Adobe Announces New Flash Technology For All


And by all we mean everybody but the iPhone. However, all includes Android, Windows Mobile, Palm’s webOS, Symbian and Blackberry OS. Adobe’s Flash technology is pretty much epically owning the competition on the internet, as Flash is currently used by about 75 percent of online videos and 70 percent of online games.


So naturally the company wishes to continue the ownage in the ever expanding mobile marketplace, and while the last few months have been a lot of rumors, Adobe has announced that things are officially off the ground today. Up until now most phones have been running the lighter version of Flash, called Flash Lite. However, with faster processors on the way, any phone capable of running Flash 10.1 should recieve an over-the-air upgrade when the time is right. Most likely Palm will lead the way on this one.

So, what does this mean for Android? Well, today Google announced that it was joining Adobe on the Open Screen Project. This initiative is meant to make it easier for developers to design games that are workable “across multiple screens using the Flash Platform.” Based on this, sources are saying that a test version should be available for Android in early 2010.

Also, in other related news today, Google has just announced changes to its AdSense system. The changes allow full ads to now be viewed on high-end smartphones. Google does its best to make this sound swell for everybody, saying “[t]his helps mobile publishers earn revenue and fund more mobile-specific sites and web content.” Riiight. Whatever makes you sleep at night, Google.

[Via DigitalBeat]

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  1. I don’t even like using flash on my laptop. Why would i want it on my phone?

    I guess i will be able to use hulu, assuming hulu doesn’t block it for some reason, but i can’t think of anything else that uses flash that i would want.

    I would much rather have develops writing everything using HTML5/JS, Java, or Obj-C then writing more things with Flash.

  2. Months and months ago we were told adobe would have flash ready in october. Is this article saying that it is ready? Or is it saying that Android is just now beginning the process of incorporating flash…im confused…but i think im excited

  3. …and by ‘Android’ are we to understand that even the g1 and mytouch with their lowly ram specs are capable of utilizing flash 10.1?

  4. Poor iPhone. lol All, except the iPhone.

    Android ftw.

  5. @ davis In answer to your first question: “a test version should be available for Android in early 2010” so it looks like October for a release is a no-go. As for your second question, that much isn’t clear yet, sorry.

  6. i second steve-o’s statement. android ftw indeed

  7. Adobe is not ignoring the iphone either. They have announced that Flash CS5 will have an export option to Iphone app format. So, though Apple doesnt want flash on Iphone; adobe has a way for the millions of flash programmers to export their flash apps to an iphone app format. Read about it here:

  8. fair enough thanks elias. Hope it works on mytouch, cant believe the phone costs more than the hero yet EVERY one of its specifications is worse. I feel like a sucker, at least until i have flash working on it, thatll be the mytouch’s saving grace

  9. Ugh. Sure, Flash is used by a lot of websites. But, at least on my Mac, it takes a toll on the processor and heats the case to uncomfortable temperatures. The flash plugin is possibly the least stable software on my computer. Besides, do we really want obnoxious banner ads all over the web browser? I’m all for it, just as long as there’s an easy way to disable it.

  10. Anything positive for Android I love to hear.
    Currently a iPhone user, send your hate messages now lol.
    Getting the HTC Hero on Oct. 10, as Best Buy told me when I preordered the HTC Hero.

    So hearing flash support to all mobile devices pretty much besides iPhone, makes me laugh.

  11. Well, it sure sounds nice, but…

    I’ll believe it when I see it working well.

    Judging by how simple things like IM work on the G1 even now, a year later.. I’m pretty skeptical they will be having flash going nuts all over the place in the browser without forces closes, overheating or serious lag.

    I’m hopeful though, but not getting my hopes up.

  12. we’ll see :)

  13. hulu on the go is what i am after that and maybe like the myriad of flash games on the web

  14. @cameron I don’t know what your problem with it is, but I like having Flash on my laptop, and I welcome it on my phone.

    As a Flash dev myself (I guess that makes me more than a little biased), I think Flash is one of the best things to happen to these phones.

  15. @cameron mulder – why would people want Flash on their phone? Porn and games… that’s pretty much what it’s good for (and the first one is probably why most people want it – but not all will admit it).

  16. I was at adobe max yesterday and saw flash working on android. They said they got resources way down (possibly 50% but can’t remember). Anyways everything even video ran very smooth on aandroid. The device they used is not released yet and was all taped up.

  17. Reason i’m happy for inclusion of flash:
    -More and more web-sites will be developed using Flex.
    -Flash Games

    I do share the concern of performance and resource(/battery) drain on mobile phones… for a long time i disabled Flash all together on my PC. But whether you like it or not, it’s coming :=)

  18. Please fix your comment box so that it works properly in Firefox?

  19. Comments area has been screwed up in firefox for a whiiiile. And on the topic of Flash… the article is misleading as the flash player is still not available on our end… just Adobe’s end.

  20. I’m thinking that Flash will go into the Eclair update… hmmmmmmmm…

  21. @Dan (in know its OT, but…)
    i have same prob with flash on mac (and it slams the cpu on my linux boxes). use firefox and get flashblock plugin. You can see all the flash content you want – but nothing will play automatically – you have to click on it first.

  22. i just want to watch videos online that AREN’T youtube. can’t wait for this to come out. it’s been such a loooooooooooooooooooong wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. oh and just curious, i’ve been reading that the delay til 2010 is because they’re using features from Eclair that aren’t in Donut in order to make flash work on android. Since I like my G1 and until a better android comes out w/ hardware keyboard i’m sticking with it; does that mean G1 users are screwed or what?

  24. I do SEO and want Flash so I can use Google Analytics and webmaster tools on my phone.

  25. yeah yeah , i will belive it when it actually arrives , im sick to death of my G1 already and im only 3months into my 18 month flipping contract,
    i need the flash player to access my football teams website’s “i player” so i can listen to the games , as the G1 has no proper radio for the UK , infact i have to ues my old Nokia to get the radio , lol ,

  26. I can’t wait. I want hulu and I’ve got dozens of files on my sd card from my old phone.

  27. All I have to say is that I am very dissapointed with T-mobile. They need to take the picture of the G1 off of this site, because Adobe has not made a flash for G1 yet. This is False Advertising. I bought this phone for $399.oo and can not even get a flash good enough to work on my phone. I choose T-mobile because they have great phone plans and nice phones. Not cheap / expensive plastic phones. I wonted the full enternet experiance and T-Mobile has cheated all of us G1 users out of that. No 10.1 upgrade on flash and still no 2.0 upgrade oh and may I also say no 3g coverage in Bowling Green Kentucky, which is a metro area. I hope someone important is reading this. Maybe T-Mobile should upgrade our G1 to the G3 so maybe then we can get the full enternet experiance.

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