Sholes Spied On Camera Again!


This is practically torture. The leak train has no shortage of momentum and BGR keeps tossing coals into the fire – this time showing two pictures of the upcoming phone:



Not the most clear pictures we’ve seen in our life but the mounting evidence is now towering over top of us… Verizon please put us out of our collective misery and officialize this bad boy! Of course that won’t stop people from seeking more and more.

By the way, word has it this thing is blazing fast on the newest ROMs so VZW customers seem to be in for a real treat. And it could come October 30th… just in time to scare the pants off every other mobile carrier/manufacturer for Halloween!

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Motorola Sholes and Calgary Cellebrited

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  1. aaaahhh! it’s like pulling nose hairs.

  2. I can has already? Pleeze?

  3. All the pictures I’ve seen of this thing, as far as the screen goes, has the “app shade” pulled up. Does this mean that there’s a possibility that Motorola has a custom UI built for it that they don’t want revealed? Or are they going to slap the Blur UI on this? Standard Android UI? This makes a big difference in my decision to go with this phone or the HTC Hero. Can’t wait until VZW/Motorola finally announce this phone and we get a peak at the specs.

  4. is is true that there’s a rumor that it’s going to come with 2.0 update ?

  5. Cannot see any picture?? (Holland).

  6. @Se7en2

    In the first picture on this page, the app shade is not pulled up.. you can see the main screen.. and it looks like a stock android interface.

  7. Maybe they have the app drawer pulled up to demonstrate the fact that you can see 5 rows of icons instead of the 4 we see on the G1 (showing the screen has is longer and has a higher resolution)? That’s what I get from it. :)

    But I have thought about the custom interface question as well… that seems like a logical deduction.

  8. It will come with 2.0 and will not come with MotoBlur. Not sure about the UI…I am very curious about this myself.

    From what I read, we are hoping to have some sort of info this week, and looking for it to be announced / released via telesales on Oct. 30th.

  9. even though the spec has a question mark under GPS, will the Sholes be able to use GPS apps or paid services (i here the best GPS is 10 bucks a month and is better then a garmin)on a unlimited data plan connection or will it need the GPS hardware to do anything involving satellites and triangulation? Also, would it be possible for the Sholes to support more then a 16GB microSD card? I would really like to use a 32GB one if possible…

  10. I believe that this phone will be branded by Google and therefore running a stock Android OS, no custom OEM version like the Hero. This phone is packed with nice specs though. However if and or when Android allows open themes to work naturally without rooting then the possibilities are endless. Heres Hoping!

  11. I’m almost certain that this will come with stock interface but I’m hoping that there will at least be an option to download Blur somewhow.

  12. The lack of Blur on Sholes is consistent with the focus of the device. It’s a powerful device meant for power users and heavy apps. The Cliq is the fashion forward social networking device. Two completely different markets.

  13. im unimpressed.check, that, turned off. there comes a point when you have to say put up or shut up and i’ve passed that point with verizon.

    after about 9-10 years with them i switched to sprint yesterday and got a hero. through my employer i get a 25% discount making their 69.99 unlimited everything plan about $52 dollars for me.

    when verizon wants to get decent handsets AND market them(ie at least be willing to answer questions when asked) and get with the program when it comes to pricing(t-mo is rumored to have a $50 unlimited everything plan in the works) i may give them a second chance. bottom line sprint acted like they wanted my business verizon did not. funny thing, while i was there there was one other V costomer in the store switching(that i knew of overhearing them) and 2 on the phones. given that and all the chatter i’ve heard of verizon customers wanting to jump ship for t-mo if and when they get their network update and $50 unlimited everything plan i would venture a guess verizon will have to start caring about what their customers actually want.

  14. When in europe ? argh

  15. Is this the first evidence we have that the S-T-D will be coming with a black D-pad and not the feared red one? Sighs of relief all around, yes? Though what is that, a GOLD center button? Say what?

    @John: I’m glad people are switching away from Verizon. I don’t plan to, but I hope lots of people do, so that Verizon will feel some pressure to lower their prices. Selfish of me? Yeah…. sorry.

  16. @jrun Yeah, I’m a moron, I completely overlooked that first pic. Thanks. Maybe root this thing and install Sense UI, similar to that video of the G1 running the HTC interface? I’m still waiting until I learn more about this before I decide between the Hero and this.

  17. please just bash my head with a skillet…

    or just tell us when this comes out!

  18. This looks to be a great phone, specs wise, just hope verizon keeps their end of the bargain, I jumped ship went to ATT but in terms of network VZW owns it. Bring in the new VZW and out with the old. No more crippling and gimping phones just let them be, they already make so much money. I truly think that if there is a so called iphone killer i think that android has the most potential. In terms of customizing android and other os are best. I dont want a controlling phone doesnt even let you change things around without jailbreaking it.

  19. Yeah, I second that question: When will this beauty arrive in Europe?

  20. Looks cool, but yeah, what about Europe?

  21. Hm. I am on my G1 and can`t see any pictures? :(

  22. I hope the pictures weren’t taken with another sholes… yeesh

  23. No pictures here either. :(
    And while we’re commenting on site problems, I’m still seeing that weird text entry box problem here for leaving comments. The word “Website” shows up in the Mail entry box immediately following my email address. The the text entry box for Website sits in a weird way partially overlapping the top line of text in the comment box. I’m running Firefox 3.0.14 on Ubuntu 9.04.

  24. @twrock
    I think that comment field overlap is a Firefox issue. I run Firefox 3.5 on both an XP (work) and Vista (home) machine and the for is rendered with overlapping fields. When I use IE the form is rendered correctly.
    I haven’t tried any other browsers to confirm this though.

  25. i have to say that people sound increasing dumb when they talk in lolcat

  26. is it gonna have the same ui as the cliq…. nokia maemo looks soooo amazing with an integrated communication app looking from a couple of videos…. hope 2.0 will catch up… but i’m loving my htc hero though…

  27. In response to John, I pretty much agree with you. I’ve been with Verizon for 5 years and I’m pretty much tired of empty promises. I’m trying to hold out until say end of November, but I can’t take it anymore. Say SOMETHING about this phone.

  28. John hit on my concern as well. The phone looks great, but I’m wondering if Verizon will do anything to remain competitive with plan pricing.

  29. I am a Verizon customer and will not be switching. Verizon was very useful when I had problems with my Motorola Q. The phone has been a champ. I am looking forward to the Sholes though.

  30. I was on the verge of switching when T-Mo announced the CLIQ, but if Verizon can get this phone out the door I’ll be a happy camper.

  31. @benny if it was just about the phone and the network i may have stayed. sadly it was about the attitude. verizon seems to think that they dont need to market their better phones or answer customer question or compete with their competitors. honestly, if they would have released the phone information(like any good marketer does)i would have been more inclined to stay. and even if i still had to switch because of money, if their attitude was different, i would have done so with some regret in hopes of going back when i have a higher income. instead, i find myself hoping that the will change their attitudes so that i can give them another chance. i think they would do well to watch this video

  32. android for vzw NOV 22nd just thought you may like to know. Inside info. Of course you know how that goes.

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