LG GW620 Caught On Video


Considering the LG GW620 will launch in France first, it isn’t surprising to see a French website (JournalduGeek) leaking a video of the Android Phone in action:

Unfortunately they didn’t hook us up with any sound… perhaps they knew we were English and couldn’t understand anyways? Meanwhile the guys at frenChNET have some coverage as well:

Although the screen is resistive the phone supposedly is responsive to finger touches. Some other specs from our earlier article:

  • The keyboard is 5 rows and looks spacious
  • 5MP camera with autofocus and flash
  • FM Radio
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and MicroUSB 2.0
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • Qualcomm 528 mHz processor

[Via Engadget]

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  1. That keyboard looks pretty nice. I hope OEM’s continue to offer them. The phone looks pretty nice and the screen looks responsive but unfortunately Android in this video doesn’t look responsive. Honestly their next release should be nothing but fat cutting and optimization.

    Everytime I think I have my ideas together on replacing my G1 I see another phone worth looking at. I guess I’ll just wait for a while and watch it all pan out. I guess I could just stick with my G1 for another year.

  2. Looking forward to these new phones, but I sure wish they had a faster processor. Android just does so much that I don’t think the 500mhz processor can handle it.

  3. OMG! I hate the interface

  4. Qualcomm 528 rears its ugly head again

  5. the resistive screen does look quite sensitive – too bad the CPU can’t keep up!

  6. damn got a keyboard but no trackball >< why is the g1 the only one with both!

  7. lol @ azerty keyboard

  8. Can we expect this in the US? And what carrier? :/

  9. @schwiz
    because the g1 is gangsta. sorry, i had to

  10. In the first video, doesn’t the web browser crash @ 2:10 ?

    Brownie points for android abviously, 3.5 jack, keyboard and micro usb port which is the recently agreed standard.

    But 300 MB of ROM is clearly not enough as android for anti piracy purposes forbids to install apps on the micro sd card…

    Good phone for high school adolescents.

    I am waiting for a better version with (in 40/45nm version please) cortex a8 or tegra, 8gB ROM, with a 4.3 capacitive multitouch screen… And at least 5.1 or 6wh battery !

  11. Por fin puedo opinar como propietario en un flamante Droide el LG GW620 de Orange, y en primer lugar un 10 para el operador por el proceso en la compra online y recepción del móvil en casa. La verdad he quedado más que contento.
    Ya puedo decir que este terminal es lo que estaba buscando, una pantalla táctil que responde a la perfección (me da igual sea resistiva o capacitativa) y un teclado físico comodísimo qwerty completo que me permite seguir a la perfección una de mis adicciones, el facebook. Lo de escribir sin que desaparezca la pantalla y ver donde escribo me convence.
    Poco que decir de android, bueno si que necesito una tarjeta de memoria de mayor capacidad para meterle todo lo que bajo ;-)
    Las posibilidades de configuración de los menús son muy buenas, te permite escoger entre las propias de orange o las de lg, lo nunca visto!!
    wifi bien, cámara perfecto, nada que objetar, el peso es razonable ya que al disponer de teclado pesa un pelín más que mi antiguo 5800 pero ni se nota y eso que la batería es el doble de grande, su duración es correcta.
    He acertado en la compra, lástima que no me tocase en el sorteo que están realizando en el facebook.
    Ya hubiese sido perfecto!!

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