According To Idiots, Google Phone Is Coming


Oh geez. Back in the year 1923 when Google first announced the Android Operating System pretty much everyone was confused with what it would BE, what it would MEAN and how it would be implemented and come to market. They hype conjured up a product called the “gPhone” which would be manufactured and marketed as a Google product to compete with the iPhone. Google has denied all those rumors but here they come roaring back.

From an article at TheStreet.com published today:

In what is likely to be seen as disruptive to the wireless status quo, Google is working with a smartphone manufacturer to have a Google-branded phone available this year through retailers and not through telcos, according to Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar, who has talked to Google’s design partners about the plan.

idiot-analystI don’t believe it. The article mentions how “Chrome Netbooks” are being made suggesting it is proof that Google doesn’t have a problem making their own branded Android Phone. As far as I know, GOOGLE ISN’T MAKING A CHROME NETBOOK EITHER! They are making the operating system – Chrome OS – and in some cases allowing manufacturers to provide the “With Google” logo. But Kumar isn’t left in the cold as the only idiot on analyst row, he is wearing a Cote:

“It’s a bit of a departure from Google’s strategy, but I think the speculation is valid,” says Michael Cote of the Cote Collaborative. And as for getting the phone to the market quickly, Google “would probably use a partner they are familiar with.”

I’m not sure if these “analysts” have their facts wrong, are just plain stupid, or something more sinister is going on as expressed in the comments of that article:

Comment by ejcric:

Scott Moritz was the one who put out a false rumor about Motorola announcing the Android phone for Verizon “Next Week” on 9/30. And I did a search on “Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar”. Kumar had a note to investors last week telling them that iPhone sales were terrible in China. Now that both Scott and Kumar are proven wrong. Do you still want to believe their Exclusive? The SEC should investigate this Exclusives from the so called analysts?

Some one has shorted Apple or Motorola stocks and just wants to put out false rumors so they can cover their shorts. TheStreet put out a false rumor on 9/30 that Motorola will announce the second Android phone for Verizon “Next Week”. Well that’s three weeks after “Next Week” but Moto still has not formally make the announcement. Cramer was telling people that Apple stocks will drop after the earnings last week. He must realizes that he made the mistake and badly needs help covering his short positions. You are screwed if you believe in this “Exclusive” from TheStreet.

Comment by OhhJohnny:

Exclusive: TheStreet and Scott Moritz are clowns who run link-baiting stories without any real substance behind it. At least this one names the source, unlike the ridiculous Verizon ditching Pre story that was also an “exclusive.” I can have all the exclusives I want if I just report bullplop.

But the article says that Kumar has talked to Original Design Manufacturers who have worked directly with Google. So could Kumar be right and I’m wrong? Sure… and I also might cook my shoe in the microwave and eat it for supper.

I’m not saying a “gPhone” will never hit the market… I’m saying that it definitely won’t happen this holiday season, probably won’t happen any time soon and I’m guessing won’t happen in the forseeable future if ever.

What COULD I see? Google assisting a company like HTC to make a world phone that works on any carrier –  like the Android Dev Phone 1 – and working with them to get it in the hands of regular retailers at an affordable price, allowing them to use Google’s name in the marketing. That’s about it. And yeah that would be really cool but… are these “The Street” people just hearing what they want and running away to write an article before they hear the truth? Something worse?

Maybe they’ve confused the “Droid” with an actual Android Phone as AndroidGuys suggest but the article seems MUCH to deliberate and pointed to have made this confusion accidentally without fact checking and verifying the truth. If you’re wondering why I included the picture of the toilet… you can flush these rumors until we tell you otherwise.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Lol Im huge android guy, but Google isnt good at eye candy UI or designs imo.

    But this is still awesome news

  2. The Street is shady at best.

  3. Doesn’t the “Google Experience” thing already fit whatever motive Google could have of building their own phone? More explicit branding would be neat (I want the Android logo on my phone, dammit), I guess.

  4. I love the title of this story!

    Anyway Google openly admitted it had been working with a netbook manufacturer to produce a netbook with Chrome OS when they first announced it, this a similar move to them using HTC to create the G1 / Dream for them.

    Google know where they are good, and where they lack, and manufacturing hardware just isn’t their thing, at least I doubt it :-P

  5. Tell us how you really feel, Rob. lol.

  6. Jeff did you even read the article??

  7. Google is absolutely going to be having another Google phone, just like the G1 dev phone and the G2/Ion dev phone. They need to keep the dev hardware up to date so they’re going to need something that can run 2.0 well.

  8. I know this is a blog, but is it necessary to call out people as, “Idiots,” in the title? Really unprofessional in my opinion.

  9. @Andrex – If it turns out to be true I will make a post titled “I Am An Unprofessional Idiot” and allow you to provide the content. I will also cease to use such insulting language toward individuals and websites. All this just to please you.

    Was it only the fact that it was the title? Or do you disapprove of calling them idiots in the body and/or comments? LOL

  10. Can we start referring to these guys as “Moritz and Kumar: CYA”?

    Narcissistic bloggers just wanting to be quoted on other sites looking for attention without grounds would be grounds for being unprofessional. The links between what Moritz and Kumar show their intentions to be less than favorable towards anyone but themselves and their pockets, possibly their jobs. ejcric and OhhJohnny called them out, intelligently I might add. Let’s see where this goes.

  11. @RobJackson – I’m holding you to your “I Am An Unprofessional Idiot” retraction promise. Better yet, how about a little side bet?

    If you make it worth the effort you might even get some of the particulars.

  12. @Michael Cote – As regular readers know, I admit when I’m wrong and I stand by my word. I will make the post if a true Google Phone launches, as promised. As for the “side bet” and “particulars”… Email me at rob at This Site dot com.

  13. Side note: I say “Idiot” and get shunned in the comments while IntoMobile uses “Retarded” and gets praised:

    LOLOL I love it. I envy Stefan for the guts… don’t think I would even do that. What can I say: ‘Mo commenters ‘Mo problems

  14. I chuckled at that article at TheStreet too.

    I think they are getting things confused. Google has been working very closely with Motorola in developing the upcoming Sholes/Droid, simply because that’s likely the next Android Dev Phone. So in a sense, it is a “Google Phone”, just like the ADP1 was.

    It will never be sold in regular retail stores though, like TheStreet is claiming.

  15. i say give insult where insult is due. if the guys are a couple of morons, say it. personally, i dont want you to sugarcoat a piece of shit.

  16. I say I can anonymously post under the name “Michael Cotes” as well.

    I, for one, loved the article. The Street was the same website that made a video about how much of a mistake it was for Verizon to unlock wifi on their smart phones since they would lose money from people not purchasing data plans, which is HILARIOUS!!!! I never knew I had a choice!

  17. I don’t think there is any chance Google risks screwing up this critical juncture for the Android platform. If Google has a phone, it’s gonna be a dev phone or some other non-threatening gesture. Bring on the Droid !

  18. haha when is google gonna come out with their own video game systems? rob try to get some news on that.

  19. Ashok Kumar, learn English!!! I bet a hundred, he just misinterpreted what he was told.

  20. Best….title…..ever.

  21. Food for thought. Could these phone manufacturers be getting sick of dealing with the likes of VZW,AT&T,Sprint and T-MO? I know if I had my choice of working with the Telcos or Google,Wal-Mart and Best Buy, I would pick the latter.

  22. Reading this, it sounds a lot like the Droid. From some of the rumors I have heard, Google had a strong influence in the design of the device, possibly as far as having a representative sitting in the design meetings. I have also seen reports that indicate the device will be strongly Google-branded – or at least co-branded. Its not like that is anything new. After all, it is not the myTouch, it’s the “myTouch with Google”. I suspect the Droid will be marketed as the Droid Google Experience or something similar.

    Just as food for thought, don’t you think Google would be raising a fuss about the name of the device being so close to the name of their operating system if they *didn’t* have a very strong hand in designing it?

  23. Now who’s the idiot? I love it when a plan comes together. LMAO!!!


    EAT IT!!!!!

  24. hmm…look at that. thread resurrection. joo fail at future sight guy :D

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