T-Mobile Pulse Shipping October 12th!


Take a look at the page for the T-Mobile Pulse in the Netherlands and notice in the lower left hand corner a little phrase that says “Levering vanaf 12 oktober”? I’m not exactly bilingual but my friend Google translate is and in English that means “delivery from October 12th”! That’s right, the T-Mobile Pulse is launching October 12th in the Netherlands.


As for all those bullet points? Here let me do the hardwork for you good sir/madaam:

  • Latest Andriod OS (hedging if 1.6 will be available?)
  • 3.5 inch screen
  • Direct access to all Google apps like Gmail, Google Maps and Google Talk
  • Shed the ability to download apps on the Android Market
  • 2 cameras for video calling
  • HSPDA, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0
  • Special opening offer:  29.45 (Euro) per/month with 1 years Relax 150en Web ‘n’Walk standard

And if we click through we get a boat load more information:

  • Direct access to Google Search, Maps, Gmail and Android Market
  • Fast Internet access via HSDPA and Wi-Fi
  • Full Touch Screen, Bluetooth, GPS antenna
  • 5.0 megapixel camera with autofocus
  • Android OS



Oh what’s that you say? You would prefer English?

* Dimensions: 112 x 56.2 x 14.4 mm
* Weight: 135 grams
* Talk time: up to 480 minutes
* Standby time: up to 750 hours
* Networks: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 UMTS / HSDPA to 7.2mbps/GSM/GPRS
* Screen: TFT Touch Screen with 65,000 colors
* Camera: 5.0 megapixel
* Processor: Qualcomm MSM 7200A 528 MHz
* E-mail
* Internal Memory: 288 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM
* Games
* Hands-free speakerphone
* HTML browser
* MP3 ringtones
* MP3 Player
* Polyphonic ringtones
* Integrated GPS receiver
* Video / Audio player
* Extensive calendar
* Vibra
* USB connection

Pricing Chart:


Any Dutch folk who want to chime in with details I may have missed… be my guest!

[Via TMO.nl, Thanks Jorg!]

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  1. There are a few things odd with all this. First of all, it says 288 MB of RAM, that’s not at all what has been said prior.

    Also what about the 5 Megapixel camera now? It was always 3.2 before.

    I’m not entirely convinced – this is exactly the HTC Hero Hardware. Makes me wonder how they can achieve the low price even though the Hero costs 200 bucks more.

    Well… we’ll see. I might even preorder the Pulse. If it has 288 MB of Ram then even more so. Yay for Ram.

  2. from the side view, it has a very iphone like figure. but somethin tells me they got their specs wrong. still curious as to if its only a pay as you go phone what has been said before

  3. Looks like the specs are copies from the t-mobile G2/HTC Hero (even size and weight are exactly the same), so I wouldn’t trust the above specs (translation is fine btw).

  4. no downloading apps from the amdroid market….fail

  5. Is this another google experience phone? if yes then i’ll pass if this comes to the US.

  6. I’m with dee. … nomore Google phones
    For me. unless they (Google) takes the stick
    Up there you know. What. ..

  7. @Terran: It’s not only a PAYG phone. At least not in Germany from what’s been said. They sell it without contract here too.

    @marshall: No downloading apps from the android market? Where did you get that? The Pulse even has the Market installed, as you can see in several videos.

    @Dee: No, it’s not a Google Experience phone.

  8. Finally something releases in Holland for a change, I’m very tempted to get this when it comes out here in Holland :)

  9. Wow, it’s pretty cheap for what it is!!! Nice design and specs.

  10. @Rob: You really need someone to update the Phones page. The Pulse is still filed under “rumored” and there are several new pictures and also videos available… ;)

  11. @Rob: you got one translation wrong: “Shed the ability to download apps on the Android Market” actually correctly translates as “Extend the capabilities by downloading apps from the Market”. It actually advertises the use of the market rather than saying there is no market.

    Specs seem rather reliable so I am inclined to trust these.

  12. Is there a “no contract” price for this phone? I can’t tell from the link.

  13. No there is no “no contract” price for this phone, and it is hard to try and calculate the price by comparing with other phones. where the G1 and G2 ever available on “no contract”?

  14. @Jim: In Germany, the Pulse is listed in the T-Online Shop for €289 without contract.


  15. @Martin: Thanks for the info on the German no contract price. A quick question: would that price include VAT? I ask because I’m in Canada where the prices do not include the sales tax; so it is helpful to know if the 289 Euros includes a, say, 20% VAT.

    @Jorg: HTC Dream and Magic are available from Rogers Wireless (Canada) each for $600 CAD (for reference, $1 CAD currently equals about $0.92 USD).

  16. Should have noted the prices quoted for the HTC Dream and Magic are “no contract” prices. If you sign on to a 3 year (yes, 3 year) contract which includes an outrageously expensive data plan you can have the phones for between $50 and $80 CAD. Being too frugal/cheap to want to pay for an expensive data plan (and sign my life away for 3 years), I’m looking for a reasonably priced no contract Android phone to buy.

  17. Yes, the prices in Germany always include the tax. “inkl. MwSt.” means including tax.

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