Oct 21st, 2009


UPDATE: Many of our commenters have pointed out that 11.09 likely means November 2009 as the Droid Does campaign designates. So the launch date could very well be November 6th still. Phandroid readers are a bright bunch, I knew I liked you guys/gals for a reason!

We previously had rumor that the Motorola Droid was launching on November 6th. A promotional mailer sent to GearLog by Verizon’s PR agency seems to indicate the launch date could be November 9th. It clearly shows that SOMETHING is happening on that day… unless of course this picture is “shopped” (see left).

First of all lets hear your guesses on the dates we’ve heard so far… we’ve got the October 28th countdown clock, November 6th Google Ad and now November 9th promotional mailer. Thoughts?

I’d also like to make a proposition to Verizon’s marketing team. After the Droid launches they should shift from this sinister, Terminator-like promotion and do a COMPLETE 180 on their marketing efforts of “Droid Does”. They should turn “Droid Does” into a spoof of the old-school Bo Jackson advertisement claiming “Bo Knows (Fill In The Blank)”:

Hollywood is already reduced to remakes and plot repetition from previously successful movies, why shouldn’t advertisers do the same? Recycling… it does a body good.

[Thanks Robert!]

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