Motorola Sholes Tablet, Motus, Zeppelin Rumors Leak!


Well what do we have here? A whole HOARD of crazy Motorola Android rumors! Alan, a Phandroid commenter on another Sholes article, pointed us to an article on Dialaphone that claims to have dug up a Motorola “Comeback Roadmap” for Q4 2009 and Q1 2010:


Holy crap! A Motorola Sholes Tablet?!?! Alright lets back up a few steps… first of all this is just rumor and we can’t cuont this as anything official, certifiable or even credible since we don’t REALLY know the source, just that Dialaphone did some digging and stumbled upon it. That being said, here is what we learn:

The Morrison is already announced as the CLIQ/DEXT – old news in terms of rumorville. What is crazy is we’re going to jump right over the Motorola Sholes here which doesn’t have any new info… just an October 2009 release date that would make so many people happy. But things get MUCH more interesting with the other three, starting with this:

Motorola Sholes Tablet:

  • 1Q 2010
  • 3.7-inch touchscreen
  • 480 x 854 resolution
  • 8MP Camera, AF, Xenon Flash
  • 720p video via (can’t read it)
  • 802.11 b/g w/ DLNA

Alright so what the heck is/would be the difference between the Sholes Tablet and the Sholes? It comes out later, has a better camera and does 720p video? I’m guessing it also ditches the hardware QWERTY which would make complete sense… but in that case, and with only a 3.7-inch screen, this is definitely just a full touchscreen phone and not an actual Tablet. I’m also not sure what MAP 2.0 means but if this thing has integrated GPS Navigation capabilities… watch out Nuvifone!

Motorola Motus

  • Q1 2010
  • 3.1-inch Touchscreen
  • 480 x 320 resolution
  • 5MP Camera with Autofocus
  • 802.11 b/g

Motorola Zeppelin

  • Q1 2010
  • 3.1-inch touchscreen
  • 480 x 320 resolution
  • 5MP Camera with Autofocus
  • 802.11 b/g

So there aren’t many specs to distinguish these phones from one another… in fact, there isn’t even indication that these phones are running Android. We know the Sholes/Morrison are Android so you would assume the Sholes Tablet is Android, right? Plus pile on the fact that Motorola is 100% dedicated to making a huge Android run and this makes perfect sense.

So there you have it… the first rumors of the Sholes Tablet (rename it please), Motorola Motus and Motorola Zeppelin heading to market first quarter of 2010!

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  1. 720p video via *HDMI*

  2. Still no dual clamshell Android? That’s a bummer. :(

  3. Yeah, I don’t get it. I could see it being a touch only version, but considering the better camera and HDMI out(I’m pretty sure that’s what you couldn’t read) they aren’t really the same product. I guess maybe they were being developed side-by-side so the project code name is the same?

  4. I think you’re on the right road here, the “tablet” definition may be just referring to the fact that it has a software qwerty, not a slide out. That makes sense. But they can add video to the Sholes phone, why call it a tablet if the only difference is no hard keyboard? Interesting.

  5. The tags by the phones probably indicate what they are “QS” – QWERTY Slider, “T” – Touch, “RC” – you got me; release canidate, really crappy?

    The part you couldn’t read is definately “HDMI”

    There isn’t much more on here though, still shows Sholes as October release, but this is also just a road map.

  6. Hmm, the site is loading fine again for me, except for pictures. Most of the photos attached to these posts are unavailable, and I’ve tried multiple browsers. Fix please?

  7. “720p video via (can’t read it)” = 720p video via HDMI

  8. Photos are broken in all the recent posts.

  9. all I know is that it says ’09 Oct for the Sholes
    so.. I’m more so focused on that

  10. It looks like there is pricing information on the chart as well. Just under £200 for the Morrison and £275 for the Sholes.

  11. yeah post pics are all broken

  12. Yep, pics are all broken for me as well

  13. Is anyone seeing any photos?
    Ever since the outage you guys had, I’m not seeing any images in your posts. The link seems to be correct, http://phandroid.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/sholes-tablet.JPG, yet the image doesn’t show up.

  14. Just a friendly correction: it should say “HORDE.” Hoard has a different meaning.

  15. Man! I will buy a SHoles for Sure! The Screen and Qwerty are the best! And it is Android! :D

  16. Here’s that missing ‘roadmap’ image.:


  17. BTW, that ‘Motus’ handset looks like the A555 ‘Calgary’, that’s been seen in ‘leaked pics’…


    …and in the recent ‘Cellebrite’ in-store DB.:


    Meanwhile, undoubtedly, ‘QS’ = Qwerty Slider and ‘T’ = Tablet…meaning a flat, ‘2D’ form factor yet not the more common ‘candy bar’ type. Maybe ‘RC’ refers to Calgary’s odd (etched?) keypad, shown in those pics?

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