Motorola Sholes and Calgary Cellebrited


What happens when a Verizon retailer needs to switch a customer’s information from one phone to another? They use a little gadget called CelleBrite. Of course you have to tell the gizmo what phone it’s coming from and what phone it’s going to in order for everything to work properly. And guess what option you can now select on this handy little piece of machinery?



The images above were obtained by BGR (duh) and show none other than the (you guessed it) Motorola Sholes/Tao/Droid and Motorola Calgary. Are we ready “3” to count down “2” to the official announcement “1” of these phones? Imminent is the word folks.

Cellllllllebrite good times CMON!

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  1. pictures aren’t working for me so i went to the source… people over there are saying that those things get updated periodically… and often times phones are put on the device 3 months ahead of time… im not going to get worked up and till there is something official… this waiting game is getting old

  2. Pictures aren’t doing it for me anymore, either. Either VZW/Moto/Goog screwed up already or they are too greedy(surprise!) and fighting over:
    1) who gets to devour all the data mining
    2) how much they can get away with locking services and charger pay-per services
    3)what other ways to extract the absolute maximum return at any cost to “the customer”, aka: the mark, the john, the victim, the rube.

    Frankly, I was excited about Android in ’07, let down by the openness of being available on only 1 US carrier(the worst) in ’08. And disgusted by the Blur/2.0/Goog doc invasion of every handset coming out in ’09. I was excited for a Moto/Android device but the drawn-out anticipation, the mishandling at Mobilize and just knowing “Blur” is their “priority offering” has left me sour, I will get a dumb phone when my current one dies. The oligops don’t need more of my money, plenty of people will pay for what they(the oligops) deem the consumer wants. I hack for fun, I vote w/ my dollars.

  3. none of your pictures for just about anything have been uploading correctly today. they all show as broken links.

  4. The waiting game is old. Also the pictures aren’t working for me either. I do like how Phandroid is keeping up on the game so at least we know the down low on things. We know the phone is going to be released so why don’t they just say a date. Phone junkies can’t be left in the dark forever!

  5. I’m excited about these new phones coming to Verizon… but am I the only one who thinks they are kind of ugly?

  6. Garu.. no.. it’s just you. :) I think they look great.

    Based on everything that’s been said so far.. the two phones are coming out before the end of the year. We are already halfway through October so there is only so much more time left in the year.. so it’s pretty safe to say that some kind of an announcement is coming ‘soon’.

  7. Kind of a sh**ty deal that they dont use sim cards. I guess its just another reason to charge the customer. I am a big fan of the sim card and the OTA contact back up. I have multiple phones and dont have to pay my carrier $10 to transfer my contacts every time I want to swich from one to another. Its a stupid device and should be put out of service by a small piece of plastic called a sim card.

  8. I agree w/ Garu, the Sholes has a nice screen, but that keyboard, that d-pad (on the right??), those funky looking keys..it looks like something Tim Burton’s Batman would have used. However, I have hopes these phones that stand out in one way or another will force T-Mo’s hand to get more powerful handsets for the rest of their Android line-up.

  9. The waiting game is old!!!
    When is Verizon just gonna officially anounce the phone??!!
    I think the phone will never become of anything.

  10. @ Garu

    You’re not alone. I prefer HTC’s candybar set-up (if VZW pulls out an Imagio-like Droid I might lose my mind). The Calgary…maybe, the Droid/Sholes/Mini-Me/Whatever not so much.


  11. I’m seriously considering ditching my storm for this all I need now is a confirmation on when it is coming out so I can be in line

  12. Same here. Pictures don’t mean anything. Verizon always seems to screw everything up the week or two before a highly anticipated product is launched (Chocolate Touch, for instance). I am afraid the Sholes will end up having rounded buttons, a really nasty UI and some other unnecessary cosmetic and software embellishments that will just cheapen it like they’ve done to every well designed phone.

  13. According to my VZW buess rep,

    Expect to hear real soon on the moto device…..

  14. I’m about to explode with excitement over these phones! However the one that caught my eye way back was the Calgary! I might be the only one, but I really liked the RAZR style keypad and the silver metallic body. The Calgary seemed to evolve into the Sholes, however as a thought could the Calgary be a de-tuned version of the Sholes and running MOTOBLUR?

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