Motorola CLIQ Promo Brochure, Blue Revival


You know that promotional Motorola CLIQ brochure that has been making the rounds? The guys at TMOtoday got their hands on the entire thing and were nice enough to share it… of course with the obligatory watermarks! The brochure is shaped and designed like the actual CLIQ and discusses some of the features over the course of its pages:







One subtle feature that is really, really growing on me is how when someone calls you not only does it show their picture from relevant social networks but it also includes the most recent status update they’ve entered. If my sister calls me and I see her status is “My brother Rob is an idiot and I’m going to kill him!” I’m probably not going to answer.

In similar news, TMOtoday also tracked down more pics of the Blue Motorola CLIQ (source) which haven’t been seen since the device was still known with the codename Morrison. As far as I know the blue version was shelved but there is always a possibility that a select carrier could offer it as a special or market research might even indicate it should be a core choice in certain regions.


But don’t hold your breath… I wouldn’t expect it.

[Thanks Joseph!]

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  1. I would answer the call from Alex since he is buying the beer, otherwise I would ignore him — he looks like an idiot ;-)

  2. yea alex looks like a douche bag. probably MADE the money by WORKING the street. stupid whore.

  3. ok. the real issue here is what happened to UMA -passed FCC with it, now gone? what the hell happened and does anyone have a real answer?

  4. Man that blue version looks awesome!

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