Oct 14th, 2009

verizon-logo-smallIt’s official: the Motorola Sholes is launching “very soon”. Unfortunately “very soon” is a relative term: having to pee very soon could mean a few minutes or a few hours while saying you’ll get a new job very soon, in this economy, could mean a few days or a few decades. So what is “very soon” in terms of the Motorola Sholes/Tao? You’ll have to ask @VZWOffers on twitter who just tweeted a response to a frustrated BlackBerry user yearning for Droid:

Dao777 made the following tweet rant:

i hope verizon releases the motorola sholes/tao android phone BEFORE i hurl my blackberry pearl against the wall

To which VZW offers – unprovoked mind you – responded with this:

@dao777 no hurling please:-) you will have the phone very soon.

Eric Saber then tried to be slick:

@VZWOffers android phone before Halloween? you can say coming soon for “yes” or it will be announced shortly for “no” ;)

But VZWOffers wasn’t having any of those shenanigans:

@ericsaber “right around the corner” :-)

So there you have it. The Motorola Sholes/Tao is officially “right around the corner” and launching “very soon”. And you…. well you have “learned nothing of substance” from this post.

[Via MobileCrunch]

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