Verizon To Make An Android Announcement?


It looks like the information we saw yesterday might be official by the end of the day. Verizon and Google look to be making an announcement (regarding Android?) at 10AM EST today. Keep an eye out for the official word.



WHO: Verizon Wireless, the nation’s leading wireless provider, and Google™

WHAT: Verizon Wireless and Google will host a webcast today. Speakers include:

  • Lowell McAdam, chief executive officer, Verizon Wireless
  • Eric Schmidt, chairman and chief executive officer, Google

[Via AndroidAndMe]

Elias Chiddicks

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  1. I saw this on Engadget… they mentioned that it might not be Android because Motorola is not involved… My response to that is that they will probably announce a few android phones from different manucatures… at least 2 of them the HTC Desire and the Motorola Sholes..

  2. It’s definitely android…that’s the point of the announcement. I’m confused by your comment?

  3. Hmm, looks like they’re bringing out the big guns.
    This should be good…

  4. oh my god… and my wife wants to leave to go shopping right now… i have to think of an excuse why 10:15 is a better starting time

  5. i have the link but not sure if i could post it? could i? you have to fill in your name and affiliation

  6. http://www.thomson-webcast.net/us/dispatching/google-verizon-wireless_20091006 hopefully i dont get in trouble lol last minute decision

  7. i found the link on the vzw news page… it should be ok

    now start already!!

    ahh there it is

  8. 2 android phones this year!

  9. ARGGHH which ones????

    More info!!!!! PLEASE!

  10. I just started listening, have they announced any specific device yet?

  11. Why didn’t anyone ask them about Sholes? :(

  12. wtf! i missed it. tell me what happened!

  13. Why isn’t anyone covering this? This is bigger than the I-phone for peetes sake!

  14. Something about unicorns and cotton candy for everyone. Oh, and that VZW’s going to support Google Voice and two Androids are imminent (in about two weeks) on VZW.

  15. Jack you can still listen to it. Click the link posted above.

  16. So Rob..no announcement of the Sholes eh? Interesting. Wouldn’t a marketing campaign of SOME kind be beneficial here? Rather than just quietly launching the phone in a couple weeks?

  17. head over to BGR for photos of a new droid verizon phone its alledgedly teir version of the hero but my source says its the HTC DESIRE and considering my source was on point about the behold which i predicted is the american version of the galaxy /galaxy lite these are facts not fiction kids eat them up

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