Acer AOD 250, Android Aspire One Netbook Coming Soon


The Acer AOD 250 isn’t JUST an Android Netbook… its also a Windows XP Netbook.


The folks at frandroid (translated to English) got their hands on the netbook for testing and taking a look at the dual boot screens is interesting indeed:



Unfortunately it doesn’t come with Android Market, but some alternative app stores for Android are starting to catch popularity. Meanwhile Gizmodo is reporting that the Acer Android will be in the Aspire One brand line – I’m unsure whether or not they are referring to the AOD 250 but either way, they say an Acer Android Netbook of some sort will be available in time for the holidays.

It won’t be until 2nd half of 2010 that we’ll see the first Chrome Netbooks… and thats when worlds will REALLY start colliding.

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  1. why ship it with xp instead of 7? XP is old news, are they also shipping it with android firmware 1.1? I’m still excited to see more info on this though.

  2. It *will ship with XP because that’s what it *does ship with. Check the specs, it doesn’t run slow a** Windows crap 7 very well.

    To the op: are you sure this isn’t fake? I mean I the same netbook down to the color with live android on it with no market. Sound familiar? Anyway hope its true I’d love Android on my netbook.

  3. they will most probably ship it with xp instead of 7. for some reason thats what they did with my acer aspire one that i just recently bought. but i put 7 on it and it’s running great.

    would i be able to put android on my AAO? if so, that would honestly give me a slight boner right now…

  4. win 7 requires more power than xp, and the aspire one line has a basic cpu. In that case the atom n280.

    They say the boot time under android is only 20 seconds !

    and there is flash as youtube HD works :)

  5. well even though win7 requires more power, my 1.6GHz intel atom processor is flying with 7 on it. MS did a great job indeed.

  6. if it runs flash, i don’t need any windows…

    damn i really only use my chrome browser and my android phone

    forgetting about windows completely

    the only place i use windows stuff and word stuff is in my company… i stopped using that crap privately when email was invented and my tv saw me ages ago.. i am still watching movies…

    cd s? daa
    what for?


    i am curious about chrome os sure… but more important broad band access really thats the critical point about android and chrome os

    so lets hope for improvements in that area… nobody neads windows if you can download windows so quickly and remove it more quickly why let it stick on your harddrive…???

    i don’t think chrome os is the future because i am a google g freak but because it just is obvious that the future lies within C O M U N I C A T I O N and not with dudes sitting alone infront of a window

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