you do the math and calculate what you’d pay on the contracted Even More plans versus the no contract Even More Plus plans, you’ll see over then life of a contract term you end up actually SAVING money paying full cost for a handset on the cheaper plans, and you’re not locked into a contract. That’s pretty awesome.

    Carriers in Europe have been doing things similar to this forever, and consumers in the US have been saying they don’t want contracts, and guess what?? It’s finally happened!

  31. i don’t think it is that impressive.. especially if you are comparing to sprint. compared to a sprint plan where you have etf/subsidy, you are actually paying $10 more a month.

    2 year costs for 500 min plan (450 on sprint) and phone

    myTouch 3G – even more – $2070
    myTouch 3G – even more plus – $1940
    hero – standard 450 – $1860

    i am not a big talker, so only looked at the smallest minute plans. t-mobile is more expensive than sprint.

    unfortunately, sprint coverage has not been too impressive for me.
    verizon/at&t plans would only be $60 more over two years (assuming a $200 subsidized phone).

    conclusion: not very helpful to me, and i am not impressed.

  32. re: verizon/at&t — i took into account plans of theirs without unlimited text. but whatever their minimum is, is basically unlimited to me. i don’t use all that much.
    maybe this is helpful for heavier users. but i think the lower end plans are nothing to get too excited about.
    correct me if i am missing something.

  33. and.. their minimum plan for a subsidized phone went UP $5 a month and REDUCED 100 whenever minutes. shady…

  34. If you have the money to purchase the phone outright, it does come out cheaper.. but in running through a test purchase of what I already have, it came out pretty much the same. (although more talk minutes, and no faves).. I could save money by dropping 3g, but that’s ok, I’ll just leave it as is for now.

  35. lolwut?

    It just got EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE.

    Previously an android phone would be $55/mo now the cheapest possible is $69/mo

    I don’t need more minutes, I don’t need more anything, I need cheaper data.

  36. That’s too funny…

    This is the loyalty plan they use for customers that have been loyal to them…

    They show their loyalty to their loyal customers by giving the same deal to the rest of the world… without a contract.

    way to go t-mobile. you h0.

  37. -@ALok HOW the hell do you pay 55 dollars a month for web on a smart phone plus a plan? I work for t-mobile and if you are paying that much I am assuming your on a wayyyy Grandfathered plan which means your still okay! Plus no one is forcing you to Migrate, and PLUS if prices went up the company wants to push NO CONTRACT! AND! They are giving you cheaper rate plans for it compared to At&t and Verizon there is NO WAY they can even begin to compare. AS for people who don’t use that much regarding anything well that’s that but for MOST people it’s fine. GO to metro if you want cheaper and deal with NO SERVICE same with sprint.
    -Number two you do get discounts just not on no contracts because it’s cheap as hell, you get discounts on anything else. Migration fee’s are waived if you get a discount already or apply one then migrate over.
    -Number three you do not pay extra for smart phone’s if you get the bundle with web+text, if you don’t then it is 30 dollars extra but who would do that it’s dumb the incentive is the company wants you to get it anyway because it’s pretty much 20 dollars extra on individual plans to get unlimited text and web, so that way you get out of your foot pedaled car from the Flinstones and start using a smart phone.

  38. They may have updated their plans to a more modern and affordable model, however they still have not addressed the most stone-aged issue in their plans! Why would I pay $10 extra a month to use WiFi from my phone!!?? T-Mobile hotspots needs to go away…

  39. Just looked – on the Even More – Unlimited Data (only one offered) is $40/month up from $34.99 and $24.99 (400 txt msg).

    To see this, go add 3 G1’s to an Even More plan.

  40. @GB
    I am in exactly the same boat as you. I need little minutes (next to no minutes). I just need cheaper data plan for an Android phone.

  41. is it just me or is the description in those images redundant with “nights and & weekends”. maybe these pix were leaked so we could proofread them?

  42. I have been with tmobile for 6 years and was about to renew my contract to get a discount on phones. This new plan might make me switch carriers.
    Sprint will give me a discount on a phone and 4 lines with unlimited text, data, and mobile minutes(to any cell phone in the US) for $180. Tmobile was 270 for 4 phones with data and that is without discounts on phones. Its not worth it.
    Verizon has options for no contract too. I am disapointed in Tmobile’s new plans.

  43. Oops, Sprint’s plan is $170, not $180.

  44. To migrate from an existing T-Mobile rate plan to an Even More Plus (no contract), you only pay $35 for the first 2 lines. So, if you have 5 lines on a family plan and want to migrate to no contract, you pay $70. The only grandfathered plans that are better than the new plans are the unlimited loyalty and the family time 1800 my faves. None of the new plans will beat those.

  45. Why is tmobile trying their BEST to be the worst? I mean c’mon son!! Who in the h e double hockey sticks chooses the phones for tmobile. I think they have a little teenage monkey in the cage and distract the monkey with bright lights!! I mean come on. They give us the mt3g while sprnt gets the hero! I’ve been with tmobile for 7 yrs and I feel disrespected by the products they have delivered or giving us. Right out the box the other carriers are killing tmobile.they are catering to the non computer friendly,teenage,elderly crowsd. What about the men in women that love to have the hotest devices with hottest features. I don’t give a damn about social networks ie cliq. They’re buolding there whole fan base around something most adults don’t care about. We want power and functionaility. I have tmobile and I have the g1. I had the mt3g for about 2 hours and returned it right back to tmobile. Its the the same bloody phone as the g1 minus the keyboard.tmobile usa is behind and its because the tmobile usa consumers are ok with bs. Why is that oversea that get the best phones and newer techs first? Tmbile doesn’t want to be the best the just want to exist.I have a 2 yr contract with tmo and I’m canceling to get the either the droid or hero I’m still deciding. When tmobile GROWS up I might return!!!!

  46. I have had 5 different Samsung Behold phones since Jan 2009. After negotiations with T-Mobile, I am now receiving the Motorola CLIQ for Free with no extention of my contract, best news, I get to keep the Behold as a “back up” phone. I am very excited to get the new CLIQ. Hope it lives up to its promisies! :^)

    Its AWESOME that they (T-MO)finally slashed their plan prices by half. T-Mobile is for sure keeping pace if not exceeding their market competitors. As with ALL cell companies, they do need more work on dropped call issues.


  47. More on price plan:

    I switched today from :old” Unlimited Family Plan to the new one. “Old plan” was $149 for the first 2 lines $49 for 3rd line. Not to mention the 24.99 for Web (my phone only). So after taxes I was paying upwards of 3000.00 month. With the new plan I am only paying $134 month. If you have unlimited, who really cares if you have Fav5? As for the $35 fee to transfer, I am only being billed for 1 line not all 3, not sure if there is a mix up on the line transfer or not.I would suggest calling Tmo to find out for sure. And IF I was charged for all 3 I would be OK with it because the new plan would pretty much pay for the transfer fee(s)the first month.

    I don’t understand how people can bad mouth T MO. Unlike the “other” cell companies, TMo don’t have roaming charges. Which for those who are spoiled by Tmo no nation wide roaming policy, those charges ADD UP. I have a friend with US Cellular who has to pay for bundle roaming minutes. And its around 20 cents a minute. Talk about needing to get with the times? Right.

    I have had Tmo for 4 years and even though I get dropped calls every now and again, I wouldn’t switch. I have had Nextel (before it was Sprint) Sprint and Cingular/ATT and none of them is any better the TMo as far as service goes.
    For all the “Old timers” please don’t complin about the Droid phones. If its too high tech for you, stick with a basic. No one is forcing you to switch. I LOVE all the Bells and Whistles and Flashing Lights! I say the more high tech the better! And NO I am not a 15y/o but an intelligent adult with brilliant taste for toys!

  48. correction total price was near $300.00 per month on old plan. Not 3k

  49. It is funny how people complain about migration fee’s, upgrade fee’s and activation fee’s. If you do not agree with all of the fee’s why are you getting a cell phone in the first place. Everyone ask yourself this question. If I am complaining about a $35 fee can I afford the monthly fee. If you say yes then don’t complain and if you say no then you don’t need a cell phone. STOP COMPLAINING IT DOES NOT GET YOU FAR IN LIFE!

  50. I just checked with T-mobile and the $10 unlimited web does not work for the G1. Unlimited web for the G1 is $25. Which means that the $500 talk + unlimited web (no text) Even More Plus plan is $60 + taxes + $35 activation. Not so hot.

  51. This makes absolutely no sense! to get any smartphone u have to have the unlimited text+Web ok fine. but then they add an extra 25 “unlimited android internet’ so its like im being charged twice for internet absolutely stupid!

  52. I almost signed up for one of these plans today until I was told that there would be a $35 migration fee, that stopped me dead in my tracks. It’s not because of the money it’s the principal, I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for 8 years (in Los Angeles) I have put up with there lousy coverage when they started out in my area, partially because the of the customer service and the company they would do anything to make you happy. In recent years T-Mobile has treated me shabbily from giving me lousy prices on upgrades to not honoring rebates, without wasting hours of my time on the phone to get a credit. And now this, I have to say I am seriously considering a Sprint plan (Sprint and T-Mobile service are comparable in my Area) . With a corporate discount that waves the connection fee and 10% off the monthly fee not to mention free mobile to mobile to any cell phone, nights and weekends that start at 7 and unlimited text and data, why would I stay with T-Mobile? I reiterate it’s not the money the plans are close Sprints seems a little better, $35 is INSULTING for a loyal 8 year customer.

  53. my contract is expiring in march. however, i would kind of like to be out of it now so i can join the rest of my family who are all signing up for an at&t family plan in december. if i switched to the new unlimited everything, no contract plan, would it just be the $35 migration fee and i’m out of the contract early (just paying month to month)? or is the $200 early termination fee still in effect? i looked on their website, it doesnt explain this anywhere :( thanks!

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