Motorola Sholes “Around The Corner”, Launching “Very Soon”


verizon-logo-smallIt’s official: the Motorola Sholes is launching “very soon”. Unfortunately “very soon” is a relative term: having to pee very soon could mean a few minutes or a few hours while saying you’ll get a new job very soon, in this economy, could mean a few days or a few decades. So what is “very soon” in terms of the Motorola Sholes/Tao? You’ll have to ask @VZWOffers on twitter who just tweeted a response to a frustrated BlackBerry user yearning for Droid:

Dao777 made the following tweet rant:

i hope verizon releases the motorola sholes/tao android phone BEFORE i hurl my blackberry pearl against the wall

To which VZW offers – unprovoked mind you – responded with this:

@dao777 no hurling please:-) you will have the phone very soon.

Eric Saber then tried to be slick:

@VZWOffers android phone before Halloween? you can say coming soon for “yes” or it will be announced shortly for “no” ;)

But VZWOffers wasn’t having any of those shenanigans:

@ericsaber “right around the corner” :-)

So there you have it. The Motorola Sholes/Tao is officially “right around the corner” and launching “very soon”. And you…. well you have “learned nothing of substance” from this post.

[Via MobileCrunch]

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  1. I’d happily settle for “go to the website NOW!” for an answer, thankyouverymuch.

  2. I wonder if I’ll be able to scrape my sanity off the inner walls of my skull by the time it comes out?

  3. you know that every day Verizon checks this website.. oh along with Google.

    chuckling to themselves about all of us freaking out about this phone…

    I WANT IT!!!

  4. Kind of reminds me of the old “we’ll be taking off in just a few moments” line airlines feed you when they’re running late. A non-specific period of time is meaningless.

  5. Yeah, but there comes a point when desire turns to disgust, and history is filled with companies who have done themselves in because the hype or anticipation overtook the reality and dashed expectations as a result.

    Verizon and Motorola have very little wiggle room right now, and if I were them, I’d at the very least make some sort of official announcement about the phone. Doesn’t even have to be the date or price, but rather an official acknowledgment that it exists.

  6. I’m predicting the phone to have a release date and price set in the next few days. If they have a rough date of October 30th set then they shouldn’t wait any longer. This has been beat to death for too long it seems like.

  7. i dont know if moto should be pissing of their own customers… which is what seems like is happening now… this phone has lost at least two customers (my finance and I) and im sure we are not alone… it has become PR nightmare… no info for consumers, if it wasn’t for android 2.0 stock (which will only be on this phone, so there wont be apps for it)…

  8. Come on now Matty you cant take everyones word for it, why would Motorola make 2 million copies of this phone if no apps are going to work..

    You shouldnt be so angry(enough to say your not going to buy it) verizon/google/motorola never acknowledged that this phone exist yet other than today so how can you be that angry they havent announced it?

    Its been kept secret for a reason.. that reason? who knows we will find out eventually

  9. But will it come to Europe any time soon?

  10. will cdma work in europe? this hasent even been recognized let alone been called a worldphone. u have so many other options anyway why be worried about the sholes??


  11. This just adds to the teasing i have been witnessing first hand. I’ve been waiting to switch to Verizon for this main reason, please Verizon if you want a new customer and im pretty sure others will be joining too, Lets make this phone official so i can sleep better at night. : )

  12. Verizon just tweeted an official announcement: “Google Android phones coming in a few weeks”
    You can follow the story here

  13. Verizon needs to speak up soon if they want my business. I’ve already gone without a mobile for two weeks as it is. I’m keeping my wife from getting a phone as well by holding out for Sholes since we have to get our phones at the same time, so if Verizon/Motorola drags feet much longer then I’m going to have to settle for Sprint’s Hero.

  14. Thanks for recognizing my attempt to get more sholes info phandroid :) Love the site, keep up the good work!

  15. Who thinks that the Verizon version of the the HTC Hero will be released at the same time? I stopped by a Sprint store and got a chance to play around with the Hero and was blown away. I would love to be able to do a side by side at a Verizon store and I would love to do that this month.

  16. I’ll be switching to Verizon from ATT when my contract runs out. Sholes has a lot to do with that…

  17. I was with Verizon for 6 or 7 years and decided to give them until Sunday (Sprint HTC Hero release) to provide some information on their first Android phone other than saying “soon.” They didn’t, so I left for Sprint and I am happy I did. The HTC Hero is easily the best phone I have ever owned.
    Maybe in two years I will consider going back, but right now I do not trust that Verizon is going to change there ways and stop forcing things on customers. I figure over that time there will be enough feedback on how they have changed, if at all.
    I can see them putting Android phones into their $99 unlimited plan and I didn’t want to sit around and wait to be disappointed by that. With Sprints unlimited cell to cell I don’t need more than the minimum (450) minute plan. That with unlimited data and texting is $70. I will be shocked if Verizon gets into that price range.

  18. Thanks Brian, now I want the Hero and Sprint. If I’m waiting around for nothing I’m going to regret not just going to Sprint.

    Has anyone gone to Sprint and had any regrets? Their coverage area is the only thing that worries me.

  19. that was silly of you to do if your reasoning was because they didnt announce it.. they never said they had the sholes, EVER.. so why are you pressing for a release date, if you cant take a hint that it will be out by the end of the month then its your loss.. evidently it is your loss now because you went with sprint.. i GUARANTEE you will regret that once this phone comes out.

  20. another example of very soon:
    “Something awesome will be here… very… VERY SOON!

    Watch this space in the coming hours/days to be pleasantly surprised”
    anybody know where this is from? CORRECT, the apps tab

  21. You guys should not worry about Sprint .. .Sprint’s coverage area is great. It’s definitely better than TMo and AT & T. Their 3g is better than all 3. If I were a verizon customer, I would worry more about the Hero’s specs than the Sprint network… The Sholes looks like a more beefed up phone than the 528mhz hero

  22. earlier i said…

    “@VZWoffers I’m definitely going to tear the stupid clear flip off my krave, when are you going to release the motorola droid! I’m gonna cry!”

    to which they replied…

    “@DylanWest don’t do that, you can donate it.. once you get the new handset, which will be very soon!”

  23. I WOULD worry about Sprint.. on and on people say the premium paid for VZW for the better network won’t make the difference.. but trying to find signal on a top end phone is not fun. It varies area to area, but hands down, VZW has the best coverage. Nobody can deny that. :\

  24. All Verizon needs to do is drop their plan prices to actually be competetive with Sprint, and I am sold. $70/mo+ is way too much for a Voice & Data package… and their lower cost data only plans make you pay $.25/min for voice calls, which is just not economical.

  25. @Donovan
    I assume your comment was towards me. I never said I left because they didn’t announce the sholes. I wanted them to provide more information on any Android phones they are going to offer and they have not. They didn’t have to provide a release date. Just say these are the phones we are going to release and here are the specs, release dates soon to come.
    Why wouldn’t they announce an upcoming phone and give it a release date when T-Mo and Sprint are both offering new Android phones? If they are going to release a new phone at the end of October, and their competition already had a release date of two weeks prior, wouldn’t Verizon come out at the beginning of October with at least the announcement of a new phone let alone provide a release date? This is something they would want to hype and keep people from switching carriers for.
    I highly doubt the Verizon Android phone will be on shelves by the end of this month. If anything, at the end of this month they will announce that they will release an Android phone that will be released in time for Black Friday.
    The only way I regret switching to Sprint is if the plan required to buy an Android phone is competitive with Sprint’s plan. The coverage for me, between Verizon and Sprint is the same no matter where _I_ go. So if Verizon has service in some random midwest city and Sprint doesn’t, I don’t care because I don’t need service there.

  26. dudes

    come on you guys even caps it!

  27. I got tired of waiting for Verizon to get some Android love, so I switched to Sprint for the Hero, and got it on the 9th at Best Buy. Absolutely no regrets whatsoever. The Sprint coverage in my area is on par with Verizon, your mileage might vary. The newer phones might be better…Who knows. I am absolutely blown away by the Hero. Best phone I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. The HTC Sense overlay to the vanilla Android experience is icing on the cake. It really is that good. Plus $69.99 all you can eat data/txt/mobile to mobile? Who’s gonna beat that? Verizon? Yeah, right. You can wait and wait for the next best thing. Guess what. There’s always going to be something better waiting in the wings. Live for now. Get the Hero. The only reason I can see waiting is if your contract isn’t up and you don’t want to pay full price, or a cancellation fee.

  28. Spoke with a verizon rep today at bestbuy, there is going to be a teaser commercial during the Yankees game tonight and the release date is Nov 6, completely Open with wifi and bluetooth tethering enabled.

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