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UPDATE: The Motorola Droid will launch on November 6th. For more information visit our Motorola Droid Guide or talk with thousands of other Android fans  in the Motorola Droid Forum!

It isn’t the Sholes. It isn’t the Tao. It’s the Motorola DROID that will become the first ever Verizon Android Phone. That is… if tipsters at BGR know what they are talking about. And I’m inclined to believe them seeing as how the domain MotorolaDroid.com is registered to none other than Motorola themselves:


Then we find a MUCH more awesome picture of the Motorola Sholes than we’ve seen to date, courtesy of HowardForums:


Up next (we’re not done), we’ve got AndroidAndMe who received a tip that essentially claims to provide the upcoming information (a la Press Release) for the Motorola XXX. Hmmm… three letters would indicate Tao but maybe XXX just means “placeholder” or perhaps it will come pre-installed with a Playboy application? Just kidding on the last one. And if you skip to the last sentence of the long text, you’ll see it is marked for a December 1st release:

Here is the text from the EMail slash Press Release:

Motorola XXX redefines the smart phone becoming the first device built with Android 2.0. On XXX you will experience a PC-like browsing experience on a mobile device that has a massive high-resolution display, the thinnest touch QWERTY slider available, and twice the speed of the leading competitor. Motorola XXX takes the search that Google is known for to the entire phone, going deep into your phone and all of your applications. The more you search, the better XXX gets to know you and the quicker you get the information you need.

Motorola XXX is the first mobile device developed in partnership with Google to feature its next-generation open Android platform. Together, the industry leaders are bringing to market a PC-like browsing experience on a mobile device that has a massive high-resolution display, the thinnest touch QWERTY slider available, and ttwice the speed of the leading competitor.

XXX shatters the standard mobile web experience with high-speed, high-resolution browsing expected from a PC, now in a sleek mobile device. Its industry-leading 3.7-inch display provides the best view of Websites and conveniently zooms with a double tap for faster navigating. Equipped with a powerful processor, Flash and full HTML browser, XXX delivers Web pages, 3D graphics, videos and more up to two-times faster than other devices, all in beautiful 16-million color high-definition. Google Chrome bookmarks can also be synched between the device and PC, making favorite sites easier to access when mobile.

XXX uses one-step Google tools to bring timely and relevant info to the homescreen without the need to dig through multiple Web pages, search boxes or menus. Searches can be typed or spoken, and results are brought from both the Web and phone content such as contacts, music, photos and applications. Contextual search is also used for offering location-based recommendations, so getting around is made even easier.

Google also makes navigation smarter on XXX, with spoken turn-by-turn directions and complimentary Google Maps. Consumers can keep up with and find local friends using Google Latitude, or get a bigger picture with a brilliant satellite viewpoints of Google Earth. XXX can also be used as an in-car navigation device with a special mount to help explore without getting lost.

With the world’s thinnest QWERTY slider, Google Synch, text-to-speech, push email for multiple accounts and copy and paste functionality, XXX is designed to get the message out quickly so the flow never stops.

XXX offers premium multimedia features and a unique docking station for transforming into a bedside clock, movie player or digital picture fram. Its 16:9 high-resolution, widescreen frame is ideal for watching Web clips or downloaded videos, and a DVD quality video recorder features one-touch playback and YouTube upload over 3G WiFi. A built-in 5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash has the capabilities of a dedicated digital camera thanks for extras like Auto Focus and zoom. Users can store up to 16GB of content on-board or insert a memory card for up to 32GB.

XXX intelligent plug ins enable the phone to remember what you downloaded and is smart enough to access what you like best even when the app isn’t open. You can also discover thousands of apps and widgets from Android Market and even those that have been optimized for your phone at the Motorola Applications Store.

XXX is targeted at users who seek to communicate success and connect to their world. Living at a fast pace, taking risks and embracing change, XXX users are more likely to have and be excited by the latest technology, and are willing to try advanced handsets and new mobile applications, particularly those that help them manage their fast-paced lives. XXX is for consumers looking for an ultimate web browsing experience.

XXX is one of the first devices built with Android 2.0 and is packed with premium specs, and allows you to enjoy the web the way you’ve always wanted to with its large screen coupled with the power of the new Google 2.0. XXX is the thinnest Qwerty-slider on the market (13.7mm) with full-touch, wide-screen, high-res, brilliant 3.7″ display and dedicated browsing keys on the Qwerty keypad.

Motorola XXX sets a new standard for the smart phone. The power of Web search takes on a whole new meaning, going deep into your phone and all of your applications. Motorola XXX takes the search that Google is known for to the entire phone. Type or speak your search with voice command, and not only will you get results from the web, but also anything you have on your phone – contacts, music, photos, applications and more. Not more digging into menus and contacts to find what you need, it’s all available from the home screen. Let work and life co-exist in harmony with work and personal email pushed diretly to you.

Motorola XXX will be available 12/1/2009 in North America, exclusively on Verizon Wireless.

Take all of this stuff as rumor… but I don’t see any evidence that would lead me to believe it is DEFINITELY fake. Time will certainly tell. And time might be next week or the week after. As reported by The Street, Motorola and Verizon Wireless might just announce the Sholes/Tao/Droid at the MOTODEV summit or CTIA which takes place in San Diego next week. That would make a ton of sense… but the BGR tipster says we should expect a 1 week delay at least.

Were you able to take all of that in?!?!?

Rob Jackson
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  1. Moto sucks

  2. Does Verizon cripple their phones? I keep hearing this from some Verizon customers. If they dont then I will get this phone in an instant.

  3. Android 2.0?

  4. they made some bad moves in the past, but they make rock solid phones. they look poised to take the lead in quality phones.
    As someone who was flamed in these forums for saying that Android Handsets (Hardware & UI) still haven’t surpassed the iPhone (Though I’d say Hero Stole Pre’s 2nd place spot), I’m now of the OPINION that the Shole/Droid/Tao will be THE phone to beat entering 2010 (assuming Acer’s A1 doesn’t launch).
    PS: flaming is pathetic. just make your case & understand we’re all just sharing our OPINIONS.

  5. @Jeff (I don’t suppose youre from NYC w/ a brother named Omar)…
    I was worried about that too. I asked a bunch of people (I think, including Rob Jackson) whether or not Roms/Mods would fix Software attempts by Verizon to cripple the phone. No answer yet from anyone. Maybe we’ll hear something on the next Engadget Mobile Podcast, or from EmoGamer on Youtube.

  6. I’ll buy it the very second it’s available. I’d even be like one of those iPhone bots and camp out at a Verizon store for a few hours if I knew it would get me one of the first ones.

  7. Wait, it has a qwerty slider? Sold.
    I must have it. I will have it.

  8. i was kinda lost in san diego yesterday, tried to walk through a hotel, and accidentally stumbled upon some of the pre-showcases of the motodev summit. couldnt find the android showcase (guess i’ll have to wait for the 6th).

    besides being the only guy there in tshirt, shorts, and flip flops, it was actually very cool. THEY HAD A 3D TV! just like the 3d movies, but better!! the glasses you put on actually controls what your separate eyes see, and when they see it. (unlike the cardboard glasses you get at the movies, these actually use batteries)

    i might make an attempt to accidentally stumble into the summit on the 6th.

  9. The only piece of evidence you presented that bothers me a bit is the email/PR. It just seems a bit too wordy for a PR and too much marketing for an internal document. Plus the same thing is said a couple of times. And it just seems “way too good”. Almost like someone made the email to counter someone’s “check list” of bad things currently found in existing Android phones.

    But, then, maybe that’s the pessimist in me. Let’s hope I’m wrong, because it sounds awesome. Though VZW price plans are a bit steep compared to others in the industry.

  10. So there’s a button with a magnifying glass (presumably for zooming) and the “release” states that “Its industry-leading 3.7-inch display provides the best view of Websites and conveniently zooms with a double tap for faster navigating.”. This sounds a lot like there is no multitouch support?

  11. i have been excited for the sholes ever since it was rumored but now i am even more so. it’s so nice to finally have a date to look forward to. i can’t wait to kick by blackberry to the curb! *squee*

  12. I’m on Verizon. They have a history of crippling their feature/dumbphones (which I currently have one) and some smartphones in the past, but from others I know, they don’t cripple their smartphones as of recent.

    That being said, I’m waiting to move to the SholesTaoDroid (or whatever it’ll be called next week). Love the CLIQ, but service where I am is too problematic for T-Mo.

  13. @Steven

    Android 2.0 Eclair natively supports Multi-touch…

    and the magnifying glass is for searching not zooming.

  14. @Quick: More evidence that the email/RP might be bogus.

  15. December 1st? Man… I really wanted one of those for this month. Now I have to wait ANOTHER 2 months? This phone better be worth it!

  16. Verizon has a track record of crippling every smartphone they’ve gotten in their lineup so they can sell a service to replace the feature.

    Android on Verizon is either going to change their business policy or be a complete waste of a phone.

  17. The name of this phone is the STD! The(S)holes (T)ao (D)roid

  18. @DavidR: I would agree with Verizon’s current BB and dumb phones but most of their WinMo smart phone are actually pretty wide open. True, they did historically chop out the WiFi, but most of their newer offerings have it. The Samsung Ominia and the new HTC are both WiFi capable. The nature of Android really doesn’t allow them to lock it down to much because if they do, just flash it with a different version of Android.

    About a year ago there was Verizon announced that they would support “any device, any application” (does anyone have this link). They have moved back from this a little but it honestly looks like they have changed their business policy in this regard.

    Of course their business policy on nickle and dime-ing you to death is still alive and well.

  19. HOLY S—

    I can’t believe I’m going to have to break my contract and switch to Verizon for this phone.

    Giant screen, 5mp camera w/flash, 16 gigs of space?

    Too cool.

  20. I read alot of this info on Howardsforum earlier today. There is a guy there warren-something (the one that provided the initial nav pictures). He has a lot of information and has stated Dec 1 as the release date. He said it is not crippled and is incredible. I hope it is because I will be pre-ordering the first chance I get.

  21. I like the name motorola droid, so out of all 3 names, i’m hoping this one’s it because it gives it character and if its as great as it says it is -which i’m hoping- then it’ll need a name to be remembered associating with its O.S. sooo… like those apple fans with the IPHONE, us android fans with the DROID. I mean, come on, which sounds more intelligent and Futuristic… not the deedeedee iphone, but the Droid. :)

  22. All Verizon smartphones released within the past year haven’t been crippled in any way, shape, or form.

    This phone won’t be crippled, especially because it is an Android phone.

  23. @ jdizzle good one !

    When will the STD arrive in europe then ?

  24. @ jdizzle good one !

    when will the STD arrive in europe ?

  25. I am looking forward to this phone, but as stated earlier, Verizon’s data plan prices and nickel/dime practices will keep me off-contract talking on my old e815 until they make me upgrade. I don’t even want the data plan, and yet the overly-burdensome[for the network] data plan cannot be forgone, hmmm. If it is disabled in any way from OEM specs or it has MotoBlah I won’t bother flashing it, I will cast my no thanx vote. I need a phone that works(got it), followed by a toy I want WITH WI-FI!

  26. Dec 1st? This is going to be another nuvifone… October, late October, December… the iPhone temptation is kicking in again.

  27. I don’t care if it has 3 gigs of RAM and can increase my dick size; NO phone is worth suffering the indignity of being a Verizon Wireless victim.

  28. @tke789:

    It’s mentioned in this article:

    “Also, while Verizon had promised an ‘any apps, any device” open network program in 2007, it has reworked the idea to include just non-consumer devices such as routers, not consumer handsets. Instead, the company has focused on creating an app store for developers.”

  29. Here’s a thought that I don’t think anyone’s mentioned: can Motorola call it the Droid? Per US trademark law, “droid” is trademarked by Lucasfilm (for the Star Wars franchise) and it’s typical policy to trademark something that significant over all lines of trademark law. Additionally, there’s the “famous name” clause, which I won’t get into detail, but could have an impact on as well.

    Maybe it could be like the CLIQ/DEXT, where the US version is the Tao and the overseas version is the Droid (maybe Motodroid).

  30. ugliest Android I’ve seen so far. However, I’ll wait for a video on youtube about it to make up my mind if it’s good or not. Pics can be deceiving and with Android it’s more about usability than anything.

  31. Still waiting on The SE X3! :) Hopefully January!

  32. i dont normally say this but omg this phone sounds so amazing. im with t mo but i may switch just for the phone. well and the fact that ive wanted to switch to verizon for a while but they did have a phone that could campare to the g1/ but if this rumour is correct and 00 percent accurate then well this blows the g1 out of the water

  33. i ment 100 percent

  34. Curious? Does anyone have information to confirm motoroladroid.com relates to the Sholes/Tao/Whatever and not to an overall site for all Motorola phones using Android?

  35. @Rob

    Thanks for saying that as I was going to as well. I’m pretty sure “droid” belongs to Lucas overseas as well. So if Motorola attaches “moto” or the full company name to the front of “droid” then they can use it as the name, but that makes it rather lengthy and most people will just end up calling it the “droid” which would likely lead to a court battle for being too similar. I mean I don’t think I could get away with starting a retail store and calling it “Best Buys” rather than “BestBuy”. Many companies buy multiple websites to avoid scammers and etc. So the fact that they own the domain name doesn’t lend much credibility to the name.

    The phone itself looks fantastic, and if true the specs are very drool worthy. I’ll be considering leaving TMO not just for the phone, but because my coverage in North Carolina is the worst of any major carrier.

  36. Playboy isn’t XXX, it’s not even X, it’s more like T.

    It looks promising, but it has to be a kickass phone to beat the HTC Hero as my favourite. (assuming the X3 isn’t out by the time I can order a new phone)

  37. they should have called it “Bender”… I’m still going to preorder two of them the first chance I get!!

  38. @BackinAction: Maybe them repeating the things over and over could be that each paragraph is an idea for a single paragraph advertisement? Because they all seem to be so similar, maybe they were all just different wording choices that got put together in the same article and leaked? Food for thought…

  39. Tallperson117, I think you hit the nail on the head.

    Good catch

  40. My buddy works at Best Buy and was told by his Verizon rep that this phone is launching on December 1st. Take it at face value but he’s a legit source.

  41. I’m so excited for this, I hope it turns out to be everything it says, I’ve had the voyager for the last 2 years and I really don’t like it, I was hoping that the Pre would come to Verizon, but when I heard it was cancelled I looked around and this is so much better :D

    can anyone tell me tho, what is the difference between what this has, and say, motoblur, or snapdragon? and which is the best?

  42. There were some comments that is is far to long to be an actual press release. Out of curiosity I checked out the press release for the Cliq http://mediacenter.motorola.com/content/detail.aspx?ReleaseID=11805&NewsAreaID=2. It is about the same length, if not a little longer. I am not saying that this is the genuine article but it shares enough similarities with the Cliq press release where I believe it could be at least a rough draft of an upcoming press release.

  43. I pray to GOD that this touch screen is better than other motorola touch screens i have used. I spent 20 minutes on the Krave this morning trying to type a three word text, it is just riduclous. This one better be, well, better, or it’s just a no go for me. I want it soo bad, I really want to see how it does first.

  44. I want one!! NOW!!!

  45. Why even bother, just buy the phone eveyone is trying so hard to
    duplicate. Verizon dummies up all their phones. They think their customers are idiots.
    Nothing is as seamless as the iPhone. Their, I said it. The iPhone is the best cell phone ever made. Often imitated never duplicated

  46. Apple fan boys are the best! Often imitated, never duplicated!

    There, I said it.

  47. I was trying to get myself psyched for this but being the owner of ipod touch, i just want an i phone. plain and simple, flaws and all. My ipod touch owns my ass, and everyday when i use it, i’m just wishing i could use it as a phone also.

    But AT&T? what a horrible network! I can’t bring myself to go there.

  48. This phone wont touch the iPhone’s anything.
    Verzion sucks as a network.. after switching to AT&T I dont have dead zones as verzion says they dont have. I dont think i will go to another phone other than the Iphone.. so too all you ppl who say the Iphone is no good try and use it before you run your mouth.. and say it sucks.. just jealous you dont own one.

  49. Verizon has time and time again failed to deliver us a phone that even remotely compares to the iPhone (which is why I eventually switched). They may have the best network out there but if you can’t do anything on it then what’s the point???

    Android has potential, I’ll give it that… but they have a long road ahead of them to catch up with the iPhone OS and of course most of the apps really depend on what Verizon will allow on their network. AT&T knows this and continues to better their network… I definitely see AT&T surprising everyone here real soon (especially if they want to keep the iPhone).

  50. Too bad moto can’t come up with their own software, they used to make good phones, very durable hardware

    also the android os is destined to fail, too many options in developement and hardware means only select software will work on select phones,

    It’s good they are trying, but companies should learn from apple instead of trying to cobble crap together, start over with the software, the hardware will always be there

    “it’s the OS stupid!”

  51. Finally they have a phone with a sweet os. Never used it but it looks cool. I have a bb. Now i can slightly envy a bit less of the other service providers with their “cool” phones!

  52. This phone, if the picture above is any indication… is ugly. not to mention.. it’s verizon wireless. no thanks. I’ll keep my palm pre on sprint. It has inter-changeable batteries, open development, a built in physical keyboard, and multitasking… and it’s pleasing to the eye… and unlike most AT&T and verizon fan boys like to bash sprint, i’ve had no trouble with sprint. That thing shown above is a behemoth. ugh.

  53. iMusic? Really Verizon? Pathetic.

  54. well i do hope this phone is everything they claim it is. it would be nice to have some comp for the iphone it will only make them both better phones. i am on verizon network lg dare phone and it is so so. i do like the service verizon gives me expensive yes but, you get what you pay for. i always laugh when my buddy with his iphone asks me to use my phone because he don’t have service. as bad as i hate to admit it the iphone is 2nd to no phone today looks like that may change soon. the only bad thing about the iphone is the network and no interchangable battery that really bothers me. the new iphone does lock up sometimes but normally just a reboot takes care of it. the accessory’s for the iphone are good. one comment said people are just mad they don’t have a iphone typical apple/mac owner. question if mac is so great and better then a pc why do all businesses use pc.

  55. hey just thought i’d throw my 2cents in, yes Droid is a trademark of lucasarts, but in the comercial there is some fineprint that says its used with permission by verison, so thats not a problem

  56. Well, I am a huge fan of the MAC OS but I must say the Iphone just does not impress me. I used to be a BES administrator (that’s blackberry enterprise server BES for those that may not know) and all the execs wanted the I phone so I was forced to test this thing with my corporate network/employees. Though it is a MAC product, its just not an on-the-go business oriented phone! Typing is impossible unless u have the hands of a woman and half of the apps are useless to the corporate moguls that utilize bberry’s. I will agree with VZW killing smartphones of all kinds. Cutting memory and features just aggravates me but simply put, VZW is the BEST voice and data service you can get and that’s why you pay so much for it. I reloacted halfway accross the country and decided to cancel VZW and could only tolerate ATT service for 28 days until I returned the bberry and went right back to VZW. Best customer service. Best coverage but always slim pickings with there phones. If they pull this phone off and it does in fact take down the Iphone then its bye bye ATT FINALLY! I have never experienced such horrible customer service and poor planning anywhere as bad as I have with ATT. Cable TV, sucks! Mobile service, sucks! Customer service, sucks! Company as a whole, sucks! So please buy a MAC, buy an IPod, even buy a MACbook. But buy a phone that does what it should! The iphone just downright blows! if you need a mobile solution buy a bberry or windows mobile phone and get ready to organize your corporate responsibilities. If you wanna look like the cool wish I were a hippy on the subway that lives for the arts then by all means buy an iphone and when it breaks after the first drop and takes 2hrs to txt cause u have the hands of a spartan and can’t send pic msgs (oh wait after all this time they have finally fixed that, right!) You can try a vzw droid baby! By the way MAC OS runs better on REAL custom built hardware. Asus mobo, quadcore, 8gigs of RAM, 2 raptors in RAID and leopard all for less than half of what Apple charges. Suckeeerrrrrs!

  57. Ugly!!!! i’m so dissapointed. Why can’t it look sexy…

  58. See whats going to happen to iPhone/iDont 3Gs. Who will buy 3Gs for $200 when iPhone/iDont 3G sells for $100?

    iDont reduced the price to put the competitors away, but now it has become a boomerang for them.

    I love Droid and it looks much more professional… Serious guys would buy it.

  59. I am obviously not tech savvy. Could someone explain in laymans terms what it means to “cripple” a phone? Why would a company do that? Thanks much.

  60. I’m so glad my carrier in Europe is so expensive: I almost bought an iPhone but opted out because of the high price. Hopefully price plans will be cheaper next year…

  61. Man, its not comming out december first, it comes out next month, NOVEMBER, and anticipated date is 6th or 9th, so yoou wont have to wait that long

  62. @Logan

    iMusic is a 3rd party app, not an attempt by verizon to mimic apple. Relax

  63. That’s a good looking motorola phone even better than the CLIQ aka DEXT

    it will be available by nov. 6 not nov. 9, via Verizon

    source: http://www.joenelumal.com/portables/mobile-phones/motorola-droid-motorolas-thinnest-full-qwerty-phone/index.html

  64. There’s a good review + some unboxing pics of the phone here:

  65. Apparently this will also be on sale in the UK. Does anyone know where?

  66. @katie

    Crippling often refers to locking or removing features built into the phone so that the carrier can sell their own services instead.

    It’s pretty common for some companies (*cough* Verizon *cough*) to take out things like Wifi access and music players so they can rope you into paying for more services. That said, if you really like the look of this phone; wait a week or two for some user reviews to come out and confirm Verizon didn’t ruin it.

  67. @O.P of this comment, how bitter :D

    Again, judgment day on Nov. 6 :D

    Will the droid be welcomed by us, humans?

    detailed preview: http://tinyurl.com/droid-finally-release-good-bad

    and it came to pass that the waiting has finally been ended…

  68. 1st comment Dan sucks.

  69. Nice looking phone, but Verizon must be trying to make up for all of the lost sales to the competitors.

    $30 unlimited Internet (5gb limit, marketing genius)
    $30 If you want tethering, but your unlimited Internet quota is raised to 10gb (still genius!)
    $15 If the user wants to receive email through a Microsoft Exchange environment. Most business’s use Exchange, let’s gouge the business market.

    The best is their new early termination fee for their highend devices $350

    $75 plus a calling plan!!!

    Wow Verizon has taken nickle and diming to a whole new level!

    Thanks Verizon, but No Thanks! Time to look at another service provider


  70. I’d like to see a cell phone review where someone actually makes a phone call on one. Is that too much to ask?

  71. I just got my Verizon Motorola Droid,now i found some tips and tricks from the user manual,also found the tutorial from a Verizon cell phone blog,check them.

    How to transfer music files between Verizon Motorola Droid and PC

    Verizon Motorola Droid A855 Tricks:Change the home page/browser start

  72. Just got my droid today phone is amazing!!! And with verizons great coverage its the perfect phone it truely will bury the iphone :)

  73. Got my droid yesterday. i’ve put it through it’s paces today and i’m very impressed. from surfing to posting to twittering to …. everything but washing dishes(although there may be an app for that soon) this thing rockz. this is exactly what verizon needs to stay on top…..oh and i’ve used crapberrys in the past…. they pale in comparison… (did i spell pale right?)

  74. Did Droid kill iPhone on its pre-sell on BestBuy? maybe or maybe not. Anyway, it’s up for us buyers now if we will grade this droid as A or F. http://bit.ly/Motorola-droid-bitter-sweet-symphony

  75. Did Droid kill iPhone on its pre-sell on BestBuy? maybe or maybe not. Anyway, it’s up for us buyers now if we will grade this droid as A or F. on its official unveiling Nov 6, 2009.

    detailed review + official screenies and videos: http://bit.ly/Motorola-droid-bitter-sweet-symphony

    “kudus to all who wait”

  76. I think that they really need to work on the flash player on the Droid i hate getting animation messages and it doesnt work ughhh

  77. Could some one tell me how to put my name in my Motorola Droid in the area when you bring ur Druid out of black screen its the first screen you get to it says this phone belongs to and I don’t know where to go to put my name in

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