Motorola CLIQ Launching November 11th?


One word to sum up the rumors surrounding the Motorola CLIQ launch – confusion. Today a BGR tipster told them that the Motorola CLIQ would be launching on T-Mobile November 11th alongside the BlackBerry 9700.


Alone the rumor would seem normal, but last week BGR posted a release timeline with 2 very different opinions:

  • The article itself said the CLIQ will launch in Mid-October
  • The image/timeline clearly illustrated a November release


BGR updated the article to say BOTH were right – the CLIQ would launch in October and while the timeline was official it was outdated – a new timeline clearly illustrated an October release. The logical conclusion is that T-Mobile will open up the pre-order for existing customers in mid-October and we’ll find it on the shelves November 11th… but we’re not going to make any assumptions considering all this murkiness.

Meanwhile, TMOtoday learned that T-Mobile employees would seen be getting trained on the CLIQ with an internal contest offering knowledgeable employees a chance to win the device. A pamphlet explains the contest kicks off September 29th and employees have to get an 80% or better on the quiz which is located at AdventureMotoRetail.com.


So regardless of what the launch date ends up being, it is right around the corner. Although I must say us American folk should be a little jealous of those in the UK who already have an October launch confirmed by Orange. Patience is a virtue young phandroid… but honestly… What in the DEXT is that all about?

Rob Jackson
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  1. If you check out that whole pamplet, it states the official pre-order date….. Oct 19th

  2. To be released November the 5th in France.
    Just confirmed by orange. Exclusivity for Orange until December the 31st.


  3. I am in love with the Moto Cliq phone! So many features and you can sync all your emails, pictures, and social sites to this phone (all updates and email notifications appear on your screen). Great camera, video, visual voicemail, and voice calling features. Like the color, shape, and screen resolution on this phone as well. If you are looking for more than just talk and text then this is the phone for you. You will need to play with the phone to learn all the features. And wow does it have everything you need and more! Many free preloaded apps to choose from. In my opinion, I think it is even better than the Iphone cuz you can use the keyboard or touch screen. I will have this phone for a long long time. Tmobile and Motorola scored with this phone!

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