Moto Droid – Sholes Pictured By BGR


HELLO MOTO DROID. That is the message BGR sent out to his twitter followers with the following picture tacked on:


Two important things to notice… the Model Number is DROID! Is the MotorolaDroid/MotoDroid finally the official name of the Sholes? Also.. I spy a firmware version 2.0! Whether that will hold true is completely unknown but it HAS to be running at least 1.6 considering there is a battery usage indicator.

I’m hoping Boy Genius has more pictures on the way, and if he does, we’ll make sure to pass them along.

[Thanks DigitalBusker!]

Rob Jackson
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Motorola Sholes Tablet, Motus, Zeppelin Rumors Leak!

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  1. Rob , I can’t see any of your Pictures you have on your articles today?

  2. This is the best shot of the anti-chin on this phone yet released… I’m thinking I might like the feel of the anti-chin once i get my hands on the phone, but I’m having a hard time imagining it as a useful design feature. Did they just run out of room for the innards or something?

  3. Pictures are broken for me as well. :(

  4. Jason, who knows, maybe the the antenna is in the anti-chin and it gets better reception by not being covered by the top half. I’m just “imagining a useful design feature” here.

  5. Verizon needed somewhere on the front of the device to put their branding. I wanna see more pics!

  6. @Carl C

    I’m sure it will be resolved shortly. Looks like there are still some residual effects from the recent downtime. In the meantime, go ahead and click the link Rob so graciously supplied :)

  7. Thank you! I can’t see posted pictures either! I thought the source was blocked by my ISP or something…

  8. ditto here. i havent seen a single pic today in any of your posts. not on chrome and not on firefox.

  9. If the Sholes / Droid / Tao comes with Android OS 2.0, so much for that so-called “Eclair” launching in Q2 2010.

  10. whats up with the recessed chin? looks odd. pretty nice phone otherwise. kinda reminds me of a dare though.

  11. There are lots of picture of this phone, but none has shown the home screen. Something is up here.

  12. yeah, i gotta say the anti-chin is worse than the chin. way worse.

  13. The design is so awesome. I’m waiting for more info before deciding between this and the Moment, but I love the design of this thing. It’s very simple, yet different.

  14. its a slider phone. maybe makes it easier to slide it open. who gives a damn. they just need to release this phone or even say something about it.

  15. The anti-chin isn’t anything new, and while I may be wrong, I would be willing to bet that on the “tablet” version of this phone most likely the anti-chin won’t be there. So if you don’t want it, just wait for that. Personally I can’t wait to be able to march across the street and pick one up.

  16. GSM version please please please please.

  17. I don’t really have a clearly defined opinion of the anti-chin. This is about as much as I’ve thought about it:

    -it doesn’t look bad
    -it may or may not serve a purpose from a usability perspective
    -as long as it serves *some* purpose…even if it’s just battery life, I’m ok with the extra space it takes up in my pocket

  18. Maybe the anti-chin will make typing on a tactile keyboard easier? We all kinda remember how difficult it was typing on the G1 with that massive Jay Leno there.

    Perhaps this will alleviate it? Although having NO chin would be even more practical perhaps.

  19. That 2.0 confuses me.. so how soon is Eclair coming!?!?!

  20. The anti chin could prove useful when browsing in landscape mode while not pushing the 4 side buttons… maybe ?
    Did moto put the back button on the left instead of the right as in the first leaked pictures ?
    i do want this phone !

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