Oct 21st, 2009

Talk about a furious pace – the economy might suck but Google obviously sees this as a pivotal time to boost their lead in software and services, entering new markets left and right. Today it was rumored by TechCrunch that Google is working on a music service, explained to me by Raji Aboulhosn:

The folks over at TechCruch are reporting that Google is planning on launching a new music service possibly called Google Audio. No word on whether Google Audio will be a streaming service or a download service. One thing that is pretty certain is that this will be different from the service that Google offers in China where users can search and download music for free. Over the past couple of weeks Google has been working with major music labels to get content ready for launch. While it’s probably too much to ask that the music be free, let’s hope it’s as cheap as Amazon’s MP3 store and features some nice integration. Stay tuned for further developments.

A reminder to all: Engadget reported in 2006 that Google was trying to acquire Napster to make a foray into the digital music world. Google denied it flat out. Probably a good idea they didn’t since the “coolness” of Napster quickly wore out following all the lawsuits and move to a paid platform. But nonetheless, interesting this type of move was rumored 3.5+ years ago. (Interestingly enough the same author of the Engadget article – Thomas Ricker – wrote about Google Audio on Engadget today)


Think of all the new stuff Google have presented in the last year or two: Android, Chrome Browser, Chrome OS, Google Voice, Google Books, Google Wave, etc…. the list goes on and on. They are becoming an INCREDIBLY disruptive force in the technology world, forcing companies and consumers to rethink the way products and services are made, offered, delivered and used.

Remember how Google never had any monetization plans for Android? Google Audio could definitely be a way to monetize Android… but its separate. The same way Google has Maps, YouTube and other apps on Android, I’m assuming Google Audio would be bundled with Google experience phones. That is… if there IS  Andriod integration and if this IS real.

Why am I treating this as such a fact when yesterday I called people idiots for claiming Google was entering a new market?

  1. The source is credible
  2. For Google it is all about the software/service, not about the hardware/product. This is software.

As Raji said… stay tuned.