Motorola Sholes Battery Cover Hints Verizon Isn’t Alone


Pretty much every knowledgeable Verizon customer is eagerly anticipating the announcement of the Motorola Sholes. We haven’t heard anything specific except a promise from Verizon/Google that something is coming, but the interwebz is working hard trying to dig up whatever dirt is possible. Take this for example: pictures of the Moto Sholes battery covers from EngadgetMobile:


Notice that we said “covers” and you see a Verizon branded version and a non-branded version, suggesting that Verizon Wireless won’t be the only one to carry the device. I would expect Verizon to have some sort of immediate exclusivity with an overseas rollout coming a tad later. But of course I’m just speculating.

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  1. I’d prefer they just friggin’ release it here first, or at least just announce the damn phone already. It’s getting pretty tiresome.

  2. Sprint please…

  3. T-Mobile? *crosses fingers*

  4. @Santamoose, I hear ya!

  5. Sprint please…!!


  7. The unbranded cover could be for Europe. Luckily we aren’t as closely bound to our carriers over here.

  8. Will someone just send the damn thing over the water please – Mine needs to make it’s way to the UK!!! :-)

  9. Considering that Verizon is CDMA, the cover is the least of the issues in sending it “overseas”.. but maybe they are making a GSM version, that would be interesting.. Or maybe someone photo-shopped over the Verizon label because they want them to make a GSM version, and somehow believe this will make it so… If I cut one image of the two covers and paste it onto the other, amazingly it is the exact same angles, whereas the longer cover image is slightly off the same angle.. but it could just be really good photography.

  10. Oh… I didn’t think about the CDMA/GSM problem. Does that make it unlikely it’ll come here then?

    I seriously wish they’d make an announcement about this phone, it’s starting to get ridiculous.

  11. Sorry, by “here” I mean the UK.

  12. When will t be sold in europe ? if it’s before sony x3 or archos phone, count me in !
    I doubt motorola would make a cdma only version: traveling with that phone would prove impossible, and verizon only represents 1% of the total mobile world market. There is hope for a 3G version. That you my american friends will probably wanna try and snatch before me and import it to your usa unloved carrier :D

  13. Really, Really want this phone, bring it on in Australia. Otherwise its off to Ebay

  14. Seriously, how much longer can they draw this out? Every week of delay means lots of moula lost from data plans!

  15. Could we just at least admit that the phone exists, Verizon? Oh, and a final name would be nice too.

  16. Come on Moto! This is now just getting ridiculous! We all know the phone exists! Just tell us when it’s out and what to call it! And please do a GSM version!

  17. I really hope AT&T gets some decent Andoid phones. I dont want a damn Dell phone. I have enough problems with my Dell computer. Any HTC or Samsung Android (high end) would due.

  18. Or an unbranded version could mean that if people ( like ME :) ) don’t want to see ‘Verizon’ on their battery cover, they can replace it with a blank one?!?!? Common sense guys…

  19. @vincent, Verizon is 3G…. I haven’t seen specs for the Sholes, but a lot of their new pda’s that are coming out are global ( CDMA/GSM ).

  20. Motorola CDMA Sholes / Tao / Droid will realase in Verizon US around 30 October 2009. If that’s true, so earlier 2 months than first time release date 1 December 2009. Motorola GSM Sholes will release in the early of 2010. About battery cover; I think “Sholes Verizon” will release only for Verizon, “Sholes Unbranded” will release to international market.

  21. The unbranded cover could be someone trying to stir up some trouble by photoshopping out the Verizon logo. And it looks like it’s working.

  22. @ poopiepants
    My bad, i meant 3.5g or HSDPA.
    What you call gsm is 1G or 2G for text messaging only ?

  23. By that i meant i knew verizon offered 3G. Correct me if i am wrong, verizon plan to go straight from 3G to 4G (LTE) bypassing 3.5G alltogether ? If so, would make a lot of sense.
    An american friend from ny couldn’t use 3G web browsing with an iphone 3gs over here and only texted. I guess international roaming is not part of the standard att plan…

  24. A little bit of good news for us across the pond! A UK website has unearthed this:

  25. I need some help closing browser and apps on the android, can anyone help?

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