Eclair Arrives At Googleplex


We saw oversized Cupcakes and Donuts make their way to the Googleplex to hang out with the Android Robot… now its time for some Eclair!

This is cool right now… but what happens when we’re all the way to Sherbert and Googleplex looks like Neverland Ranch? I’m not sure if they’ll keep all of those huge creations around or if they have a system of disposing of them. How auctioning them of on EBay and donating the proceeds to a different charity each time? Just a thought but either way awesome!

That checks off the “fun” now we need the what/when/where!

[Via Leakdroid]

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Moto Droid – Sholes Pictured By BGR

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  1. Sholes/Droid is only creeping closer and closer..!

  2. Whats after Eclair? Flan?

  3. this is the positive attitude we all need.. *cough cough* androidandme

  4. Donut went out OTA around a month after the Donut appeared at Googleplex, so…

  5. Even though i hope my g1 will be able to get donut i doubt i will :( and i cant leave my g1!!

  6. Even though i hope my g1 will be able to get eclaire** i doubt it will**

  7. eclair* :D

  8. Here in San Jose/Mountain View we’ve had the worst weather of the year the past two days, storm just came through. So I can’t say for sure when this was.

  9. Now, who was it that said that we would see Android 2.0/Eclair later in Q2 2010?? *cough Samsung * I swear some blogs believe some of their sources to death and yet is incorrect info XD. hope that some people will now believe that Droid will come with Eclair

  10. releasing eclair in q4 2009 is consistent with what google has said in the past. the naming is confusing, but the g1 will definitely get firmware v1.6 (my sister’s got it), but we’ll see about 2.0, which is Eclair. Definitely coming out by November, imo.

  11. Oh Man! I waited so impatiently for donut and now this ! Plus all this… no 2.0 for G1 is killing me. I could upgrade….but to what? does anybody know what T-mobile has planned in the android departement…

  12. anyone has any idea what features to expect in “Eclair” ? I dont remember google has shared with us before any info about it

  13. Does anyone have any news on if HTC are porting the Hero to Donut at all? Éclair would be nice too :D

  14. How big is your front yard, Rob? :)

  15. WOW… Eclair coming but still no Donut for Sprint’s Hero!

  16. My G1 update to donut. Hopefully we get Eclair

  17. You have to give the sculptors (Custom Creations) credit…that’s some fine workmanship. Check out the details in these close-up pics.:

    Also, notice the time-stamps: all of the EOJ pics were taken on Friday, 9 Oct. So – assuming that even fake pastry makers get weekends off – delivery was most likely handled on Monday, the 12th.

  18. I believe Eclair is going to be about HD and 3d Graphics… I doubt hardware like the Hero, G1 etc.. can handle that …

  19. jerry your wrong how many time they said that the google g1 wasnt getting an update on donuts and we did without rooting the phone so im assuming that google g1 and the mytouch3g will get this and probably last update as well. And, for htc hero they get update every 2 or 3 week a mouth so there ahead of everyone else in technology of the android. Like,if you dont know what you speaking of then stay quiet and keep your negative option to yourself.

  20. Jerry your wrong. One google g1 wasnt suppose to get donuts over the air update and it did. They, mention since august it wasnt stable it manage to get it. Anyway to many people have a google g1. Two the mytouch3g for usa is new not for europe which is htc magic dec 2008. Three the htc hero get update every 2 or 3 weeks per month and most powerful aka g2 android outthere. If you dont know what you speaking about go google it and keep your negative comment to yourself. motorola cliq is the same as the google g1. cliq has the rams has the same memory,5.0 mp and usb and music jack.

  21. I think g1 might get it. I mean, g1 won’t be able to get flash capabilities since we don’t have the hardware for that. T-mo will surely try their best to scrap anything g1 and mytouch won’t need on the stock 2.0 and release their own build. Remember guys, what google releases is a multi-platform version of the Android OS. What happens to it afterwards is companies like T-mo’s responsibility. Right now in US, g1 and mytouch are T-mo’s phone and the coming cliq. So i’m sure, tmo will do their best to fit these in g1s and mytouchs…

  22. I think Samsung’s claim that Eclair would come in q2 2010 is not the general availability, but when they plan to offer it to owners of Samsung’s Android phones.

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