Dell Streak Video Leak Shows Off Android 2.0 MID


We’ve heard Dell is hard at work on some fresh Android stuff but what we’ve seen so far hasn’t blown us away. This, however, is a little bit more interesting. The folks at Tinhte got their hands on an engineering sample of the Dell Streak that is said to have an 800×480 touch screen, 5MP camera, dual LED flash, MicroSD slot, 1300mAh battery, front-facing camera for video calls and more.

I laughed out loud when I watched the first 45 seconds of this video. When you see the guy smiling back at you in the reflection of the device all I could think of was a deep-voice movie trailer with a narrator saying something like: “Alone in a world of strangers. Cast aside in a time when the world needed him most. One boy… and his Dell Streak…. broke the prejudice paradigm grip on our great universe.”

LOL I’m weird, I know.

At first I thought this thing was pretty sexy looking. Then I realized it looks like the BlackBerry Storm a bit. Then I was contemplating… hmmm. I’ll let you decide for yourself but first one thing – I’m unsure why this is being called a MID when one of the pictures CLEARLY shows an incoming phone call. What gives?

[Tinhte via Engadget]

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  1. I was wondering why the guy was barefoot. then I realized it’s because he needed to use his “shoe” in the size comparison photo.

  2. LOL “In a world…” I still use that daily in my head…too bad that actor died last year :/ I’ll watch the vid later when I’m not at work.

  3. The UI actually looks pretty handy. The way they have it set up is a little windows-esque with the app button at the top right and next to a “task bar”. Also if there is really enough room to use that keyboard, it looks awesome. I’m definitely more of a wait and see guy, but at least they have some interesting new ideas.

  4. Looks like Android 2.0 will have the multitouch zoom-in, zoom-out gestures.

  5. That thing is a monster. Great for a mid, but too bulky for a phone

  6. Looks pretty sweet, but am I the only one to notice that this dude HAS THREE THUMBS?!?! Ugh, I feel a bit queasy after watching that.

    Hmmm… does that mean he can thumb-type 50% faster? Bonus!

  7. I think its a great idea. If you are gonna carry around a phone/total communication devices that does everything, whats wrong with having it 50% bigger than an average size phone. Bring it on DELL. I will be the first to purchase. cant wait.

  8. Omg! Watch the video again but Don’t pay Attention to The device. Pause it at 00:05.

  9. It’s that guy with the extra digit again, he seems to get all the latest phones…

  10. That dude has some creepy thumbs and toes…I almost regurgitated my lunch

  11. Holy crap… is it that huge so he can use all three of those thumbs? I wonder if it can move…

  12. he’s got an extra thumb……….so its a good thing the dells a multi touch then!!!!

  13. @omg LOL! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who saw that… I was thinking this has to be a joke the whole time. Not the phone, the …well, just watch it again.

  14. Could this FINALLY be it? If it does phone calls its as good a bought. This is what I’ve been waiting on. Now add some more MID/tablet type apps for taking notes in meetings etc. and its a winner.

  15. I’d like it more, if it had:

    1) physical keyboard
    2) 4.1″-4.5″ screen (5″ is in an awful “too big for the pocket, too small for a mid-range* device” size)
    3) GSM/WCDMA phone (AT&T or T-Mobile 3G either one … bonus for _both_)
    4) dpad on the face

    (* “mid-range device” to me is around 8″-10″, whether it’s a netbook, tablet, UMPC, etc.)

  16. could be a dell phone could be like theN900 tabletphone its also a glimpse of what the archos android phone will look like hardware wise

  17. nip/tuk.

  18. To everyone commenting on that guy’s extra thumb, well don’t blame him, blame the Americans for dropping tons of “Agent Orange” on the Vietnamese. There are many Vietnamese with even worse deformation.

  19. @Maj => You’re right
    Whatever, a big screen is fine to surf, to see movies, etc … so a 5″ screen will be perfect !

    And for Calls you can use bluetooth with
    a MOTOROLA S805\HT820\S9 for example.

    Don’t you think ?

  20. The incoming phone call, it could be google voice. If it is could it still be called MID?

  21. Well I think that it is going to be a phone that makes calls it sucks that they arent really saying much at this time. Also, it is going to be bad ass for the AT&T market

  22. I cannot wait for this phone to hit Att shelves this is going to be bank for Att out with the Iphone in with the Dell phone

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