Motorola Droid Announcement Date Changed (Oct 28th)!


If you check out DroidDoes.com you’ll notice the weird countdown timer for the Motorola Droid with coded up numbers. Initially the code was said to be in the format of dd/hh/mm/ss. Well we just got sent the symbols decoded from an anonymous tipster who has proven the date has changed!

Here is the actual code/key legend:


That is awesome in and of itself for you Sherlockers out there… but if you COMPARE the code from the INITIAL decoding to a NEW decoding done today the date has changed! The Motorola Droid announcement will now occur on October 27th at midnight going into October 28th!


Double check it all yourself. You can decode the images from other articles and other sites from when they were originally posted and do the math. It’s true ladies and gentlemen it is true. If this droided up countdown timer is right, we’ll see Verizon Wireless announce the Motorola Droid on October 27th/28th at midnight!

[Thanks Anonymous Decoder Guy!]

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  1. you’re welcome.

  2. that’s Droid true type fonts i assume ;)

  3. If you look at the site XML file the date has definitely been changed. Someone over at Anroidandme.com figured that one out. I am just passing it on.

  4. Confirmed!!!!

  5. If you look at the site XML file the date has definitely been changed. Someone over at Anroidandme.com figured that one out. I am just passing it on.

  6. Something is actually going to be moved UP for once?

    That’s a change.

    The sooner I can get my paws on the Droid, the better.

  7. The only real question to me is will I be ordering this online, or will I be able to walk across the street to the Verizon store and buy my Droid on day 1.

  8. Just confirmed this with the far easier approach. I rolled my clock forward to the 28th and the clock had counted down. The 27th the clock was still counting. Seems like the new date is the 28th.

  9. From the commercials I have seen, it is written NOVEMBER in big red letters. When I decoded this information, I figured november 6th. I think someone is counting wrong.

  10. The banners on this very page forecast “November.” I’m guessing October 27th is the pre-order start date.

  11. @Col. O’neill
    The announcement is 27th/28th. The release is expected to be in Nov.

  12. @all
    What time zone are we talking about here? (too lazy to calculate myself)

    If phone if available for pre-order on website- Verizon usually same-day-fedexs the phones on release date.

  13. This makes sense because Motorola reports earnings on the 29th.

  14. @Jon
    It seems to count doun to Midnight for me in Mountain zone.

  15. The timer is set to your computer’s clock so it is counting down to the 28th in whatever time zone your computer is set to.

  16. It must just use your local timezone for the countdown. It is counting down to midnight CDT here.

  17. Thx- So I guess its not meant to be taken as an exact point in time- only that that something will happen at some point on the 28…

  18. If you change your clock on your computer it is a countdown to your local time, midnight on the 28th.

  19. If the droid does not come with the GPS “hardware spec” as it shows for some of your phones, will it still be able to use GPS apps with an unlimited data plan? Or will it need “GPS/triangulation” hardware installed? Basically I’m asking, are the GPS apps written to use your cell single as the locator and thus update your apps location, or does it use separate hardware dedicated to connecting with satellites? Or are there both types of apps out there? I heard telenav, although 10 bucks a month is the best one out there. They say is it better then a garmin. Does anyone know if it will theoretically be able to work with the droid (or any other phone other then the G1)?


  20. @Col. O’neill
    I did the same thing you did at first. you read it as if the numbers were counting up. to get the correct date, take your numbers and switch em. like 0 = 9, 1 = 8, 2 = 7, and so on. you’ll get the correct date.

  21. Thanks @iamchillin. I thought that was what someone else did was mix their numbers up. It also makes since that it will be announced on the Oct. Date.

  22. I was looking up the countdown in my computer class and the countdown to me says 16 days til countdown ends which would be on november 6

  23. i was wrong after i re did it

  24. If you check the counter now, using the dd/hh/mm/ss it is down to 3 days. Wait, WTF? *3* days?

    So, has the counter now been moved to 10 AM on the 28th?

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