Sprint HTC Hero Gets Reviewed, Loved Tenderly


sprint-heroColor us jealous. A few of your favorite tech sites have got their philanges on the Sprint HTC Hero and posted their first impressions and reviews. We’ve summarized their conclusions below and will continue compiling reviews on our Sprint HTC Hero Reviews page within the Android Phone Guide – so keep checking back!


  • Not much difference between regular HTC Hero and Sprint HTC Hero beyond physical looks
  • They had love/hate relationship with original, per above
  • HTC Sense lag still there, causing said love/hate relationship
  • Sprint apps such as Sprint Nav, Visual Voicemail and NASCAR were welcome additions
  • Web browsing on Sprint’s 3G network was snappy


  • OS optimized and fast (contrasts EngadgetMobile opinion)
  • Screen SLIGHTLY better than original Hero
  • Enjoyed the bigger trackball
  • Camera on Sprint Hero is faster and takes better pics
  • Best Android Phone but not as polished as iPhone/Pre
  • Preferred the chin which Sprint version lacks


  • Best phone on the planet besides the iPhone
  • Perfect mix between form and function
  • Lag gone, snappy UI
  • Contact syncing speedy and seamless (unlike slow Pre)
  • Best phone on Sprint (yes, above Pre) and worth every penny

A few other big sites weight in but it doesn’t seem to matter – the consensus has been reached. The Sprint HTC Hero is every bit as awesome as the original Hero but with increased speed and the “no chin” thing is a matter of preference. Best phone on the market besides the iPhone and definitely better than the Pre if you’re a Sprint customer deciding between the two.

+1 Android

Rob Jackson
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  1. This will be mine. I almost gave into Oprahs tempting myTouch offer.

  2. They should just release it already, I’m sick of my stupid blackberry!

  3. I concur! I am sick of my iphone! I want this thing already!

  4. My Razr dies every day.. Won’t the 11th get here sooner!

  5. Sizzler–I almost gave into Oprah’s temptation as well, and, De–have to agree with you on my beloved Blackberry that seems soooooo 2002.

  6. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

  7. divorcing AT&T and turning iPhone into an iPod Touch on the 11th.

  8. No Sprint TV support? But it does include NASCAR and NFL “stuff”. Weird.

    I doubt Sprint will give Hero owners a discount on their plan for something they can’t (Sprint TV) use…

  9. I guess I’m the only one who is somewhat depressed by these reviews. They’re not bad, but Android is still behind.

    I blame Google. I love the company. I use many of their services, but they they suffer from a sort of ADHD/Type A. They rush to be the first on the scene w/ many different innovations, but then their stuff remains underdeveloped for long long periods of time.

    Take Google Apps as a prime example. Its amazing to me that they’re getting small businesses to sign on to Google Apps b/c they same to have developed this platform at a snails pace since its launch. You disagree? Please check out Adobe Buzzword, a superior product w/ unfortunate press coverage.

    Engadget, in many of their podcasts describe Android as still being in Beta (as w/ many google products) and expressed fears that Google was content in letting OEMs refine the OS while they had just a few more things they wanted to implement.

    Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer.

  10. The CNET reveiw clearly shows Sprint TV icon in the apps tray. Sprint TV is on the Hero.

  11. @Chat: OK, the review on CrunchGear mentions that Sprint TV is “missing from the front page”. Maybe they just didn’t look hard enough for it?

  12. Will this phone be available in Europe/Germany?

  13. I wouldn’t worry about the Engadget review.

    In the comments section on that Engadget post, Joshua Topolsky says that the build on his Sprint Hero is 1.22.651.1 — firmware is 1.5. Since we know that the updated (quicker) ROM is version 2.xx.yyy.y and pretty much all other reviews say that the Sprint Hero is ‘snappier’ than the Euro/GSM version we must conclude that poor Joshua got a copy with the original ROM.

    HTC has made a statement (saw it somewhere earlier today) that said all Sprint Heros would be shipping with the 2.xx ROM. :-D

  14. StephenSaurusRex…

    What is underdeveloped about Android?? I get your point about Google apps (although I wouldn’t know much about them) .. but I wanna know where in these reviews it was said that Android is underdeveloped.. or where you think Android is lacking..

    The only negative thing in these reviews were some lags reported by only 2 reviews (out of the 10 or so I’ve read so far) … and that has a lot to do with hardware… coupled with HTC software.. the barebone Android software itself is far from laggy..

  15. StephenSaurusRex… do you even have an Android Powered device? Are you speaking from experience? My whole family carries android phones and we all love them. I fail to see where they are behind. They are constantly working on Android and the donut sdk was just released so it wont be too much longer before the donut update is released.

  16. where are you guys getting the no sprint tv from of course it has it phonedog did a review on it showin it look it up on youtube, does seem to be slow on the internet connection i personally think a mytouch with the hero rom is better just my opinion though

  17. Where is A. underdeveloped:
    – bluetooth
    – apps on sd card
    – multitouch
    – can’t play my avi films
    – tethering
    – UI unpolished comp. to iphone

  18. @ rob loved the waynes world reference

  19. My Android device has all of those ;)

  20. Franta! Franta! Don’t you wan-na Fran-ta! sorry had to do it…
    What disheartens me is this from teh Giz review:
    “Everything else about this version of the phone is better: The software, which is exactly the same content-wise on the HTC front as the first Hero, has been seriously optimized, so it doesn’t suffer show-stopping slowdowns anymore, even with a full set of HTC’s widgets running. Speedwise overall, it’s about the same as a G1 running the stock Android OS—bearable, but not exactly a blitzkrieg. (The iPhone 3GS is way faster, to compare.)”

    A G1? seriously i’d like for them to do a side by side to substantiate those remarks. Im sure the culprit is Qualcomm

  21. Franta

    If you’ve been following Android you know that some of the features you list are actually in Android and just deactivated. Others are possible to do but not done for a reason. This goes back to the comment about Android being left to the OEM’s to develop. This was the plan for Android from the get go.

    Google has built a base OS for others to customize and build on. They have no intent to try and put any and every feature into the OS. They try to put base libraries that can be built upon.

    Out side of speed which I debate because it loads a screenshot of apps that take too long to load I don’t see what’s so great anymore about the Iphone itself. Desktop widgets blow the Iphone out of the water alone. It doesn’t do multi-tasking. And as for looks it may be slightly cleaner than the base Android OS but it doesn’t look better than the Hero or Archos tablet to me….or Motorola’s skin.

  22. Why are you all flaming StephenSaurusRex for just giving his opinion?

    Anyway, I unfortunately have to echo his opinion. While I don’t necessarily agree with his view on google, I also find the reviews disheartening so far. For the phone that was posed as the iPhone killer, or at least serious contender, it isn’t good that every review says that this phone is *almost* as good as the iphone on different features. I don’t know about you guys, but my kind of Hero isn’t the close second kind. I wanted a clear winner, and I feel a little let down.

    I hope there will be an android platform in the near future that can pose a serious threat to the iphone, but I don’t think that this one is it anymore.

  23. Ha! StephenSaurusRex obviously works for AT&T. The Hero / Android underdeveloped. The iPhone doesn’t even do MMS picture messaging yet. Are you kidding me?

    No multitasking on iPhone – seriously?
    Tethering removed on iphone with software upgrade – aack

    NO one I talk to likes At&T service and you pay much more for monthly service plan.

  24. @Matt W

    I think you have to temper your expectations with any Android phone. iPhone had a year head start. Overall Android has come a long way in the last year. The fact that the iPhone doesn’t have flash doen’t make it not a contender. If Android is given some time, it will be THE platform to develop for.

  25. I really want this phone, but without the lag.

    But goddamn it to hell already, the word is phalanges. What the hell are philanges? The dead finger bones of a long culture? The dead finger bones of a Philly who just dropped the ball?

  26. One review I read today said Sprint has removed tethering.

    I still use my Sprint Treo 755p and tether it, is removal of tethering from Android a killing thing that can’t be undone, or is it a simple workaround?

  27. These comparisons where the Hero is “lacking” and isn’t the iPhone killer people are demanding it to be seem quite silly to me. The only real reason why anyone can claim that the Hero isn’t an “iPhone killer” is because they start the argument with the iPhone as the standard. Then it’s easy for them to point out a particular feature/ability the iPhone has as “proof” that the Hero doesn’t stand up. Nonsense. Turn the tables and start with the Hero as the standard, and it’s the iPhone that isn’t yet a “Hero killer”.

    The Apple fanboys have swallowed the koolaid. Apple tells them the iPhone is everything they want, and they accept that as reality. Sorry, but for a number of reasons the iPhone is not what I want. In my mind, the iPhone is the device/platform that is lacking. There are plenty of reasons why I can say that, but all I need to say is one word to make my point: “open”.

  28. Simple question that no one seems to be able to answer.

    Will Sprint offer the Hero in white?

    I know the Euro version came in 2 colors but I have yet to see even a screen shot of a white Sprint Hero.

    Patiently waiting until 10/11 so I can get my hands on my hero.

  29. Would the Hero be better than the Galaxy?

  30. Is it true that when on Sprint’s network you can’t surf the internet and receive calls at the same time?

  31. I would have gone with T-mobile by now but there network is not yet ready in Flemington, NJ.

  32. This form does not display correctly in Chrome. I thought the website field was the subject field. My above comment was supposed to say:

    Hurry up 11th!!!

    I would have gone with T-mobile by now but there network is not yet ready in Flemington, NJ.

  33. My Blackberry Curve 8330 knows that it’s on borrowed time.

  34. Hero vs Galaxy depends on what you need – Galaxy has better screen and 3G works in more countries. Hero has fancier UI and IMHO looks a lot nicer.

    I have a Hero, the “chin” one, and I love it, I wouldn’t swap it for an iPhone 3GS. The US version doesn’t look quite as nice (I like the chin!) but the physical buttons are positioned better. On the global Hero, the back button is awkward to press if you’re using it one-handed.

  35. Hey Guys,

    wow. u guys have no idea how hopeful i am for the android platform and how annoyed i get at some of the naysayers out there. well… i guess the shoe is on the other foot…

    but you guys are mostly right. my annoyance was misdirected. the hardware is the biggest problem, not the OS. and dont get me wrong, i would come close to calling myself an htc fanboy. i think they make gorgeous products. i just think its baffling that they decided to use the dated 528MHz chipset. BAFFLING!

    their UI clearly kicks ass. the hardware is decent (sorry, i’m a bigger fan the touch diamond, touch pro, & touch hd phones). its just the processor that screws it all up. i still think Android needs some polishing (anyone using sweeterhome can’t argue w/ me there), but Sense UI makes up for it plenty.

    i admit, i personally havent owned an android yet. really looking forward to my contract ending next spring. however, i have 3 friends who i constantly bug to play w/ their G1. but i think what annoys me is that iphone 3GS is STILL on top. and any phone that cant multitask doesnt deserve that title. however, i’m not blinded by android devotion to say we have an android phone that can dethrone the apple’s over hyped piece of crap. it may be on top, but that reality is rubbish.

    if only htc would use common sense: Android + Snapdragon + Touch Hardware = One Phone to Rule them All. I’m also looking forward to seeing Sony’s X3, Archos’ phone, Acer’s A1 & HTC’s HD2

  36. Will be getting this in November as soon as my current contract is up…can’t wait !!

  37. my questions is what happens to sense when android gets updates.

  38. if you’re surfing on the phone and someone calls you, the phone switches to the call.

    only the internet is not available.

    you can receive text and still continue to speak on the phone.

  39. @ twrock , while i don’t disagree w/ you, i think the standard that most reviewers are going by is, 1: which phone would you recommend to most people (noobs & techies alike) & 2: which smartphone is selling most as an indicator of my 1st point.

    Last I checked, it was the Curve, but in my own mind, at least, we would be comparing apples to oranges. The Curve is selling on all 4 of the major carriers (i THINK), all of the different Curves were grouped into 1 for this assessment, and many businesses purchase this cheap/lackluster phone for their employees. I don’t mean to hate on RIM. You don’t outsell the iphone by sucking. But the Curve is VERY old news.

  40. @ quadzilla ok because I know right now I can talk, surf internet, and listen to music at the same time on my phone. I didn’t want to lose anything if I switch to Sprint. Does anybody else think switching to Sprint for the Hero is a good idea, I’m not sure because than I can’t buy unlocked phones and right now I use the Google Ion.

  41. The people you’re talking to on the phone must love it that you’re listening to music and surfing the ‘net while they’re trying to converse with you. Who does that?

  42. @ AID I was trying to prove a point PEOPLE I know tell me that their Iphone and Blackberrys are better than Android, so I did those three things at the same time because I knew they couldn’t. SO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS

  43. Well with all the phones coming out this year running Android I think that the iPhone is in big trouble. Apple may have poured a lot of money into apps and hardware; but Android phones are more customizable which is what the market(what ppl want) is moving towards. Also you can go from one Android phone to another and have a similar interface experience(no learning curve), the iPhone is only 1 EXPENSIVE device and is gonna get surpassed by Android software b4 the hardware. And thats fine with me, i;d rather lose a $180 Hero then a $400 iPhone. Besides who wants to be an apple hipster anyways?

  44. Here’s how I see it… the Hero will do for now, yes it doesn’t have the best hardware, pretty much the same as the other HTC android devices but a year from now when the software advances and I’m sure the hardware will also. Next year when I get my upgrade option again, there will be a ton of Android devices to choose from. You’ll have your cheap ones to the high-end ones that will put RIM and Apple on notice. At that time Apple will still be playing keeper to everything that is Apple and iPhone owners will start to wonder why they have an iPhone still.

  45. Lag is gone…
    Faster camera, no shutter lag…
    Better screen…
    No chin…

    Oh, can i haz androidz nao?

    Anyway, I’m going to go pick up this phone first thing sunday morning, at say, 5 A.M. If you live in Sunnyvale I’ll see you there. ;]

  46. Regarding data/voice conflicts on Sprint: I am running an Android port on my HTC Touch and am able to listen to last.fm and receive texts, surf, etc. When a call is received, last.fm pauses and allows you to take the call. Once the call is ended last.fm resumes it’s track. It’s seamless.

  47. Hey I just wanted to say that I have this phone (2 days now)
    Here are a few things that you should know.
    The phone can lag a bit but thats really if you have 6 out of 7 screens running widgits (yes I said 7 screens its insaine)
    Drop that down to 2 or 3 and when I took it up to att and played with my apps and the ones on the iphone they were pretty much at the same speed.
    The camera is amazing (no flash though meh), track ball is great, internet access and webpage browsing is super fast and responsive.
    The call quality is awesome, text messaging is fast and very easy.
    The touch keyboard (after calibration) works great.
    Tons of great apps available and most are free.
    Syncs very easily with outlook.
    If you buy from bestbuy you pay $175 and they take care of rebate (bought mine from sprint sigh).
    You can get a 8 gig or 16gig sd card for $19 and $40 for all the storage you need (comes with 2gig).
    Flash on websites runs smooth.
    All in all I am very very happy with this phone and the gadgets make it soo cool.
    Plus the whole $99 unlimited everything package saves me $50 per month over what att would charge me for there lol coverage so yeah ill take that.

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