Samsung Moment Unboxed By Engadget


Usually we would be jealous to see another site unboxing something we really want. But in this case its a bit different – you’ve already seen that we played with Sprint’s 2nd Android Phone in our Samsung Moment Video/Pictures post from CTIA. But Engadget got to take one directly out of the cradle and took a bunch of pictures, too.


Head on over to Engadget for the full unboxing gallery. It comes out on November 1st for $179 bucks – a pretty good deal from what I’ve seen/experienced with the device.

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  1. it looks decent, but I’m still trying to determine if the screen is glass like the hero or soft like the g1 / mytouch

  2. See, now this is the phone that I want to see on T-mobile.

    I’ve got a G1, and it’s good enough. It also cost a fortune and I’m not upgrading it without a good jump in specs (processor/memory/screen size/battery life). I also really really like the keyboard (and dislike the onscreen one), so the slide out keyboard is a must.

    The CLIQ just doesn’t do it for me. Nicer battery, sure, and it’s a prettier phone, but the rest of it is just nominally better if at all.

    The droid looks like a much better phone, obviously, but I’ve never liked Motorola hardware. Numerous phone failures, bugs, bad builds, etc. I’m optimistic about it, though.

    But this? This one? This is the phone that I want. If this were on T-Mobile, I’d be strongly inclined to upgrade my G1 immediately. As is, I’ll continue to wait and see.

  3. Hopefully they can finally let us know if it has a digital compass! Make with video already Engadget!!!

  4. This will be a really nice fallback if the droid pricing is unreasonable and the calgary can’t fill the gap in a timely manner. I’d rather go with sprint anyways considering all carriers have solid coverage in my metro area…and what you can get for the money.

  5. this is very sexy looking phone, samsung is doing a great job

  6. Has anyone found out how much internal storage the Moment has? If it’s significantly more than my Hero’s available ~140mb I may have to switch.

  7. Haven’t watched it yet, but for anyone interested, here is MobileBurn’s Part 1 of their Moment Review (unboxing/first impression):


  8. Does it have Visual Voicemail (like Instinct and iPhone) or do you have to call in to check your voicemail?

  9. I’m pretty sure I saw in a Sprint tour on YouTube that it does have the visual voicemail. Might have been:
    Sprint Android Samsung Moment Walk-Thru

    Some specs on the memory etc are available here:

  10. Any tips on where I could get a resonible deal on a Samsung Moment phone? I just renewed with Sprint the other night, have the Everything Data Package, and really like the looks of the Moment. However, I do not like the price, $179.99, for existing Sprint customers of course ($99.99 for new customers). Anyone know of a better “deal” than the $179.99 price?

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