Motorola Droid Accessories, Headed To Best Buy Mobile?


Right after you have your shiny new Verizon Droid you’ll want shiny Verizon Droid accessories to go with them, right? These things are obviously floating around somewhere and today is the first time we see them in the wild:




It isn’t an ACTUAL Motorola Droid in those pictures… what you see is the case. Coulda fooled us! You’ll also notice in the second picture it is partially “blurred” – I did this just to make sure something that was showing couldn’t be used to identify the anonymous tipster. For other potential tipsters reading this – we’ll protect your identity to our best ability TOO!

The interesting thing here is that our tipster said that the Best Buy Mobile got their first accessories in today. Did you catch that? Best Buy Mobile. Does that mean that Best Buy will be carrying the Motorola Droid directly from launch? It would seem so, but I’ve heard others say the Droid will be a Verizon Wireless exclusive. Unless Best Buy Mobile has worked some 3rd party exclusivity magic which they’ve been known to do more often lately.

As you can see, these cases are made by Xentris and we were given a link that shows all available Motorola Droid Accessories available on their site. The signal booster and the case which you see in the pics above.

[Thanks Anonymous Tipster!]

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  1. Hopefully the HTC dragon or something similar to the HERO will come to verizon after this ugly thing….

  2. Really Rob? Do you really need to have those damn ads that pop up and folow my mouse around the screen?

  3. I was just at a Best Buy in Dearborn Mi, and they had these on the shelf… i was pretty shocked to say the least

  4. I think of function over form here. I hate reading all the people complaining about how the DROID is “ugly.” Fact is that it has a nice large capacitive touch screen, full slide out keyboard, and hardware that is top notch. All the iPhone and HTC fans really just take some of the excitement out of this, but then again all they can really talk about is how “ugly” it is.

  5. I was just in a Best Buy in the Kansas City area, and had a little chat with the Mobile manager about the Droid, and he said that they haven’t gotten any indication that they would be selling the Droid at all. Based on their typical new product roll outs, he indicated that they probably wouldn’t have the Droid initially. That’s not to say that Best Buy wouldn’t have it, but ,apparently, not at first. Now, that’s what one manager at one location said; it could be a smoke screen, but he seemed to know his stuff.

  6. @josh, It sounds more like a virus. Nothing has happened like that on this site. Google the pop-ups company name and I bet there is a fix.

  7. @Josh & @DonnyIrish – Yeah… we don’t have any popups and irritating ads that I know of… try to keep things as clean as possible for readers while still paying the bills. Let me know via contact us if you have a specific problem that you can show to me.

  8. @John Mayer: Right. Plus, aesthetics are just a matter of opinion. I, myself, think this is one of the sexiest phone I’ve seen (strangely I wish there were more bronze accents). And Android just makes it more desirable.

  9. i think this phone is kind of fugly but i might just need to see it in person to know if it is truely ugly or if its like the picture your friend shows you of a women they want you to hook up with at first glance you may think she looks butt ugly but when you see her its like o damn i am now glad i met her

  10. @Shawn487

    i’m glad you included that unnecessary analogy. now i completely get it. thanks. just kidding you. but i really like this phone and i agree with Jon Mayer (that just sounds weird) with form follows function. i just can’t ignore the specs with this phone. i just hope this thing is compatible with macs.

  11. Wow looks to be a great shot in the arm for android!
    Im waiting for the HTC model to come out. Im not crazy about the looks of the Droid:(

  12. @irk & @jon

    ya i agree i look at the specs on this phone and i really like them. i am a hands on visual type of person. i just need to hold it open it my self then i can really judge it and find out if i like it or not. although i have had phones way worse and see phones for sale that are tremenously worse. one thing though it is going to set the bar for future android phones

  13. What is with you people and your complaints about aesthetics?? What are you junior high school girls? Grown ups care about functionality and could care less about what it looks like.

  14. no im not a junior high girl, and you know what? the phone is f’ing ugly. and since htc may be releasing a phone or 2, its worth checking those out, as htc makes a better looking phone in my opinion. thats my opinion. look, people drive honda elements too… so go nuts.

  15. One of the articles on the Droid mentioned there being a special cradle that’s used as a media player or something like that. That’s the main accessory I’d like to see. I would LOVE to have two of those, one for the nightstand and one for the office. Would love to see pics of it if/when available. I personally don’t like cases. Just adds to the bulk. I’d rather have a screen protector, and go without anything more.

  16. not to into Moto but I love that more androids are coming out. HTC for me but for you MotoHeads this is a great device.

  17. I told friends of mine that the iphone is for girls because they talk about is how pretty it is. I don’t care if is an iphone killor not, im getting it.

  18. Alright I really don’t know much about this phone all I know is that I love big screens. I’m used to blackberry tour but just got the storm I don’t like this storm I love touch screen. Using the apple IP
    Iphone got me liking touch but at&t is the only company that has the apple phone . But this droid can’t u just get a colored cover for it to make it not so ugly as previous comments ?

  19. Alright I really don’t know much about this phone all I know is that I love big screens. I’m used to blackberry tour but just got the storm I don’t like this storm I love touch screen. Using the apple IP
    Iphone got me really liking touch but at&t is the only company that has the apple phone . But this droid can’t u just get a colored cover for it to make it not so ugly as previous comments ?

  20. Was at Best Buy in Ohio yesterday and they had a Droid! It was not activated or turned on. But I was allowed to handle it, open the keyboard, cool. I placed my order. Will pick it up Friday morning. Not sure about available accessories.

  21. I love the droid and found it the cheapest at Walmart for 188 and didnt have to wait for the rebate to come. I just wish it has some kind of armor to protect it . I am a person who puts a cover to protect my phones. The only thing I wish is that it had an idiot sheet (instructions) on how to make it work to the best of its ability and I dont think it is ugly.

  22. I personally love my droid. People complain about the look, and that’s all they seem to be able to complain about. I looks rugged, masculine even. As you can see, people these days are going for more angular looks, and that is what the droid has. Inside is what really matters to me however, and it is by far the best smartphone I’ve owned and I’ve owned a lot (BB Curve, BB Storm, Samsung BlackJack and iPhone). This phone is stable, extremely fast processing and internet, responsive touch screen, nice virtual and physical keyboard. It has Free (accurate) GPS and plenty of productivity and fun apps. Complain about the looks all day long, it’s blows every other smartphone out of the water. Oh, and for protection, I use phantomskinz full body kit.

  23. forgot to add, the camera (still and digital) and screen clarity are beyone amazing.

  24. This phone isn’t for looking good its for people to develop the network and building apps. By getting the Android 2.0 out to the masses some will begin to develop apps and build Google database by geo targeting with photos and video. I have already uploaded a number of geo targeted videos for friends business’s. Now there business’s will be in street view.
    Also being open source and having the power of Google behind it even users like me can build a app and promote it.

  25. Droid rocks!! And it’s beautiful. And all my iPhone friends are jealous and I’m on Verizon….so I’ve got 3G coverage.

  26. I love my Droid! At first, I was a bit skeptical getting it because I’m not very into the touch screen dial pad and so forth, but since the keyboard was implemented, I was influenced to get it!

    With this phone being a little bit more heftier than my previous phone, I needed to get more protection for it. I purchased this case, but in a different color from They have so many styles and designs to choose from for great prices!

    Check it out:

    Hope it helps!

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