DONUT! Android 1.6 OTA Update Begins!


We heard grumblings last night that Android 1.6 aka Donut might start rolling out to customers but we were hesitant to believe the hype. Afterall, you folks DO remember how long those cupcakes took to bake, don’t you? Well now it is 100% OFFICIAL… T-Mobile has announced that they have begun rolling out Android 1.6 over the air to G1 and MyTouch customers:


You can tell its officially offiicial by checking out the T-Mobile Android Forum and you’ll see the above graphic plastered above the forums. And if that wasn’t enough, the administrator himself posted a more detailed announcement of the rollout:

The rollout of Android 1.6 (Donut) to T-Mobile’s G1 and myTouch 3G customers is now underway, and provides new features and software enhancements. The update also includes an important fix for isolated instances of system reboots after dialing 911. We have worked with Google and HTC on a solution, and the rollout of Android 1.6 is being accelerated to ensure the system reboot fix is rapidly delivered to our customers.

The over-the-air update will be delivered to all G1 and myTouch customers in the coming days. Given the system reboot fix, we strongly encourage all users to install Android 1.6 when prompted to do so.

Regarding new and enhanced features, Android 1.6 includes:

  • An improved Android Market experience that makes it easier to discover great applications.
  • An integrated camera, camcorder, and gallery interface.
  • Updated Voice Search, with faster response and deeper integration with native applications, including the ability to dial contacts.
  • Updated search experience that make it easier to search various sources, such as browser bookmarks & history, contacts, and the web, directly from the home screen.

Additional details on Android 1.6 can be found at http://developer.android.com/sdk/android-1.6-highlights.html

Have you gotten your DONUT yet?

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. First….wondering when you guys were gonna post something. Excited about it being on the G1 (my wife will be happy when we get our Android on in a week)

  2. Nothing yet, but I’m in the UK, is the rollout happening here too.

  3. Donut Sucks ass…
    Rom-cyamogen 4.11.1

  4. I wonder when Rogers Canada will offer this update.

  5. So, how long did it take to roll out the update to everyone for 1.5? I was using my WinMo Dash then and didn’t pay attention. I can’t wait for the update on my myTouch!

  6. Where can we find the official update.zip for flashing?

  7. wooot wooot!
    im with *d* someone hack 1.6 so we can flash it like 1.5
    im so impatient

  8. lol this is like christmas morning for me :P (sort of..O_o)
    cant wait till i get the update

  9. I have a HTC Magic (MyTouch) with Vodafone in The Netherlands. Have seen nothing yet. But I am looking forward to the joy like I had when I saw the cupcake update while waking up a few months ago :D

  10. People say goodbye to this market and welcome 1.6, Hopefully the update will be here within this week.

  11. Is there going to be a way to save it to the sd card and load it like there was with cupcake? Or do i have to wait for the OTA update?

  12. I have the my touch 3g and live in Chicago! haven’t received the donut update and anxiously waiting!

  13. No Donut hya yet in Texas.

    I hope the market changes pan out well. It looks like it will help with the sale of paid apps. I think my biggest pet peeve is the mixing of themes and widgets with the apps. Sometimes I run into so many of those I get tired of scrolling through looking to see whats new in terms of actual apps.

  14. There are sites out there that have had the 1.6 download available for quite some time. Not to poo poo on anyones “Christmas Morning”, but the updates included in 1.6 are minimal. The new Market and Search features pretty much sum it up. If you really want to get full use out of your phone…..ROOT!!!

  15. @drioddev
    well why dont you give us some links!
    for non roooted!

  16. meh, I can’t go back to non-rooted i would miss all of my apks

  17. I’m curious what new features will be in version 2.0 :D

  18. I concur.
    Donuts are for eating.
    (Stock) donut for g1 sucks balls.
    Cyanogenmod 4.11.1 r0x.
    Save Cyanogen!

  19. @rob jackson, where’s the shoutout? i sent you the verification of this and the rollout starts at midnight tonight eastern time but this doesnt mean everyone is gona get it at once. Like cupcake and the other updates, itll be a gradual rollout

  20. I think Rob should do a better job of clearing up what happened with Cyanogen. First and foremost, he’s not restrained in any way, so he doesn’t need to be freed. Second, he was fully aware that what he was doing was wrong – those apps aren’t in the main Google code repo, that’s why he submitted instantly.

    Mr. Jackson, your page is quoted often in other smartphone blogs, which in turn is quoted elsewhere. Please lay bare Cyanogen’s situation, his way forward, and why anyone, really, should care. For myself, I just flashed to the standard Google Android on my G1. Most other ROM’s are made lame by the G1’s hardware.

  21. The rollout began on Sept 30th and it should be sent to all subscribers within 7 days.

  22. This donut ish cant make for not coming out with the htc hero and flash. Im canceling my service and heading to sprint and i dont care about paying the eft. Id pay 2 more peoples etf im so pissed at gay-mobile(t-mobile)

  23. ^Ban?

  24. No Donut in Cali or at least on my phone :(

  25. so not 1 person on phandroid has gotten the update? sweet

  26. is there a general update file that we can download, or perhaps i can activate something in my htc hero to get the update OTA…

  27. @son-not unless your phone has root access

  28. @son-and i was under the impression the hero came with 1.6 already…

  29. I got Donut via wi-fi on my ADP1. I like!

  30. i gto it…my phone isnt rooted or anything…dont even know how…im on tmobile with the g1 in chicago…love the new market…enjoying the newly added toggle widgets

  31. Cyanogenmod 4.11.1 already has all these features..
    *root* *root*!!

  32. @*d*

  33. I just got donut on my g1 @ midnight cst.. its not all that. How do you root this dang thing?

  34. YYUUUUUUMMMMM i got mine yesterday and im in seattle the market is so fresh

  35. yuh yall need to root.. ive been running 1.6 since last month.. lol…its cool..market is nice..new ft of search are awsome .. kinda miss my old rom camera with the zoom..but oh will i love it..


  36. no multi-touch, no flash yet….. who cares about donut?

  37. Will people please refrain from telling us all to root our phones. We know we can, but choose not to. Likewise, leave the Cyanogen issue alone, or post on the correct pages for those topics.

    This page is for Donut 1.6. Post with regards to this. I’m sick of reading about bloody Cyanogen on other topics.

    Still not got it here in UK.

  38. @stefan – I agree.

  39. I tried that Cyanogenmod site, but the link didn’t work for me. Did they remove it since?

  40. Yep, Still waiting expectantly here in the UK. Not as excited as I would have been if this update had included Flash support though. It’s pretty rubbish that we don’t have that yet on Android.

  41. I have to comment on the reasoning that Donut took so much less time than Cupcake, and it is that Donuts are fried where Cupcakes are baked. Let’s just hope they don’t decide to name one of the updates Pot Roast.

  42. Here in Spain no signs of Donut either. :-(
    So exited to get it though!!!!

    I want my Donut please!

  43. Anyone know if you have to get OTA updates while connected to 3G Data on the phone? Meaning, should I disable wifi for the time being if I’m going to be near networks all the time?

  44. @stefan and @FisherP

    I agree to. No multi-touch. No Flash. I must be missing something, but I’m not sure why ppl care so much about this update. It appears to be nothing in it that I would have noticed on my own had I not read about it here.

  45. NO DONUT
    In Boston


  46. Just want to throw out there that android.process.acore crashes frequently with the donut upgrade with ADP1. I do not know why… but I will find out when I do a stack trace tonight when I get home. Affected applications appear to be Facebook, Pandora, Music, and Calendar. However, I believe that this is a widget problem. This might be why not many people have received donut.

  47. seriously, the only good thing about donut is the updated market. which honestly, isn’t that exciting. now when we get some multi-touch [if ever, on the g1 :( ] and a flash player, THEN we can all jump for joy. I know this is a relatively new O/S, but i keep thinking i’d have been better off with a WinMO phone.

  48. Got it this morning in NYC

    Go use a WinMo phone for a day. Then throw it in the garbage and realize that android is far superior, even in its infancy.

    Do I have some gripes with the OS? Yes. Am I going to switch any time soon? F NO!

  49. Check out the XDA Dev site. Just google XDA dream. You will find all the ROM’s you can handle.

  50. no donut update here in cali yet and i cant find a zip file either :(

  51. I’ve gotta agree with Topher. I got so sick of my WinMo phone I wanted to smash it. It was slow and glitchy and uglier than sin. Even if Android never gets MultiTouch or Flash, which it will, it’s so far superior to WinMo. The only thing I miss about my Dash is the full Exchange ActiveSync. Seriously, when are we gonna get more than just email?

  52. I unrooted my phone phone to try out this Donut thing the kids are talking about. Its 10/02 in Los Angeles and I haven’t gotten it yet.

    I was running the latest stable version of CyanogenMod. I had the experimental build but my red power key wouldn’t lock my screen on the myTouch… weird.

    As far as I can tell the Donut build is like the Cyanogen build if you took all the cool stuff off. Cyanogen had multi-touch, ability to add more home screens WITHOUT installing some phone lagging app (ie. freshface), a camera with digital zoom, apps to SD, a more responsive interface… wait… why did I unroot my phone?

    I have a feeling after playing with donut for a day I’ll root my phone again. Stock Android is the best compared to other smartphones but SUCKS compared to the CyanogenMod. Oh… the theme I added was the awesome too.

  53. Thank you for the link Chris!!! w00t w00t!!

  54. What is the link you posted? Is it the OTA update or some root mod?

  55. Is that link the OTA update?

  56. well it seems to be the 1.6 update but t-mobile forums warns not to use it on the MyTouch. http://forums.t-mobile.com/tmbl/board/message?board.id=AndroidDev&message.id=17509&query.id=26495#M17509

    So ill try it on my g1 and see if it works….. Wish me luck

  57. It is the G1 1.6 update.

  58. Well it scared the hell out of me when Deleting Files… came up on my entire screen But after the installation everything is working fine. And it is the 1.6 update. WOOT XD

  59. Wanting my donut :)

  60. how do i enable the gesture control?

  61. Will “signed-kila-DRC83-from-CRC1.c41b93c1.zip” work on a UK G1?

  62. after installing on sd card do i install the flash like we did with the 1.5?

  63. When I try to install I get an error. I think it is because I manually installed UK update.zip for 1.5. Anyone know where I can get a US 1.5 update.zip for my G1 to see if that is the problem ?

  64. so nothing to manually flash for nonrooted mytouch yet?

  65. I waited (seemingly) forever for CUpcake, but I woke up this morning to the day one Donut update.

    Wondering if any other early Donut receivers are seeing consistent Force Closes due to android.process.media on Camera/Camcorder and Music.
    Same for 3rd party apps Useful Switchers and Toggle Settings.

  66. Im also getting constant force close of Toggle Settings. It may be that the app hasn’t been updated for 1.6 yet

  67. Just got 1.6 OTA here in Denver on my non-rooted G1. I saw in a youtube video that there were 5 homescreens and homescreen landscape mode without opening the keyboard. I cannot find those options in my settings anywhere and neither seem to be the case on my phone. Does anyone know what that’s all about? Is this guy just running a mod? Or is there a legit way of getting those to work? Market rocks however.

  68. Woke up this morning and my G1 asked if I wanted to update to 1.6 – I did, and everything (including the Toggle Settings widget) works like a charm!

    For some reason my calendar widget crashed initially, but I reloaded it and it’s fine now.

  69. Received my update a couple of hours ago, the overall performance is a bit smoother, loving the new faster camera and the browser is a bit smoother (but still not up to the iphone level)

  70. sweet…..the camera is pretty hot..got my update early this morning

  71. Received OTA 1.6 this am and have not updated yet. Used “instant root” 1 click root and have not yet flashed cyan. Pretty sure it will remove root access. Need to know where instant root left me in the process ( differs from other 1 click methods ) and can find no support on this method. Any ideas? If posting in wrong area pls advise as well. T/y.

  72. Still waiting in Spokane, WA. Grrr

  73. Does anybody know if I can get the OTA update through WIFI? I don’t have the data plan (please don’t advise me to get one) and I was wondering if I could still get it. Will it take me longer to get the update notice because they send to people with data plans, or do they send based on imei numbers? Btw I live in Chicago and I have a mytouch 3g.

  74. I’m in New Mexico got the 1.6 update and I love it. Totally feeling the pattern to unlock phone. Supper excited!

  75. the new speech synthesis is s it supposed to read text out loud to you?
    i cant figure out how to make that happen
    i downloaded the app from the market

  76. another question! can 2e take screenshots ?
    if so i cant figure it out

    the website bar leaving a comment in here is so fucking annoying all up in the way

  77. Just got my donut today. It has a couple cool adds. Nothing
    really hair-raising. T-mobile needs to work on 3g coverage, but android is way better than windows mobile!

  78. @ JD- The features you listed are no in this update

    @ InstantCurry- People have reported receiving the ota through wifi so you should be fine

  79. Got my update this afternoon and it killed my media and music processes and it removed my youtube app. Not liking this update at all.

  80. I’m in San Jose, CA haven’t got it yet!!!

  81. i didnt actually see flash player, so lame, it got better stuff but not so much things, flash player isnt on the donut update

  82. Still waiting for mine, here in Southern California.

  83. flash player is not supposed to be on the update. Hero has an old (and mostly useless) version of flash but the real flash player (flash 10) from adobe is supposed to be out before year’s end though that can always change

  84. hi i got donut! yai so siked about it. well i have bolth the g1 and the g2 and i just went to tmobile store to buy one more g2 for my sister. thats how much i like android, so when i first got it and restar my phone it sucked the camara kept on force closing, i was very upset. but i kept my cool and restared one more time. with hope i tryed it again and well it when well like the new recording style and how fast it takes pictures. love it thats what we need it i havent test the rest of the updates but so far so good. like it go donut….. and well watting of the update for my G2’s but happy i got it on my G1 kudos to PHANDROID LOVE IT AND ONE OF THE BIGGEST FAN. ….

  85. @itsme: delete the youtube icon off of your home screen, & make a new copy from youtube in your app drawer. some of the old icons don’t work anymore, but the applications still work.

  86. I don’t have it yet, but my does. And its giving him trouble. When he opens the keyboard (G1) it force closes. The same thing when he sends a text.(altough that could just be the app he uses. Just throwing that out there.

  87. I just got it this morning….
    everything on my phone is slow now.
    I try and go to the home screen, but it won’t let me, it keeps putting me on one of the side home screens, and wont allow me to scroll over.
    and it wont let me open the menu bar…
    I hope they fix these issues soon, cause otherwise, i pretty much dont have a phone

  88. @InstantCurry: I got my update through Wi-Fi – I also don’t have a cell data plan.

  89. just got my donut in portland oregon. Phone seems a little zippier, camera is a lot faster, marketplace not an eyesore, all good!

  90. Still waing in portland oregon.

  91. Updated last night (from australia).
    Was running open home b4 updating.
    (Htc dream – G1)
    Now can’t use phone at all because open force closes every second, turned phone off etc – still no change. I’ll be taking it to a shop to see if they can fix it but be careful when updating !

  92. just got my update in miami, fl. new market is awesome. but yeah, this wasn’t a very major app. i think eclair is gonna be the major one, or flan. one of those. but i think that the g1 is at the end of it’s update life. ;; makes me super sad.

  93. Just got the update In Las Vegas NV 3:00, didn’t have any problems when installing the update. The market looks awesome.

  94. Are you folks who have received the update using g1’s or the mytouch?

    The g1’s get the ota’s first AND as with cupcake there is the alternative donut file they can flash without even having root. Poor mytouch, android’s neglected stepchild

  95. I am a G1 user

  96. still waiting in portlaand oregon and i have a g1. is there aanything special i need to do to get it?

  97. Got the donut on saturday ,android market crashed on Sunday,can anybody help

  98. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=566694

    on the page above is the link for the mytouch update (towards the bottom of the page) if anyone cares, its for those with a mytouch who dont want to have to root their phones, just download the file, rename it ‘update.zip’, boot into recovery and flash it. i just used it and it works fine

  99. I got the donut upgrade saturday morning,woke up sunday and my android market has crashed,touch screen wont work,thanks alot for that upgrade.tried to do system reset and wont work.can anybody help?

  100. Hey, heres a tip. go to your settings->scroll down-about phone->system updates. should be there. was on my phone (G1)

  101. just got the latest update 1.6 and I keep on gettin the force close for the media how can I fix this

  102. Anyone else have the issue where the download shows “downloading” in the settings, system update, but it just stays like that? For the last 4 hours it just shows downloading, but nothing has happened. I’ve switched from wi-fi to 3G and rebooted the phone, but it still just shows downloading. Any ideas?

  103. Nevermind got it! For those having the same issue, I just did a battery pull and it downloaded and installed.

  104. Just got Donut on my MyTouch. I am so glad, because i was ready to take it back to Tmobile and grab a blackberry instead. This release make basic things like entering your security code and dialing phone number stutter-free. Also it seems more stable as well. Now if i only could get HTC’s Sense UI on the thing

  105. I got donut the other day and can no longer play videos that weren’t downloaded from the internet via the phone or taken on the phone itself.

  106. I got donut on my g1 a few days ago and since then I have not been able to play videos that were not either filmed on the phone itself or from the internet for the most part. Anyone else having this issue?

  107. 1.6 works on my mytouch 3g just fine. No problems. Seems a little speedier too.

  108. Day 2 with donut. Great update! Heavily advertised features (voice, market, search) are great but the huge but subtle improvements to maps, youtube, camera rock. Map point directions street view, location based rerouting. Maybe its just my imagination but my gps seems like it finds a signal more often.

  109. Still Waiting in UK, Which is bloody annoying!

  110. I’m having the same issue as Riki. Everytime I go back to the home screen (since the update) it errors (“The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”) and forces close, and the home screen loads on the first or second force close. Sometimes it has this error when opening and closing the keyboard or flipping orientation. I’ve turned it off and on and all that jazz. What could be the problem? ):

  111. I’m loving Donut. I don’t want to make it sound like a cure-all. Still room for improvement, especially in Messaging. But my phone is smoother and faster and the battery is lasting twice as long. The new Market is pretty sweet and the camera is awesome! I was about ready to utilize the warrenty and get my phone replaced, thinking I got a dud. This OS makes me think it was just suffering software crap. Hoorah!

  112. @Brittany were you running Open Home before? Or FreshFace? Those aren’t working especially well with 1.5. Try uninstalling and rebooting and see if it persists. Good luck!

  113. So I unrooted, back on 1.0 since last night and haven’t gotten the update.
    I also can’t hit settings>about phone>update because that feature is 1.5

  114. ok so ive downgraded my fone from latestcupcake build to rc7 then upgraded to 1.5 crb17 then to crb43 then my g1 updated to donut its self, im from the uk bt now i have the US operating system lol seems to work fine

    my g1 homepage has crashed all because of the new update …my openhome app has stopped working so i cant view anythng on my home page….could some1 pls help me

  116. same thing here. Just finished upgrade and phone wont work at all.

    The home page force closes due to incompatability with openhome.


  117. When I heard that Vodafone was rolling out the Donut update to the UK, NZ, NL and Germany I changed my default Home from Open Home back to the default. I know from long experience that system updates are designed for and intended for the system as written. They can’t – and can’t be expected too – handle all deviations, mods and customisations.

    My update happened 3 days later. When it was complete, I tested Open Home as an app for most of a day. When I was satisfied it was stable, I set it as the default.

    If you’re running 3rd-party apps for things like the user interface….and you KNOW an update is coming….you really should turn them off until after the system has updated.

  118. I still havent got the update… both my friends got it on their g1 but this isnt what concerns me i checked for a system update and 1.6 is their but every time i go to download it says “requiers restart” and i restart my phone and it does the same thing again!!!

  119. Just updated my Magic(vodafone spain)in Romania.my phone wont work anymore.i need some help plz.!!!!

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