Sprint HTC Hero Unboxed


I’ve got the Sprint HTC Hero in the Phandroid PhanCave…

I’ll be putting it through the paces and publishing a full length review later in the week. I probably won’t rehash all the HTC Sense stuff since the review from the original HTC Hero applies perfectly well… but I will try to provide a thorough and complete look at the phone and will try to answer any questions you might have. Including a Sprint vs European Hero comparison and Sprint Hero vs Palm Pre head to head comparison.

Cheers to a new and hopefully less controversy-filled week of Android news!

Rob Jackson
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  1. Great unboxing; very quick and to the point. Also glad the phone came in tact, unlike a certain blogger who had the misfortune of having his broken. Can’t wait for the review!

  2. I’d like to know what ROM version the Sprint Hero reports to have installed please.

  3. ive got a htc hero (uk version), before ROM upgrade there were lags not only on the home screen but also when in apps, annoying but just a bit so not a big deal… but after the upgrade, it is fantastic… got to be one of the top 3 phones…

  4. Anyone have the technical specs of the new Hero yet… I am still researching to know its processor capabilities, internal memory and Camera specs. Can’t figure as of yet if it is physically any more powerful than the original G1. Hard time finding any details either in HTC or Sprints website or even in search and reviews… Email me if you have any hard evidence on the matter – totally appreciate it!
    [email protected]


  5. Just wandering I now that while on Sprint’s network you can’t be on the internet and talk at the same time. So is there any problems because of that such as widgets that need internet access messing up after a phone call?

  6. Is the sprint going to come out with a different color?

  7. Please turn on more lights, The video is very dark.

  8. why sprint took off headphones from the original shipment? It is a deal breaker for many who want to use as a replacement for iphone or music device. I am very disappointed.

  9. Looking forward to seeing your review of this phone!

    As for the headset, I plan to use my motorola wireless blutooth headphones anyway.

    have looked around but have yet to see if this has a full keyboard when turned on it’s side or if it is crackberry like with just the 1/2 when upright?

  10. with a bluetooth device, get a wireless bluetooth headset. I have the Motorola and love it.

    In your future reviews can you let us know if this has the accelerometer, and does it have a full keyboard when turned? if all it has is the 1/2 when upright that is a deal breaker and I will get the touchpro2 and have it converted to Android.

  11. I love the phone but I have questions for someone to answer:
    1. what can be saved to memory card? email & attachments, music, pictures, apps, or are there limitations.
    2. I’ve been hearing stuff about no Flash. Can I watch recorded videos? such as on facebook, youtube, the weather. Like will it pull up gasbuddy.com and then be able to view the map with all the gas prices in the area.
    3. what is the size? Height? Width? Thickness?
    4. Why no headphones with volume or mic? Can be purchased where?
    5. How is the volume of music with and without headphone?
    6. Why couldn’t they keep the back cover the way it was! Snap on! the push up sucks. My Htc Touch is like that and when you slide it into pocket the cover 50% of the time comes off! While in pocket and has the potential for the battery to come out.
    7. Are there certain things that have to be saved to the phone’s memory? Why? and What?

  12. …More colors please sprint.

  13. @marc,
    to this point, all android phones require apps to be on the device’s internal memory. I’m not a developer but I’m sure it’s done that way to avoid people putting apps on a card that’s swap-able and transfering it to another phone – to someone who didn’t pay for it,

  14. You should try and post a pic of the system information screen to put an end to the “1.5 or 1.6” query once and for all.

  15. @ Pete, the android port for the htc touch pro is very immature. If you are looking to convert, the HTC Touch is fully functional except full bluetooth. A port will never run as fast as a native implementation unless it can be flashed to the internal memory, which so far has proved difficult for the ports. Look at xda devs for more details on this.

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