Oct 20th, 2009

If you check out DroidDoes.com you’ll notice the weird countdown timer for the Motorola Droid with coded up numbers. Initially the code was said to be in the format of dd/hh/mm/ss. Well we just got sent the symbols decoded from an anonymous tipster who has proven the date has changed!

Here is the actual code/key legend:


That is awesome in and of itself for you Sherlockers out there… but if you COMPARE the code from the INITIAL decoding to a NEW decoding done today the date has changed! The Motorola Droid announcement will now occur on October 27th at midnight going into October 28th!


Double check it all yourself. You can decode the images from other articles and other sites from when they were originally posted and do the math. It’s true ladies and gentlemen it is true. If this droided up countdown timer is right, we’ll see Verizon Wireless announce the Motorola Droid on October 27th/28th at midnight!

[Thanks Anonymous Decoder Guy!]

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