Oct 14th, 2009

acer-liquid-1It is indeed a small world (enjoy: that song makes me want to kill myself) but its still big enough to screw us out of one-on-one time with the first Acer Android Phone, dubbed the A1 on the Acer Liquid line of phones. Lucky for us the folks at CNET UK got their hands on it for an extended period of time.

To summarize what they learned from their hands-on adventure:

  • Slightly customized version of Android including social networking features and home screen widgets. Think MOTO BLUR.
  • Lots of custom clocks – yippee for time!
  • Snapdragon did its name right, loading things up in a beastly snap
  • WVGA Screen displayed YouTube vids quite brilliantly
  • Home/Back/Menu/Search buttons are touch sensitive
  • Not fingerprint friendly
  • Very thin… only 12mm thick/thin
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • Custom music player widget

Props to Flora Graham and the folks at CNET for getting this up so quickly, make sure to visit them for the full story.

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