Samsung Moment Video and Pics From CTIA


The Samsung Moment is headed to Sprint on November 1st and I’m a little surprised other sites haven’t covered it much so far. It was on display at CTIA and I took a little video and snapped some pictures, included below for your viewing pleasure.

Overall I really liked the Samsung Moment, mostly because I had an immediate liking to the Full QWERTY Keyboard. For those wondering, I thought it was better than the Motorola CLIQ keyboard. I wasn’t too keen on the placement of the directional buttons, but as far as clickability and quick typing? I liked the Samsung Moment a lot. Keep in mind I only spent about 30 minutes with the phone and longer is always better and more accurate in terms of reviewing a device.

How did the Samsung Moment LOOK? Pretty darn good if you ask me. Not exactly a panty dropper, but pretty hot nonetheless:

Some of the specs in case you forgot:

  • 3.2-megapixel camera with flash and camcorder with auto-focus
  • 800 MHz processor
  • Stereo Bluetooth 2.0
  • MicroSD up to 32GB
  • Sprint TV, NFL Mobile Live and NASCAR Sprint Cup MobileSM
  • 3.5-millimeter headphone jack
  • Visual voice mail
  • Access to personal and corporate email through Active Sync

I’m eager to get my hands on this for an extended period of time. It should do a great job for Sprint in terms of matching up to the Motorola CLIQ. By the way, apologies for the delay in getting this up… I’m sure frequent readers and subscribers know why.

Rob Jackson
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  1. Network aside, Moment or Cliq?

  2. That looks like a great g1 successor, what do you think?

  3. It’s tough to make that call since I haven’t played with either for more than an hour. They are too similar to make a judgement call without enough knowledge – it would ultimately come down to the small things.

    I don’t see MOTO BLUR as much of an advantage this stage in the game but that could change with an OTA update. The CLIQ Camera is better but doesn’t have a flash, the Moment keyboard is better but I didn’t have long to use them, the Optical Trackpad/Touch buttons on the Moment were kind of distracting.

    Its really a tossup and depends on what your priorities are – each person will put different issues at different places on their “needs” list.

    If I was FORCED to pick one or the other today, I would pick the Moment for the keyboard, beefed up processor and camera flash. PLUS, I know the Motorola Sholes is coming and – unless something monumentally terrible happens – I already know I’m getting that bad boy.

  4. i think the moment looks pretty damn sick.
    the only problem, once again, is that as your finger slides on the trackpad, you will constantly be pressing the touch sensitive menu button.
    i am very happy go lucky, but little things like that makes me snap sooner or later. lets just say the phone wont last long in my hands

  5. @sea

    Moment hands down.

    Unless your a fan of MotoBLUR.(I don’t like the MotoBLUR)

    Since the Moment came out, I am not even sure whether I want the sholes now. I need to see a video of sholes hands on.

    So cmon Verizon!

  6. The more I look into this phone.. the more I want to get the Motorola Sholes/Droid. Sadly, the Sprint CEO passes that awesome phone up. It seems to me the only feature this phone can top over the Sholes is the AMOLED screen — and only in the fact that it is AMOLED. I was really hoping for an ARM Cortex based processor and a higher resolution display.

    Doesn’t mean I wont be buying it though. Verizon’s service is way too expensive, and switching would result in the loss of my current employee discount I get through Sprint. Nevertheless, I am sure I will look to anyone with a Sholes in envy.

  7. The thing making me like this thing is the 800Mhz processor

  8. @Ryan
    I’m in the same boat as you. I want an Android phone with both a touchscreen and a slide out keyboard, and Sprint is the better deal, but the STD is looking like a nice phone.

    I’m probably getting the Moment.

  9. I’ve been a flip phone person forever. I’m thinking of going smartphone, but I’ll likely need a case. Are there any cases that deal with the slide out QWERTY???

  10. Does anyone know if Samsung plan on releasing this phone in the UK at any time?

  11. Anyone confirm the presence of a compass yet?!

  12. Any word yet on the make and model of this mysterious 800Mhz processor? The processor and the keyboard is what really appeals to me. I want to feel secure that it will run future Android updates without problem, for at least a year or so, till the next upgrade.

  13. Rob, you said the optical d-pad was mediocre in the vid, care to elaborate?

  14. This phone is absolutely amazing. Sure I wish the screen was bigger or that it hard more internal memory but I LOVE that there’s finally an Android phone for Sprint with a cool design that isn’t full of hard buttons under the screen or a trackball that serves no purpose and will never be used. It’s a touchscreen, I don’t need tons of buttons and a trackball, and Samsung gets that.

    Soooo getting this phone.

  15. Does this pinch and zoom for the browser?

  16. Oh yea. Touch + real qwerty + not sucking = me buying. Now to make sure on the not sucking part.

  17. Looks great to me. To bad it’s on Sprint..

  18. daewond3r, did you run up the bill on you moms account and now you blame Sprint? so she don’t kick you out of the basement?

  19. Sprint is garbage seriously i would by this phone if it was unlocked but i dont think its sim card unlockable lol so i think ill be staying on T-Mobile… its amazing though how T-Mobile isnt getting cool android phones even though they were the first to pioneer android so we get stuck with the shity phone such as the my touch *cough* G1v2 *Cough* and the pulse lol.

  20. Gawd I’m so tired of the “Sprint is Garbage” comments. If Sprint doesn’t work where you live that does NOT make it garbage. Sprint works at my California home. Sprint works in my Austin home. Sprint works at my stupid remote lakehouse in the middle of nowhere. Sprint roams on Verizon’s towers when I travels through BFE.

    I’ve had Verizon, I’ve had T-mobile and I came from AT&T. Sprint rocks. Their customer service has been very nice and very accommodating to my needs and concerns.

    I understand they USED to be ugly to deal with but that is no longer the case. Couple that with the BEST (and cheapest) plans out there (Any Mobile, Any Time – awesome!) and Sprint comes out on top.

    That said, I have the Hero currently (really like it) but am seriously looking into the Moment as I miss my hardware keyboard (came from a Treo Pro).

  21. The biggest blunder by Sprint is following in Apple/AT&T footsteps with their bundled plans.

    So whether you use it or not the cheapest calling plan is $70. They should have just made it so you could pick your calling plan of choice/need and add a data plan to it.

    Also, the no tethering is a HUGE mistake.

    What sprint needs is the ability to differentiate themselves. Instead they are sheep following the Apple/AT&T herd.

    When will someone put the customers needs first and let that drive their profits????

  22. This phone rocks. I have the Palm Pre and it is awesome. I saw this new Samsung phone today and will give my PRE to my wife when this new one comes out. With the fast processor and the keyboard it makes my day easier. ON the weekends I can download all the free apps I need. Just remember folks. 4G is here on Sprint in many cities and more to come every month. Verizon and ATT are two years behind. The new 4G phone is coming. Forget 3G. 4G is here and the phones are coming. Sprint Rocks.

  23. No tethering? My wife’s Treo Pro tethers for free all the time. Granted Sprint does not encourage this but they also don’t discourage it, as long as it is not abused.

  24. Whats wrong with the trackpad

  25. Eh. Emailed Sprint and Tweeted their support, neither has said they have a compass (tech support is looking into it, Twitter told me it has an accelerometer). Compass is too important for augmented reality for me to get a phone without it. I’m assuming at this point somehow Samsung didn’t include a compass. I hope I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look like it. With 2.0 on the horizon, at this point I’m waiting for the HTC Dragon.

  26. “The Moment does not feature a digital compass. Thanks!”

    No compass, officially.

  27. Isn’t there an android app out there for a digital compass application?

  28. 7. BigCrossHoss wrote on October 20, 2009

    “Isn’t there an android app out there for a digital compass application?”

    just because you get an app doesn’t make the non existen hardware ie the e-compass magically appear.

  29. How do I download pictures to my phone?

  30. How to find your micro disc on your Samsung MOMENT phone and downloading your pictures from your computer to micro adaptor with your micro disc inserted into the micro adaptor.

    1. Take micro Adaptor-looks like a micro disc but it’s an adaptor.
    2. Open up the back part of your phone to get to the battery.
    3. You see the battery and next to it is a little micro disc.
    4. Take the battery out and pull the little micro disc and inserted into the micro Adaptor.
    5. Then insert your micro Adaptor into your computer (slot for your micro disc adaptor).
    6. Go to START and then click on COMPUTER open it up.
    7. Then you’ll see your new device. You will see it if you have the micro disc in the adaptor. Now open another pictures window and select and copy into your new device. Take out the micro disc from the adaptor and inserted back into your phone. Put the battery back and start the phone. The pictures are in your gallery.

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