Archos Phone Tablet On Video, Archos 5 Unboxed


Google’s mobile operating system is awesome for consumers, but one of the greatest opportunities to capitalize on Android is for device manufacturers. Companies that might not otherwise share the global spotlight can really shine by crafting something spectacular and ARCHOS appears to be doing just that.  A couple weeks ago the company announced their ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet and hinted at an ARCHOS Android Phone… now we’re seeing the former being unboxed and the latter in an event/presentation video!

Let us start with the phone. The video is in French and although we love us some Eiffel Tower we can’t understand a single word being said (and unfortunately we can’t Google Translate the audio):

But what we CAN gather from the video:

  • 4.8-inch touchscreen
  • 854×480 resolution
  • 3.5G Connectivity
  • 1 GHz ARM Cortex processor
  • Ultra thin at 10mm thick!


Based on that last little “We’ll see you at CES 2010” I’m hoping we see a launch around that time frame. We got this news bit via tip to the youtube video and it clearly comes from FrAndroid.com but we could not track down a corresponding news article on the site for details. If there are any details our French speaking phandroids can spout out in the comments we’ll be happy to add them to the main article!

Whoops we almost forgot – a few pictures from the Stuff TV ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet Unboxing!







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  1. 4.3″, not 4.8″

  2. It will probably have DVB-T. You can see an application named like that in one of the photos of the device. So terrestrial digital TV in Europe but not in the U.S. I think you guys over there are using ATSC?

  3. this is a killer. I mean, this is the first real cool android phone, that i have seen so far. The hardware has everything. Only question will be the standby time (hopefully not as bad as the n900, which will have only 3-4 days). And hopefully they will make a fair prise, like they do it with their other hardware.

  4. This is great no Google experience, is a plus

  5. no doubt today htc hero is the best android phone out there, that is until sony ericsson and motorola unleash their lions… but this could turn out to be a killer…

  6. There’s really nothing special said in the video. Half of it is the guy talking about the screen size (“see how half an inch less makes for a more portable device, bla, bla, bla”). The images have more information written on them than the speech itself.

    The phone IS very cool though. But I want a hardware keyboard!

  7. That looks kick-ass!

  8. Killer without wi-fi ? hmm, no thanks :o

  9. With a screen this big who needs a physical keyboard? I’m not much of a gamer so this is perfect! Hope to hear info on some sort of GSM USA launch of this phone and also some YouTube reviews!

  10. He says it’s a device (the phone) for 2010, so quite a bit beyond CES in january 2010 is what I understand.

  11. no wifi in the phone ??

  12. It wil most likely have a wifi, I have a archos made in 2007 that has wifi and I belive all of the current archos products include wifi.

  13. WiFi is included as standard, Archos normally don’t advertise there WiFi, but the will come with Draft N, whic is the fastest and most powerful to date. It will also support Drafts B and G. I wanted to splash out on the 500Gb Archos 5IT, then I heard the news that the Phablet (Phone Tablet) is being released soon, so I’m waiting tentatively. Come on Archos give us a release date.

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