Motorola DEXT Available From Orange UK October 7th


While we knew that the DEXT was going to be free on Orange UK come its release, up until now we haven’t had a release date to look forward to. Well, apparently we should all be expecting it tomorrow, October 7th. So for those living in the UK and attracted to Motorola’s first attempt at Android, prepare you pocketbooks for FREE (on a contract).


Also, expect to see the DEXT available online later today.

And for your benefit, here is an Orange guy talking about the DEXT on video:

[Via TalkAndroid]

Elias Chiddicks

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  1. Lucky Brits!

  2. Yayyy

  3. Yess. Orange is right up my street.

    Can I make a prediction ?

    By this time next year – Android will be on top. You can laugh at me if you like but lets check in October 2010.

    Back to reading my Android dev book.


  4. I can only hope that in 2 or 3 years the US cellphone market will be offering phones like that free on contract for what would be considered insane plan pricing right now

  5. I was concerned about the phone call quality noted by them during the review (see my previous message), but it was just that they had a bad unit. Was their one a production unit I wonder? Even then they still gave it 8 out of 10.

    I am waiting for more reviews since this review was very short.

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