UK Donut Arriving Now!


We heard offiicial reports that the UK was supposed to start receiving Android 1.6 Donut on October 19th but it seems (for once) that things are happening a little bit early. A few UK Android owners over are reporting they’ve already received the OTA Donut update. And get this… at it was a T-Mobile UK customer with a G1 and on the Vodafone forums it was a Vodafone customer (duh) with an HTC Magic!


So regardless of  what Android phone you’ve got or what carrier you’re on, if you’re in the UK, keep your fingers crossed and hopefully you’ll have a Donut dunked directly in your Droid.

[Thanks Carl C!]

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  1. BGR just posted up what 2.0 will bring (not final f/w). So far it looks pretty good :D. Facebook integration, MS Exchange, etc…

  2. This also shows that HTC is actively working on getting Donut on their phones. Eagerly awaiting it on my Sprint Hero! :)

  3. Spain Vodofone too.

  4. As it turns out, I have a Sprint Hero as well.

    What I would like to see is that HTC would update the Hero (including the GSM version) to Android 2.0 (or the latest version when the update for the Hero is ready).

    This is similar to the way that the T-Mobile G1 got updated from Android 1.0 to Android 1.6, the latest version at this time.

    In my opinion, things would get really cool (for everyone?) if HTC could do this.

  5. G1s in Germany are also getting it. :)

  6. How does the update arrive? Over the mobile network or when the WiFi is on?

  7. Anyone know about releases in Asia? Specifically Taiwan?

  8. Got it yesterday on UK G1.

    So far Voice Search and Co-Pilot are broken; looking forward to speedy fixes on these.

    VPN support is very cool!

  9. will this work on a rooted g2 touch?
    i updated early cos t-mobile took so long getting the update out.

    if it won’t work, is it possible to revert to the t-mobile hero rom?

  10. I can confirm T-Mobile Uk have NO DATE for build 1.6 they do not know when or if the Uk will be receiving said update. There is a lot of speculation out there but these are the FACTS. T-Mobile UK don’t seem to be interested in updating their phones only their merger with Orange!

  11. UK Donut is here!!! recieved at 4am on UK T Mobile G1

  12. @Mark T, great!…

  13. One of my boys on T-Mobile just got his OTA Donut at 12:30 today on his G1. I have two other G1s unlocked and on Vodafone, nothing received yet. I also have an HTC Magic on Vodafone and that, too, has not been notified of the update – although reports are in on Twitter (@VodafoneUK) that HTC Magic users are getting OTA updates since yesterday [D-Day].

    So I’m left wondering if the G1 (T-Mobile) and Magic (Vodafone) will get their updates ODA and whether or not I’ll have to manually update them from a URL (yet to be published).

  14. Culled from another forum – try this if you want to manually update to UK Donut

    I have not tried it myself – so do this with care … You’re on your own :-)

  15. I am on Vodafone(UK) with the Magic and I still haven’t received the update… Anyone else in UK not got the update or am I the only one :'(

  16. I am on Vodafone(UK) with Magic and I haven’t received the update either…

  17. My wife has received it but I havn’t we’ve got identical Magics on Vodafone.

  18. I’m on T-Mobile UK. A friend of mine got donut the other day, still no joy for me…any way I can get it without rooting or going into recovery mode or will I just have to be patient? I want my donut! :P

  19. UK Galaxy 02… still waiting… boo. Has anyone on a Galaxy/o2 in the UK had it?

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