Dell Android Phone Headed To AT&T?


Only a few hours ago we passed along word that the Dell Mini 3i Android phone, or something very similar, could make its way to the American market. Surprising considering we heard that pretty much every carrier dissed the Dell Droid to itty bitty little pieces. So who bit? AT&T according to the Wall Street Journal.

(pic from bgr)

Details are few and far between, but if you were holding out hope for the Dell Droid to reach America… it didn’t look too good. Don’t give up hope just yet.

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  1. Good luck with that, it just looks ugly. At this point people know what android is and how it looks. What will draw people to a handset is looks and specs. This isn’t it.

    My 2 cents.

  2. yeah, looks like an attempted iphone knockoff. thumbs down here.

  3. First Droid for at&t? I could care less how it works. It’s the fact that at&t is actually getting one that excites me to no end. I’m sure we’ll see better (I know a GSM Sholes has been confirmed — Maybe it won’t go to T-Mobile!)

  4. To tell you the truth.. I could care less about the handset. The idea of an android on AT&T is what gives me a little hope.

  5. dont look at the UI you coelacanths. that will change. the phone itself doesnt seem half bad.

  6. Where can we find a running count of all the android phones sold to date. I always hear about 17 million iphones and 13 million ipod touches sold to date. Other than the G1 surpassing 1 million units sold i haven’t heard anything. I’d love to know how the Mytouch has done. Maybe this could be a new page.

  7. My question is after everything with apple and AT&T is: how much is Apple paying AT&T not to have an android phone?

  8. and why would anyone want at&t anyone, other than the exclusivity of an iphone?

  9. It looks very similar to an iPhone if you ask me… even the UI in the screenshot looks like they turned an iPhone upside down.

  10. I have been waiting for an Android phone on ATT for a long time and this is what I get? ATT goes with the Nuvi phone but passes on some good HTC Android sets and then settles on a Dell. I dont get it.

  11. Didn’t the other post state that there were some stuff ommited from this version of Android on this Dell phone? Isn’t that going to cause alot of problems for AT&T users that try out Android for the first time? I am assuming AT&T might fix this, but knowing them they may not so people will entertain the idea of the Iphone even more.

  12. i would like to know what features wll it have an how much its gonna b worth

  13. I can’t wait for android on at&t.
    It is the only company with decent service in my area.
    Just hope i can still get away with fam unlimited data for $10.The only other option is a rogers android fone.

  14. I had the G1 it was the best phone I had ever had. The only thing was T-Mobile didn’t have the best service. If there is an Android phone coming to AT&T it will be the best ever because AT&T has the best coverage and Android is the best technology for a cell phone that is on the market!

  15. What everyone seems to be forgetting here is that even if AT&T does come out with an Android phone, it will probably be less than expected due to AT&T’s tendency to cripple certain features and bloat their phones with crap.

  16. I would like it but it’s an ugly brown. If it came in different colors I would like it more but brown is usally cute, but on that phone it’s bad looking.

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