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UPDATE: The Motorola Droid will launch on November 6th. For more information visit our Motorola Droid Guide or talk with thousands of other Android fans  in the Motorola Droid Forum!

It isn’t the Sholes. It isn’t the Tao. It’s the Motorola DROID that will become the first ever Verizon Android Phone. That is… if tipsters at BGR know what they are talking about. And I’m inclined to believe them seeing as how the domain MotorolaDroid.com is registered to none other than Motorola themselves:


Then we find a MUCH more awesome picture of the Motorola Sholes than we’ve seen to date, courtesy of HowardForums:


Up next (we’re not done), we’ve got AndroidAndMe who received a tip that essentially claims to provide the upcoming information (a la Press Release) for the Motorola XXX. Hmmm… three letters would indicate Tao but maybe XXX just means “placeholder” or perhaps it will come pre-installed with a Playboy application? Just kidding on the last one. And if you skip to the last sentence of the long text, you’ll see it is marked for a December 1st release:

Here is the text from the EMail slash Press Release:

Motorola XXX redefines the smart phone becoming the first device built with Android 2.0. On XXX you will experience a PC-like browsing experience on a mobile device that has a massive high-resolution display, the thinnest touch QWERTY slider available, and twice the speed of the leading competitor. Motorola XXX takes the search that Google is known for to the entire phone, going deep into your phone and all of your applications. The more you search, the better XXX gets to know you and the quicker you get the information you need.

Motorola XXX is the first mobile device developed in partnership with Google to feature its next-generation open Android platform. Together, the industry leaders are bringing to market a PC-like browsing experience on a mobile device that has a massive high-resolution display, the thinnest touch QWERTY slider available, and ttwice the speed of the leading competitor.

XXX shatters the standard mobile web experience with high-speed, high-resolution browsing expected from a PC, now in a sleek mobile device. Its industry-leading 3.7-inch display provides the best view of Websites and conveniently zooms with a double tap for faster navigating. Equipped with a powerful processor, Flash and full HTML browser, XXX delivers Web pages, 3D graphics, videos and more up to two-times faster than other devices, all in beautiful 16-million color high-definition. Google Chrome bookmarks can also be synched between the device and PC, making favorite sites easier to access when mobile.

XXX uses one-step Google tools to bring timely and relevant info to the homescreen without the need to dig through multiple Web pages, search boxes or menus. Searches can be typed or spoken, and results are brought from both the Web and phone content such as contacts, music, photos and applications. Contextual search is also used for offering location-based recommendations, so getting around is made even easier.

Google also makes navigation smarter on XXX, with spoken turn-by-turn directions and complimentary Google Maps. Consumers can keep up with and find local friends using Google Latitude, or get a bigger picture with a brilliant satellite viewpoints of Google Earth. XXX can also be used as an in-car navigation device with a special mount to help explore without getting lost.

With the world’s thinnest QWERTY slider, Google Synch, text-to-speech, push email for multiple accounts and copy and paste functionality, XXX is designed to get the message out quickly so the flow never stops.

XXX offers premium multimedia features and a unique docking station for transforming into a bedside clock, movie player or digital picture fram. Its 16:9 high-resolution, widescreen frame is ideal for watching Web clips or downloaded videos, and a DVD quality video recorder features one-touch playback and YouTube upload over 3G WiFi. A built-in 5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash has the capabilities of a dedicated digital camera thanks for extras like Auto Focus and zoom. Users can store up to 16GB of content on-board or insert a memory card for up to 32GB.

XXX intelligent plug ins enable the phone to remember what you downloaded and is smart enough to access what you like best even when the app isn’t open. You can also discover thousands of apps and widgets from Android Market and even those that have been optimized for your phone at the Motorola Applications Store.

XXX is targeted at users who seek to communicate success and connect to their world. Living at a fast pace, taking risks and embracing change, XXX users are more likely to have and be excited by the latest technology, and are willing to try advanced handsets and new mobile applications, particularly those that help them manage their fast-paced lives. XXX is for consumers looking for an ultimate web browsing experience.

XXX is one of the first devices built with Android 2.0 and is packed with premium specs, and allows you to enjoy the web the way you’ve always wanted to with its large screen coupled with the power of the new Google 2.0. XXX is the thinnest Qwerty-slider on the market (13.7mm) with full-touch, wide-screen, high-res, brilliant 3.7″ display and dedicated browsing keys on the Qwerty keypad.

Motorola XXX sets a new standard for the smart phone. The power of Web search takes on a whole new meaning, going deep into your phone and all of your applications. Motorola XXX takes the search that Google is known for to the entire phone. Type or speak your search with voice command, and not only will you get results from the web, but also anything you have on your phone – contacts, music, photos, applications and more. Not more digging into menus and contacts to find what you need, it’s all available from the home screen. Let work and life co-exist in harmony with work and personal email pushed diretly to you.

Motorola XXX will be available 12/1/2009 in North America, exclusively on Verizon Wireless.

Take all of this stuff as rumor… but I don’t see any evidence that would lead me to believe it is DEFINITELY fake. Time will certainly tell. And time might be next week or the week after. As reported by The Street, Motorola and Verizon Wireless might just announce the Sholes/Tao/Droid at the MOTODEV summit or CTIA which takes place in San Diego next week. That would make a ton of sense… but the BGR tipster says we should expect a 1 week delay at least.

Were you able to take all of that in?!?!?

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