Best Buy Reward Zone Member? Get Your Hero on Friday


Best Buy’s Reward Zone program appears to be living up to its name, as members get to pick up their new HTC Hero on Friday rather than wait a whole other 48 hours for it. This means, if you really plan it well, you can pick up your Hero on Friday and a) make co-workers jealous and/or b) have ALL weekend to play around with it.


In addition to letting customers pick it up early, members also get to forgo the hassle of sending in their rebate, since Best Buy drops the price for your right at purchase.


[Via AndroidGuys]

Elias Chiddicks

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  1. well on bestbuy they have it for $600 and i dont see any links for $180 w/ a 2-year contract or anything like that so if there is one, can someone point me to the right direction?

  2. Just confirmed with BB Ann Arbor. I’m going to be late to work Friday…possibly sick.

  3. I’m creating a new EPRP account for the Hero…can i sign up for the account online and buy the phone at best buy?

  4. ok so…i pre ordered my hero on saturday at best buy. the guy who helped me asked me if i was a rewards zone member, i said yes, and he said i could get the phone on the 9th. now…when i left, i told a couple of my friends and they’re telling me that best buy told them that only SILVER rewards zone members can get the hero on the 9th. can anyone else confirm or deny this? has anyone else run into this question/issue?

  5. not true. I pre ordered my phone yesterday. When I asked about Friday the BB guy said as long as I was a RZ member. Nothing about silver status was mentioned.

  6. I called BB’s 1-888 number, and even they didn’t know the details. They encouraged me to call where I pre-ordered the phone and noted that the individual stores will be making specific determinations (which seems to me to be a very odd policy). When I called the store where I pre-ordered the phone, they said I only needed my RZ membership number to pick it up early (which fits with the image above). However, some stores, if they really do have the ability to set their own policy, may have a different set of requirements.

  7. Why would SILVER get a better deal than GOLD? There’s no way that’s true.

  8. I just got confirmation from a BestBuy here in Lexington, KY that they’re handing them out early to any Rewards Zone members. =D

  9. Shut uuuup Elias… tell the whole world why don’t you.

  10. I just talked with my pre-order BB and was told that you must be a Silver RZ member or better and that an email would be going to those who qualify. Looks like I have to wait until Sunday to get my hero.

  11. I preordered my hero yesterday. i called up best buy and spoke with the mobile dept today to confirm this and he said it was BS. are they just under-informed at best buy and dont know about this?

  12. i just called my best buy and ill be getting one on friday. hell ya

  13. You do not need to be a silver RZ member to qualify. I’ve read the coupon and also was able to read over the BB reps shoulder as he was reading it on the employee section of their website

  14. San Diego BB stores do not carry Sprint.. they have t-mob instead… sooooo lame!!!!I want the deal too!

  15. Re: San Diego Best Buys—Oceanside BB store off the 78 now carries Sprint…It started carrying Sprint on the 27th of September. I did my pre order for the Hero last week and have an appointment to pick up my Hero on Friday.

  16. Preordered over the phone. No money down. Friday pickup for reward zone members (does not need to be silver). 179.99, no set up fees and no rebate.

    way to go Best Buy. Slam dunk with this release.

    All I have to do is hope that it arrives UPS (and someone processes it at BB) soon!

  17. Yeah, we’re out of luck up here in Seattle too, they don’t have Sprint at BB. Man that stinks!!!!

  18. Just got mine pre-ordered from Glen Burnie, MD BB. Going to pick it up Friday after work. Thanks for posting this otherwise I never would’ve known! :)

  19. Whoah, a LOT of mis-information in this thread! I work at BestBuy so let me clear up some things.

    – Rewardzone members can buy the Hero on the 9th
    – You do not have to be a rewardzone Silver member
    – There isn’t such thing as Rewardzone GOLD, there are three levels: standard, silver, and premier silver
    – The price, out the door is $179.99

    The reason some stores don’t know anything about the pre-release is because there was not very much communication about this internally. If you are not a rewardzone member you can go sign up anytime before the 9th and still be eligable. Most stores are not getting very many, so if you haven’t preordered then it would be wise to be at the store at 10am to get yours!

  20. You have to be a PREMIER member to get the Hero on friday at the BB in Pearland, TX…man that sux

  21. I just called three Best Buy stores (in NJ) to ask about the early release date. One told me “You need the coupon, without it you have to wait until Sunday”, the other told me “All you need is your Reward Zone card, no coupon needed”, and the third one told me that “You need to be a Silver Reward Zone member”. This is so confusing. Can someone from Best Buy please confirm.

  22. i was just told by 2 best buy mobile people that a coupon was need to recive the phone on friday and that the coupon went out to a random selection of reward zone members.

  23. To clarify,

    If I signed up for RZ on like Monday or Tuesday to take advantage of this deal, will it work?

    I read somewhere that you had to be a RZ member for 30 days or something to take advantage of this opportunity.

  24. Called noVA, said Silver for the 9th, all RZ members Satudray.

  25. Went to Best Buy this morning and picked one up. Did put in a pre order two days ago and was a reward zone member.

  26. High Voltage, My sister said they have Sprint at the Best Buy in Olympia. I haven’t been there but might be an Idea if you live close.

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